No apology from the pope? No problem.

I will try and make this article brief because I don’t want to waste too much time on something so unimportant. I have recently read that pope franc has withheld (refused) to apologize for the treatment of Native American residential school survivor’s of the Roman Catholic Church. Speaking as a Blackfoot Canadian with Aunts and Uncles who went through the residential school system I am not the least bit surprised by this lack of remorse nor am I concerned by it because at this point an apology would only add to the insult of the continued existence of the Catholic faith.

The Catholic faith; which has become little more than a religious umbrella for perversion is supposed to be about religion. Like faith in Jesus Christ; right? Right. So its important that pope franc doesn’t make a career out of apologizing and instead find new means of misdirection from the true function of his pedophile church; like signing Lamborgini’s.

I understand that pope franc has no sincere regret for his churches role in the American holocaust because if the shoe was on the other foot I wouldn’t express any regret or remorse over a pedophile holocaust either. Its all in how you look at it. So agree to disagree I guess. Native American’s need to understand that the pope’s opinion or apology would count for nothing anyway. Who cares what a fraternity of pedophiles think anyhow. Everyone knows that pedophiles are the lowest form of human life and even the most outspoken and belligerent racists place pedophiles below the minorities they hate. So again; No apology? No problem. The survivors of the residential school system are just that; survivors, I’m sure they are all quite capable of surviving an unapologetic and ineffectual papacy.