The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Christianity is by its own definition an incomplete religion. This is because Christians everywhere are waiting for the imminent return of their religious savior; ‘Jesus Christ’ to restore the everlasting gospel. This is a fact and does not reflect a qualitative judgement about the individual Christians or even the religion itself. This scenario naturally brings to mind certain questions like; how will this person manifest? What are the procedures set in place by the churches to recognize and identify this personage? What safe guards are being taken to ensure this persons safety? To faithful Christians who actually believes in the return of Jesus Christ the importance of these question should be incredibly obvious. So what basic arrangements set in place to accommodate?

The answer is none. Not a single Christian church has anything arranged or set in place to identify, recognize or otherwise plan for the return of a living Jesus Christ. Its ironic that UFO nuts have built landing pads for extraterrestrials but “faithful” Christians have failed to make even the most basic arrangements. In short Christians have already received what they want from Jesus Christ by crucifying him and his return is regarded as a mythological pipe dream at best and an unfortunate manifestation of humanities iniquities at worst. At the risk of being curt ‘Jesus Christ’ is only of useful to Christianity if he is safely kept dying on a cross. No one is prepared for an actual, literal return of ‘Jesus Christ’ indeed most Christians have never seriously considered under what circumstances such a claim could even be authenticated and would likely join in mocking and persecuting anyone who made such a claim.

One reason why Christians may find it difficult to agree on how to authenticate a candidate claiming to be Jesus Christ is that Biblical doctrine has historically always been wrought with controversy. On the one hand Christian fundamentalism insists that the Bible is infallible and that it is to be taken literally and because of this Jesus should be able to prove himself by walking on water or some other miracle. Christian Apologetic’s on the other hand struggle to mediate and reconcile Biblical dogma with modern values and scientific reasoning. It goes without saying that if no agreement between these two persuasions can be found then the Christian faith will inevitably become divided and fall to ruin. The scripture of Luke 11:17-20 comes to mind:

17 But he, knowing their thoughts, said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and a house divided against a house falleth.

18 If Satan also be divided against himself, how shall his kingdom stand? because ye say that I cast out devils through Beelzebub.

19 And if I by Beelzebub cast out devils, by whom do your sons cast them out? therefore shall they be your judges.

20 But if I with the finger of God cast out devils, no doubt the kingdom of God is come upon you.

The “Shinu Yubi/iki yubi”… #893

Can the totality of the Christian faith stand the test of time? If it cannot even agree on a single manner of Biblical interpretation then the Bible says no. The fact is Christians preachers from every walk of life are continuously invalidating themselves and each other not only with debates about interpretations but even pitting the old testament against the new one. But to the the truly faithful the popular vote means nothing. The state of the congregation could never effect the commitment of a true believer and so we might be better off letting the pieces fall where they may -as the old saying goes. 

Its rather obvious that that the key to correctly interpreting the Bible most often lies in allegory somewhere in the middle. With in this essay we will investigate a method of interpretation which has the potential to put end to the controversy and unify the “Christian” faith into a single and effective gospel which is totally immune to divisive arguments. This method of interpretation is often overlooked and even deliberately ignored because it involves an understanding of how channeling works; a topic central to Kabbalah and Witchcraft. Gematria is the practice of using numbers and letters simultaneously. Given that the Bible was transcribed from Hebrew along with Koine Greek (both numbered languages) we can safely assume that the Bible was intended to be studied in this manner. For many Christians the study of gematria seems like it veers too close to topics like numerology, astrology and other practices which have mostly been denied by the churches but Torah study insists that we study the scripture from every possible angle. This means of study in no way denies the spiritual meanings and moral lessons imparted by the scriptures – it enhances it; indeed it completes it! Kabbalah and Gematria form the foundation of the Christian gospel and denying this only serve to obscure the truth. You cannot have the Christian gospel without Judaism and despite every effort of the modern Christian to appropriate and claim the Biblical doctrine for itself the Torah came be fore the Bible which means Christianity is founded on Judaism. This ensures that the practice of Gematria is part and parcel with the word of G-d. 

