My review of Alberta Mental Health; (Dr. Alberto Palma impaled on a “post”)

As a former patient of Alberta Mental Health services I am writing this review based on my experience as a client. In the first place my experience as a patient is most likely much different than others who actually suffer from a mental disability or disease because my problems stem from genuine external source, a situation which continues as the result of the actions of others. I am sure every “paranoid” individual who suffers from apparent schizotypal thought patterns believes they are in fact a rational person but in my case it’s actually happening and is entirely provable; -all of my attempts to explain the nature of my problems to my health care professionals were completely and totally ignored. (Specifically how #gematria is used by the media to convey double meanings to its viewership) Its alarming that someone in an educated position is unaware of this tendency because #gematria is so prevalent in marketing its practically universal. Literally every successful branding campaign utilizes number symmetries to better align itself with its target market. Yet when I tried to explain to Dr. Alberto Palma ((See Here)) the manner in which I had been humiliated by Ron Howard on his show ArrestedDevelopmentSeason4 I was totally and completely ignored. What is so peculiar about this outright denial of my situation is how when I pressed Dr. Palma to more closely consider the nature of my problem he only attempted prescribing me #Olanzapine (113/678/726) an anti-depressant whose #gematria matches my first name. A rather incredible “coincidence” which I am not sure if this was intentional as an unspoken “message” or merely an unconscious fluke on his part but whatever case he has proven himself totally useless in his ability to listen to much less assist an individual with a real problem. I actually have a real life harasser, Ron Howard of Imagine Entertainment who continues to send messages to me through media and who also quite likely associated with my cyber-stalker who continues to taunt me even now. All of this is provable with some simple math.

In the first place my cyber stalker “Zillah Noir” aka “{X} Zillah Nior” / “Zillah Iktomi  Nior” / “Shadowless Noir” runs a Blog which at first glance appears similar to mine: ( The Blog appears to call out Roman Polanski for pedophilia but does so without outlining any #gematria pathwork and by making a number nonsensical claims about Roman Polanski masquerading under the pseudonym Thomas Pynchon. Which is totally fine; everyone is entitled to their opinion but what make this blog such an obvious parody and mockery of my cause is the use of the number 737 in its title. To an outsider looking in this only appears as a random number used by a cryptic moron however with some simple but specialized math it becomes a very personal taunt directed at no one else but me:


The nine digit number beginning with “652******…” is my Canadian Social Insurance Number; the quotient 113 is the number of my first #name, which can only mean Zillah Noir’s entire site has been tailor-made for me. This individual or individual(s) is the textbook definition of an online troll. I am actually kind of flattered by all their efforts. They have sent me numerous harassing messages and there is simply no communicating with them. The aforementioned #name(s) are also full of numerous similarities with my enemy #Ron Howard as well as my ex-wife #Manithya Swarupapriyananda despite any of the online history or her multiple accounts on social media she is clearly only a creation of my enemies designed for the sole purpose of undermining my cause. I have come to expect these kind of antics and so this isn’t a big deal to me because I really do care about Sharon Tate. What’s more is that I really did lose a sister so the Jonbenet Ramsey murder still troubles me. So no matter what anyone may say about me; no matter how much opposition I face I will not recant… I am willing to die for this cause. People die over things far dumber than this every day; I can too. It’s not a big deal.

What perhaps most incredible about my situation is how easily people can shut their ears to truth. None of this #gematria is at all complicated. The math is incredibly elementary and the motive is crystal clear yet when I try to explain this to people -whose job it is to “help”; they completely shut down and attempt to prescribe me pills. Talking to Dr. Alberto Palma about my problems was like talking to a brick wall. This leads me to wonder; what can a Psychiatrist actually do when faced with someone who has a real problem? Apparently nothing, but for Dr. Palma (or any healthcare professional) to attempt to prescribe a medication for a clear cut case of harassment only speaks to his own inability to recognize simple logic when it’s presented to him. It would be one thing if he were to actually acknowledge the nature of the problem and plainly state: “I can’t help you… I don’t know anyone who can, meddling and harassment is beyond what we as mental healthcare professionals are capable of addressing, there is the door…” but to actually recommend I receive “injectable anti-depressants” without even considering my case is ludicrous and is an obvious cash grab at the expense of my own mental health! Such a recommendation goes beyond mere quackery and borders on medical malpractice! One has to wonder how many others in his clientele are being uselessly medicated and totally ignored. But this ignorance and anti-intellectualism goes far beyond mental healthcare professionals; my experience with law enforcement officers has been unsurprisingly the same. For example on one occasion while speaking to the Lethbridge City Police officer’s I tried to explain how 187 functions a metonym for murder in pop-culture and I was actually met with heckling; “Isn’t that an Easy-E album?” cracked one of the officers; the officer was either too simple or perhaps too brainwashed to realize why ‘Easy-E’ may have chosen to call it that… (if it even is one of his albums) It was obviously a case of deliberate ignorance because the officer clearly understood what I was talking about yet scoffed the issue and insulted my intelligence with a hair-brained comment.

In the end none of these ignorant apes can stand against my logic. My case is crystal clear to anyone who looks and even Ron Howard’s continued attempts to shake me up with his “Zillah Noir” troll are nothing but him wasting his time. Sooner or later enough people will see things as they are and when they do it will set off a chain reaction; it will be like what Gandalf said in the Two Towers: A great power has been sleeping here for many long years. The coming of Merry and Pippin will be like the falling of small stones that starts an avalanche in the mountains.”

It’s only a matter of time.