Holiday Gratitude.

It’s going on sixty-some entry articles on this blog… I know I don’t have a lot of traffic on this blog but I am super grateful to have it going. I feel privileged and honored to have a Unicorn guide and writing about these nightmares has really taken the edge off of all the suffocating thought patterns. It also pleases me that I can stand beside my brothers in the sky Atlas and Ptah, Sin and Truman, my sister Benet and her Eldwar Ninjas and loads of other Nephilim who prefer to remain unseen and unknown.

I am grateful for my Oyabun; Miyamoto Shinmen Musashi; and his Niten Ichi-Ryu Gokudo. I am grateful for my Fairie Godfather; Guru William James Sidis, I am grateful for my Fairy-Godmother Audrey Hepburn and her host of troublesome fairies.

I am also grateful to have had the best Grandmothers in the whole world; Patricia Elizabeth Ellis, Dorothy North Piegan. As well as my Grandfathers Lynn Harper Ellis and Edward Andrew Yellowhorn.

Anyhow I have been shopping around for a carry-all wand case, (a leather bag to carry my Suburitō etc) but I think I will have to make my own. There is a really great leather craft place in town here whom I took a few classes with last year. But at the time I didn’t have any ideas. DIY is probably the best bet in this case because I only like one of the leather Katana bags on line and it seems a bit pricey. Anything nylon is naturally out. I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing one of those nylon sword bags. I suppose I just don’t understand wear anyone would go wearing anything like that.



I would like to altogether avoid being seen walking around with a sword bag but I have no back yard at my house and so If I want to practice essential exercises like sword-Katas or Sundance without walls or nosey onlookers I only have a couple of options. There is a “park” that I practice in that is very private and practically unknown. The only problem is there are frequently drivers parked on the hill overlooking the grass space for whatever reasons, -a place where couples go to park and talk and smoke or whatever. I have never had any problems there but it is not totally secluded. Another place is the Coulees that run through the middle of town which is mostly private but it’s not the flattest of spaces. The last place I choose to go to dance or practice is the Waterworks across from my house. It’s not a park per se but it is a space that is easily overlooked by the passing traffic and can only be seen by the Sandman to the south. The only problem with this one is that I have frequently found and disposed of needles in and around it and because of its location is only useful to practice in at night and without snow and ice.

I have a number of practice wands I like to warm up with which range in size and even have a couple really basic Shillelagh’s that I roughly fashioned out of a cherry branch and a Maple one (Both were found broken and discarded). Everyone has the own ways of getting exercise and wands or sword play just so happen to be mine but my town is definitely lacking in accommodating facilities.

In terms of a carry all I would prefer to have the leather shell double as an Art-Portfolio. One which can fit in a Storage Tube (Teletube) used for storing and transporting drawings. Again I require a multi-use leather bag which seems to be un-invented. So I guess this will be my next art project.