So glad to see you well…

One of the best things about keeping a feline familiar who used to be a famous and celebrated writer is that you can ask them all sort of questions about their work (but only if you can speak Felinese). Sometimes Truman will discuss his work but most often when I ask him to tell me a story he says something like; ‘There once was a tom’ from Pawtucket…’ which of course means not today. –He likes to make you beg for his attention. That’s just the sort of Cat that he is. He is cute and cuddly but he is also a villain and disruptor on a grand-scale. This is something few would have ever guessed about him while he was alive as a human; especially from someone whose voice was compared to that of a Brussel sprout (if it could talk). Truman is a Luciferian. Truman claims to believe in #Jesus but only because its gematria matches #Lucifer; this single detail allows him to maintain the appearance of a god-fearing “Christian” all while executing his own draconian agenda with tireless dedication and gleeful fervor. Few if any ever heard the vicious cackle that accompanies the crescendos of his diabolical brain storms. Truman is his own biggest fan and given that he is the Angel of the Apocalypse I suppose the little guy is rather important.


One thing that Truman has coached me on is to be more vindictive when it’s justified, to respond to slights against me with extreme prejudice. “Are you really going to let them away with that?” He asks; “What exactly can I do?” I snivel; “Whatever you think they deserve! Are you really going to allow a bunch of privileged ‘Floodites’ to squat your property and clown you while they do it?! You need to make a stand because if you don’t this harassment may get even worse…”

The harassment Truman speaks of has been going on for more than 10 years and “they” have been laying it on extra thick in the past five. Most of the time I just convince myself that it’s not really happening and that my “intuitions” are the result of being mind-fucked by Ron Howard and his stupid show Arrested Development (Season 4); which as it turned out was one huge insult directed at a single person; me. In it Ron (and his goons) made fun of my ex-wife (Ma Nithya Swarupapriyananda), my complexion, my mother, my living situation, my preference for “Northern Women” and also went on to imply that I am a homosexual with my brother Per Yngve Ohlin… (The “gothic asshole”)… -Also kudos to the Ninja who crept into the freezing garage where I slept and left the fat caterpillar on my carpet floor in the middle of winter… or #When the whore next door flooded my apartment… that one has my #name written on it. The interference and pranks have definitely teetered on the edge of criminal harassment; but when you try to explain #gematria to muggles you might as well be speaking Sentinelese.

Apart from the real life pranks the “messages” I speak of are #cryptographic clues included in the key words of news articles, as well the gematria of news headlines, names of characters in movies, sales slogans, even jokes in Family Guy; etc. Using this form of harassment allows its perpetrators and writers “plausible deniability” but this safety net has worn thinner and thinner as time goes on. One example (written last year) is Hillary Busis’ Vanity Fair article going on about the upcoming (fifth) season of Arrested Development. I must admit that this particular example is very friendly and completely benign compared to some of the other material directed my way. As I have already implied there are actually several clues personally directed at me in this very article. One example is the sentence just above the title it reads: “WE JUST BLUE OURSELVES” in small red writing. Any fan of the show will recognize this as one of Tobia’s running jokes about the “blue man group” but since the article closes with a reference to “Tiffany” we know this “Blue” reference alludes to Breakfast at Tiffany’s and more specifically the “means reds” that Holly speaks of in her first meeting with Fred.

I am not going to bother re-writing why Holly Golightly is my “Fairy-Godmother” but if you’re nosey you can do that here. If you don’t read it than I will definitely seem like a self-absorbed egomaniac who believes he owns a talking Cat but my situation is actually a real thing and anyone #sharp enough can see it’s true. #HollyGolightly is the “Scarlet Lady” of the Revelation, I am her fairy-godson and Truman is the Angel of the Apocalypse -it’s a ‘Blood’ thang and these #Cryptographic games are getting really old.