Anyone who has read and studied J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord Of the Rings knows Biblical prophecies are not limited merely to religious scripture. It may come as a surprise to Christians that a fairy tale like Lord of the Rings could also hold religious significance as well. The story line being a fictionalized expansion of the marriage described in the Revelation. Despite all the dark imagery in the story at its core it tells how little people (Hobbits) can topple evil with nothing more than persistence and moral fortitude. Further the title, whose religious connotation has been almost universally overlooked, is actually a description of the character of the Lord Jesus Christ. All of its imagery is an extension of esoteric concepts from Christianity. The synthetic name of its protagonist #Aragorn has been numbered to match that of #Jesus in simple gematria. In fact nearly every detail of this tale holds some type of spiritual significance. The sword of Anduril, the Ring of Power, the various races, the White Tree of Gondor all represent various aspects of the Christian theology. For validating any references in gematria use a site like:

The Tree of Knowledge of Good and evil

Since the very beginning of Judaism there has been ceaseless debate over the significance of “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil”, what its “Forbidden fruit” actually was and why eating it was the “Original Sin”.  Its point is clear in how it describes the fall of mankind but the interpretations are endless and one could go on and on speculating and never get closer to any solid interpretation of its symbolism merely by reading its words; for example what fruit was the forbidden one? We only know what the story tells Eve then Adam both ate an unnamed fruit which caused humanity to fall from grace. However because Ancient Hebrew was a numbered language we know that its meanings are aligned with number patterns. As a point of fact these number alignment are actually the true test of determining genuine prophecy because if we are to believe in the word of G-d and the prophets messages than we must first accept that the prophets of the past were in all likelihood wiser and more imaginative than the average human is today. One could even speculate that the modern human who exists in the technological singularity is for one reason or other cut off of or distracted from our higher mental faculties. In all probability the prophets of the past likely lived a moral life in our modern environment and were then granted another in a purer and less hectic time of human history. This would of course beg the question of reincarnation to special individuals (which can never truly be proven) however it would account for how prophecy is manifest and why some are qualified to write it. If this is true the most logical means of assuring ones prophetic writings are interpreted correctly would be to align its gematria with relevant terms according to a grid in language.

The wording of the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” mostly says it all. It can easily be argued that its associations are self evident. However from my experience the vast majority of Christians are by definition still grappling with duality; if you ask a Jew about symmetry they will go on and on. It makes sense that much of the entertainment industry is dominated by Jews who because of the conditioning of their language have a honed understanding of meanings behind words. The “tree” clearly represents some model of knowledge representing a conceptual understanding of duality. The positive and the negative, the conscious and subconscious minds, like a yin and yang it is describing two different tendencies. However it is the forbidden fruit associated with it that speaks volumes. Since the beginning of the gospel scholars have been debating what this fruit actually was. The Gematria of #ForbiddenFruit is 151/906/595 in (simple/english/jewish) respectively. This is telling because the Gematria of #JesusChrist is 151/906/1275 which matches two of the three ciphers of the Forbidden Fruit. Further adding to this is interpretation is that according to scripture by eating this fruit “one will surely die” and because Jesus Christ is known for being resurrected from the dead it begins to become a more probable possibility. Further supporting this is that Christ followers are said to live on in Christ; (1st Corinthians 12:12-4) But if this interpretation is to be taken seriously then it must account for why Jesus Christ would be the embodiment of the Original Sin and to anyone who believes in Christ this interpretation increasingly uncomfortable. Taboos come to mind. How could the savior of mankind who according to dogma defined as “sinless” be the embodiment of the Original Sin in Genesis? The answer to this troubling prospect is rather simple to anyone who has a working grasp of how duality works on a spiritual level; specifically how even a tragedy can be turned into something which benefits everyone.

