The Slain Fates Stick together!

This is my  first drawing in almost 10 years. Each of the fates’ is doing what they are most often doing. -Slain is screaming obscenities at someone… -Jonbenet is accusing a grown-up of something and Sioux is indifferently picking his nose. This is when they are 6-8 y/o. Sioux is still largely a high-functioning Autistic who rarely speaks, Jonbenet is still incredibly troublesome and not above lying to get her way, and Slain still talks to strangers but mostly swears at them.


The line work is pretty bad even if the picture is slightly out of focus, -I typically drink too much caffeine so the lines are really shaky. In my defense the picture is straight from paper to photograph so its completely unedited and obviously unrasterized, -there is plenty of ink-smudges and ghostly images left over from erased versions. Over all very raw and unproffesional. This is also my first post on! Yay for Shar0n!