The Safety Dance.

Last night I dreamed about the farms again. Slain and I (Sioux) were trying to think of things to do on a day off from school and Jonbenet kept criticizing our ideas as stupid.

Sioux: “We could ride our bikes to the dump again-?” suggested Sioux… But Jonbenet was quick to point out how often we already do that… “I dont want to waste a day off going to the dump again… all the good junk has been picked over anyhow.”

Then Slain suggested that we wear our hair really stupid and stop by at a school mates house unannounced and do an annoying dance for her. The girl he had in mind was a very serious prude from school. (Someone with a character similar to Angela in the Office.) Sioux thought this was a great idea that sounded like fun since we had nothing better to do.

So then Jonbenet chimes in that she hates said girl and goes on about what dumb idea she thought that was. She was like; A) Why would you want to do that and B) You cant just stop by someone’s house unannounced who you barely know for the sole purpose of annoying them! So then Slain is counters; A) because its fun and B) Yes I we can. Slain and Jonbenet always seem to blame each other for being unpopular, or rather our unpopularity. So Jonbenet was like; I thought we agreed to be nicer to people… because the town is small and we are already the black sheep.

Then Slain was like; “Sioux and I are no longer worried about popular opinion anymore, think about it Jon; we live in the middle of nowhere and we have nothing to do… If you know where all the fun and games are jonbenet I would love to know… besides its precisely because we live in a small town that we don’t have to worry what people think of us… barely anyone will see us playing ‘Morons’. -(‘Morons’ is the name of the game that Slain is pitching.) Besides its how I flirt with her… we have a unique dynamic.

This puts Jonbenet’s blood on  low boil. She was very perturbed at the prospect of being ditched by her brothers on a day off school while they went to flirt with a girl that she hated.

Slain continued; “We need to take advantage of living in such a small town… because here we can do what ever we want, we can wear costumes for no reason, and make up our own holidays, what ever we wanna do. Just last week Sioux and broke into the abandoned house and played there all afternoon…”

-When was this and where was I!? chirped Jonbenet,

Slain:-“Nevermind when it was; you are far too nosey for your own good.. The point is we did it, if this where on the Block they would have had it fenced off and barricaded shut. But because there is zero homeless population in our new town we got to go inside and explore it. And more over as little kids we are encouraged to visit kids from school. In fact 5 bux says if we go knock on her door and tell her mom we’re her friends her mom will make her play with us…

Jonebenet: “Nuh-ah! As if she is just home doing nothing like we are, she has parents, and she is probably learning Clarinet or what ever it is that children with parents do.”

Slain: No, as a matter of fact she is having a play date and showing off her new guinea pig. Just face it Jonbenet, we have nothing better to do, we have no where to go, we have no allowance to spend, and you got us kicked out of the library for a month… and if we stay home you know that Sharon is gonna give us a Bible lesson.

Sioux: I like her Bible lessons.

Slain: I know you do buddy…

Faced with prospect of a Bible lesson Jonbenet whined that everything he said was true and decided to join her brothers crashing a play date so they could flirt with girls that she hated. She was guaranteed to have a shitty time and would with out question instigate some sort of altercation and we would likely be asked to leave and not come back. The whole idea was a recipe for disaster and that was exactly what all of us secretly hungered for.

btw; I am the little guy… Slain is the big guy.