The Original Sin

Modern life being what it is one could reasonably ask whether Original Sin is even a relevant concept anymore. What’s done is done after all and as many have pointed out had Eve not eaten the ‘Forbidden Fruit‘ our modern way of life would not be. Its is only because of the fall of mankind that we are allowed to enjoy the world in all its glory which includes both its sin and virtue. Its a two way street and is a simultaneous combination of opposites. If one studies Hebrew etymology for any length of time one can see that the Ancient Jews had a habit of making words which combined their opposites. This has the effect of creating a language with very useful feature of polarity allowing for an almost intuitive flow and transfer-ability of information. Its no wonder then why Hebrew is often regarded as the mother tongue which gave birth to prophecy. Judaism is also noted for its deliberate omission of G-d’s name variously spelling it as Adonai/Hashem/G-d -(without the ‘O’) or YVHV, which is clearly not a genuine name in the worldly sense and is much more likely to be some esoteric formula expressing a characteristic of creation rather than a name in the human sense. One reason why G-d’s actual name is almost universally omitted from the Torah is because channeling from it would cheapen and profane it by bringing it down to a worldly level. This is plainly evident because even the name “Jesus Christ” is taken in vain as a curse every bit as often as it is used to as a description of divinity. Further supporting this one only need consider the case of the sports company named after the so-called goddess Nike; whose name has been so over used in advertising that its hardly recognize for its mythology value let alone revered with any genuine religious dignity.

It could be argued that consumerism and advertising is a bastardized form of worship but whatever the case it is not a goodly ideal of how sincere worship ought to be. It would therefor make sense that the original sin was ascribing a singular name to divinity that allowed the unworthy to channel and appropriate it through language and numbers. This scenario would fit the description of having characteristics of both good and evil. Good, in that people everywhere have been given the ‘word of god’ to express and communicate their love for divinity plainly and easily but bad because this automatically opens a door for idolaters and deceivers to channel and make use of these pathways to power their curses, Malcraft and blasphemy. Its obvious how the crucifixion and atonement fits in with this because Jesus was made to atone for the sins of mankind; that is their free will which entails the opportunity to make their own decision whether good or bad. This is precisely what J. R. R. Tolkien was describing when he wrote about the so called “Black Speech” in Lord of the Rings. Subliminal-ism in advertising works because its English speakers are unaware of the gematria behind its slogans and buzzwords. English has become a language of darkness and filth which leads its users in cyclic and serpentine patterns of sin and guilt perpetuated by consumerism and void of spiritual substance. Its is only when the pupil takes on the immense task processing, analyzing and comparing the various gematria ciphers behind its words can one begin to garner a more holistic understanding beyond the language and recognize the structures of these eternal and timeless truths.


What exactly is it about these timeless truths that makes them resonate? Why do these parables and allegory echo through the ages? What is the ‘word of G-d’ and how do we define it. At the risk of copping out the ‘word of G-d’ is quite likely a multi faceted concept and obviously necessitates its meaning to work on several levels. The word of G-d has been taken to mean parable, metaphor, the word, the name etc; but this must also include its gematria value, its initials and whatever else the author of prophet may use to communicate secondary or layered meanings in scripture. It is proven that the subconscious mind is aware of all sorts of information which is kept out of our conscious and waking one. These number associations in gematria represent the most logical and unified method that our human language can be arranged in. Even if a speaker is not aware of such alignments he can still be effected by these channels simply by virtue that the language is spoken by many population and its creators, writers, philosophers continue to arrange its pathways according its existing components and traditions. Indeed numbers and language are inseparable even where gematria is not consciously or willfully being practiced.

