#Slain picking a lock.

This morning I woke up from a dream… In it Slain and I had sneaked up on roof tops in my town where there wasn’t any. The setting was my home town but with a number of other buildings. We had BB guns with us and were trying to find the best spot to shoot out windows and maybe pigeons. Slain had this one roof top picked out but it was surrounded by a chain link fence whose gate was locked with a pad lock that he called the “kennel”, because it looked like a place to keep a dog. Its location(s) was right behind the Ax Throwing place beside the overpass. I was supposed to keep six as Slain was picking the lock. It took him like the whole dream to pick the lock and when he finally got it open we only were only able to spend a few minutes in the ‘Kennel’ because a Cable-guy came up on the roof behind us.

Slain looked a lot like this picture in the dream.

Cable-guy: ‘Hey guys; ‘I didn’t know anyone was up here..’ Slain was like; Yeah we were just cleaning up my dad’s kennel…’ Cable-guy: So you guys have a key for the enclosure. Slain: No; he unlocked it for us and told us to lock it up once we were finished. -Slain said this as he closed the lock shut.

The Cable-guy seemed like he wanted in there for some reason that wasn’t work related. Slain said the reason why it took him that long to pick the lock was because he was figuring out the locking mechanism and next time it shouldn’t take him any time at all, which is just as good as having a key.

So next time we go shooting we will have roof-top access to best place in town.

I am really grateful to have dreams about my friends and family. I sort of wished Jonbenet was there but she must have been at 4-H or something.