A Unicorn with ‘babyteeth’…

Its strange how writing takes hold of one’s life. I have said this before in another post; that my current circumstance has become a reflection of an unfinished story I wrote about another life. Thus is my life; a unicorn nightmare.

I have wanted to give up on this story a long time ago, I find the main character flat and boring. It’s definitely a story that isn’t worth reading but for some reason it keeps writing itself. I cant help but adding to it. The latest addition is of course a Venusian Unicorn.

According to the mythology this is a study of a young (female) Unicorn skull. Its ‘horn’ is of course actually a tusk (Ivory) and are teeth which through evolution have protruded through the top of its snout. This particular tusk is one not fully formed and represents her “baby teeth”. When fully formed a female Unicorns’ tusk looks similar to a Narwhal’s. The odd angled stray appendages at the top eventually break off with age leaving a much more traditional ‘horn’ that Earthlings are accustomed to.

*drawing deleted*


I am pretty disappointed in my drawing skills. The drawing looks flat and rather lifeless, much like my character in the story. I could go on and on perfecting it but I would rather move on to variations in the angles and point of view. At least I am drawing again though, hopefully I will find some momentum and inspiration. On the bright side it only took me about half an hour to get it to this. So at least I didn’t waste an entire afternoon on it.