Gematria is certainly useful for investigating the kennings of mythologies and etymologies of words in parable and scripture but one cannot be too hasty to ascribe meaning when using gematria because for the neophyte there exists much possibility for false positives and error. By missing one letter or failing to double check the calculations of a given word one can get the wrong total and make any number of assumptions by using the wrong data. On the other hand lets say an individual named #Oscar has recently begun to study Lord of the Rings. Oscar is a quite and humble sort of person and so the mythology of the simple and modest Hobbit race appeals to him. He is fascinated to find that the simple gematria of #Hobbit matches that of #Oscar in the same cipher. But with further study he is shocked and disappointed to find out that his name of #Oscar is also synonymous with the modern slur #Faggot in simple. Suddenly a previously unnoticed symbolism in the story line jumps out at him that he didn’t notice while reading it; the ominous Ring of power, Sam and Frodo’s relationship, the Gollum! the “Crack of Doom” in Mordor. The story all but states that if you are a Homo then you will have to go to hell to do it! The story when seen from this angle becomes horrifying! not to mention hilarious. Whether this was the intention of the author or not we may never know, it of course is only a fairy tale but because it’s numerology is aligned it carries a certain inescapable weight. Oscar may altogether abandon his inquiry into gematria but because of how certain fundamental polarities with in our language work he will likely be unable to completely forget about this abstract concept. When Oscar thinks about what spiritually resonates to him he may remember the method by which he found those truths are strongly anchored to number patterns in scripture and he may have also noticed that the gematria of kennings in various world mythology also provide solid insights into their meanings.


This puts Oscar in an awful position of facing the fact that he may in some way be destined to become a homosexual because of language. The overwhelming weight of language and taboo crashes down on him like a tidal wave. #Oscar may go back and forth uselessly wondering about his own sexuality; he could even become paranoid and hateful and completely lose confidence in his own prowess. All from a such a tiny feature of language. To anyone who is not interested in gematria his fears may seem totally ridiculous but from Oscars view he quite likely had some level of his own faith invested in this study. He has found truth at the expanse of his own peace and mental well being. –-The Darren Aronofsky film Pi comes to mind. But if some of these number patterns are useful and true then why are other alignment runs so contrary to what one prefers?

The Cross

The answer is actually incredibly obvious; language has been designed and aligned by previous generations and therefor cannot actually reflect things as they are in real time. It is true that number alignments add a certain ascetic symmetry which compliments meanings but they are not truth within themselves. Gematria is a medium that easily allows for obsession to become compulsion and there are very good reasons why even Jewish sages are careful in how they discuss it and who they discuss it with. Thus is the #Cross; ones own personal cross can be defined by their own name crossed with its corresponding numbers. One will note the obvious alignment between #Cross and #Closet both summing to the number 74 in simple; “the closet” obviously being a modern expression regarding latent homosexuality and those who deny it. This modern expression of “the closet” is from of an age old blasphemy that Jesus Christ was allegedly a homosexual. One will note that the word fruit also has homosexual connotations in the modern vernacular. The argument usually being that Jesus was unmarried and only associated with his twelve apostles which were all exclusively men. This line of reasoning has been used to justify the Catholic clergy and the celibacy of their priesthood. It has never been satisfactorily done away with and will likely remain so until ‘Jesus Christ’ himself has said otherwise (which he has but no listened). There are groups with in the media who have subtly perpetuated this blasphemy for the simple reason that it is subversive to the truth and because it suits their agenda of corruption.

So if gematria is a practice of channeling knowledge through the pathways of language how then can we know which channels are useful and which are not. More importantly how can we know which ones are in line with G-d and those who have been corrupted by worldly influences? The systems of both witchcraft and Kabbalah both openly warn that bad channels and curses are indeed possible. We can see in its modern sense that the #Cross with its homosexual and #Closet associations carries with it curses for anyone who has the wrong sort of name. The same could be said for a variety of other associations. Again; everyone on has their own individual “Cross” to bear. In the modern sense the simple gematria of the name #Jesus is synonymous with #Lucifer both summing to 74 in the simple. To the neophyte still grappling with duality alignments like this can appear frightening but to those who truly have stabilized halo and hold fast with their faith symmetries like this only represent a meeting of opposites. Even the most lavish and extravagant houses are still built on dirt. But this single alignment is one of the biggest deterrents for Christians looking into gematria; discovering an alignment like this immediately shuts down any real intellectual inquiry and for the vast majority instantly shuts down any further use of gematria as a valid study tool. But that is precisely the lesson of the “Tree of knowledge of Good and evil”… One will note that the title describes an inherent duality of good and evil. Thus is life.