If one were to only consider this Vanity Fair example one might wonder why I am so displeased with what could be seen as various forms of subtle flattery. Indeed if Hillary Busis were to actually read this she might think; what hell’s this jerks problem?! ‘Any normal person should be flattered at being featured as the topic of a sitcom!’… and I suppose I might be fine with it if weren’t for the fact that Ron Howard “crossed” me by publicly humiliating me about my skin condition. I suppose this might be why the articles title asks “Can Arrested Development Season 5 erase the memory of Season 4?” –I will treat this like it’s not a rhetorical question and answer you directly Hillary; the answer is no. I haven’t forgotten; and I haven’t forgiven…

Not only did Ron Howard cross a line with the “sweat-and-squeeze lemonade” joke he also crossed me in the worst possible way by making me the butt end of the Biblical dick-joke as well; the gist of the joke being that “Jesus Christ” was an incarnation of his own dick and given that my former (Christian) name was Richard it would have been irresistible to try; especially from the perspective of a funny man like Ron Howard. Indeed how could he not try it. This joke also would have made me the “Anti-Christ” in an allegorical manner of speaking. I won’t bother to explain it any more than that but it can easily be inferred by the “Father and Son”/“As Above So Below” tenets in Judeo-Christianity. Ron Howard (and his goons) spied on me, plagiarized my writings and publicly humiliated me on his show all in an attempt to manipulate me into suiting his perverted religious agenda. All for a single, stupid joke. Yes that’s what my life is worth… a dick joke.

In addition to this Red/Blue reference “#Tiffany’(s) message also appears to be prompting me to attend a local Jewish messianic “church” (not a synagogue). I admit that I have a strange and inexplicable connection to Judaism (mostly through #gematria) but I consider myself ‘Fair-Sikh’ and so perhaps I do harbor Anti-Judeo-Christian sentiments because I don’t believe any human can be “divine” and that includes Jesus Christ. In Sikhism; the concept of G-d is known as the “one supreme reality, incorporeal and self-existent”; however the central reason why I am opposed to both Judaism and Christianity is because they are inherently patriarchal; Sikhism in contrast is neutral and preaches absolute equality between the sexes. Sikhism teaches that at times the concept of G-d may be referred to as “Him” and the like but its totality cannot be categorized as a single thing and so “Ik Onkar” is a truly a genderless concept.  If Christ were ever a man he would certainly have been #WilliamJamesSidis (who makes a great pair with #HollyGolightly by the way…; ) William James Sidis is indeed my Guru but not even he with all his vast intelligence believed himself to be “divine”.

The bottom line is that I am being harassed for my religious beliefs and what’s more is the Jewish church in question believes in “Yeshua”; I have read enough of the Bible to know that #Yeshua is actually the #GoldenCalf; and the worship of #JesusChrist is the #TheSinOfTheCalf. (Compare the #gematria in both cases). This isn’t even to mention the #Jesus = #Lucifer gematria symmetry that these names share. The astute observer will note that #JesusChrist also shares its gematria with #Schizophrenia. In a practical sense “Jesus Christ” is black hole designed to be a linguistic paradox with no resolution. I can agree that virtues like self-sacrifice and charity are wonderful things which are incredibly admirable but I am Native American and the Christian notion of “manifest destiny” is an insult to my very being. The Floodites may believe they have conquered my land and they have certainly decimated my people but I have conquered their language, culture and entire Empire! All your base are belong to us. You just haven’t realized it yet. In this light the Crip message is essentially an invitation for me to destroy their church; and that it is something I will be happy to do.


I can assure the reader that these attempts to “rail road” me into accepting Judaism as absolute truth will only serve to piss me off even worse than I already am. The Jewish persuasion may fancy itself to possess a monopoly on religious truth but I can single handedly turn their entire religion on its ear. At the risk of being cryptic myself; I have already attempted to contact “Maeby” through my LinkedIn account and she never responded so why should I be made to go to a church I don’t believe in all for the chance at Maybe meeting Nike? And in regard to that; here is the bottom line: Ron Howard’s brand of masonic harassment is no way to begin a relationship. Its’ become crystal clear that this kind of associative thought-manipulation is just his way of dangling a carrot in my face while he humiliates me in front of his Crip’ media-maggots. Did you enjoy the jokes made at my expense? Yuk it up everyone because Jokes are on me!

I would ask the reader to ask themselves this: ‘would you like to find out that one of your favorite show was making fun of your acne and skin condition?’ (-Or the nearest equivalent) I am talking to you Hillary… I hope you enjoy your lofty position as an accomplished writer for a big name magazine because I will haunt you until the day you die and ever after. Picture the headline: “Hillary Busis found #Dead over her computer”. That’s only a threat if you’re stupid by the way. Why the bay; did you know that my brother #PerYngveOhlin is an incarnation of #SirIsaacNewton? aka the #LordOfTheRings… He has made his medium eternity so he isn’t really someone you want to piss off.