To conclude the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is there for representative of the modern and unreconciled Christian gospel. The name of Jesus Christ represents the forbidden fruit who embodies the Original Sin committed by humanity of ascribing a singular name of G-d. Jesus Christ was crucified and resurrected because of the sins of mankind which is concurrent with many of the various descriptions of the ‘Son of Man’ being in the “belly of the great beast for three days and three nights”. All of these doctrines overlap in meaning. One will note that the Bible, despite naming the savior as “Jesus Christ”, succeeds in describing this individual in a few ways and with multiple titles;  Jesus, Yeshua, (Joshua even being a variant of Yeshua) along with various titles; the son of man, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the lamb of G-d etc. Further; one could also easily make a case for the Hindu G-d Krishna being an older variation of Christ. This would naturally make Hinduism an archaic form of Christianity. The modern Christian would be quick to point out that Hinduism is widely regarded as a polytheistic religion and modern Christianity despite its uses of the Trinitarian ideas often describes itself as Monotheistic. The explanation for this discrepancy is simple; the difference being that Hinduism has roots which stretch back over 4000 years and has a much longer history whose doctrine has been subject to more that 2000 years of speculation and elaboration on all its doctrines and various angels; which have overtime been granted a level of divinity in their own right.

This is not try and sell Christians on Hinduism because there is no essential need for these two religions to interact or agree on anything other than common decency. It only strives to point out that all religions are connected under a single G-d; even if they appear to be separated by language, mythologies, peoples or history. To anyone who is actually a true monotheist; who truly believes in a single G-d, a statement like this makes perfect sense. But to the idolaters, liars, racists, infidels and nihilists who thrive on conflict this will seem like blasphemy. Sadly nearly all Christians will fall into this category wrongly believing modern Christianity as it is to be the supreme and perfect religion that will last forever. Such views are ridiculous in the face of facts, Christianity owes its very existence to Judaism and as I already stated the Christ personage had already made an appearance in the Hindu constellation. The parallel is so obvious that it scarcely requires mention: Christ is one and the same as Krishna. Hinduism is the precursor to Christianity the truth has always been there and the divisions between the various religions are an illusion.

One will recall that the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” was not the only tree in the Garden of Eden and that there was also one mentioned that was simply called the “Tree Of Life”. This simple concept has representation on every continent and is practically universal to human culture. The fruit of this tree is seemingly unavailable to those who have not reconciled the original sin and moved beyond the constant and altogether useless mental oscillation between good and evil. One aspect of the #TreeOfLife is that its gematria is the same as the word #Christian; both summing to 101 in simple gematria. But again before the clutching Christian mind attempts to claim this title exclusively as its own we must remember that this symbol is a universal symbol of humanity having representation in practically every culture through out history. Going back to Lord of the Rings we can see that the White Tree of Gondor is a fantastic representation of this esoteric concept and this fairy tale is a gateway to this body of knowledge. According to the story the graphic symbol of this tree from the story is almost always depicted with seven stars. This is clearly a Biblical reference regarding the seven stars, the sevens lamp stands, and the seven churches; 777. The Tree of Life therefor represents the restored and everlasting gospel. But this only comes with the realization of the #word of G-d.


Anyone who has a reconciled understanding of the Book of Revelation knows that there is nothing to worry about. The prophecy describes events from three different perspectives of our galactic light stream; positive, negative and neutral, that is wave, particle and halo. Anyone preoccupied by the description of demonic figures who uses its prophecy for fear mongering has failed to grasp the relevance of Pi inherent to the book. Its should be common knowledge that the #Apocalypse is not the end of the world but is only the #Pentacost. The alignment between these two words works as another clue because their gematria both sum to 113 in simple. The end is only the beginning. The description of Abbadon or Apollyon describes how Christians view Krishna in his living form. This is obvious if one has a unified understand of the fruit of the “Tree of knowledge of good and evil”. The totality of the book is a halo and has been constructed to be neutral. The book will not make the decision for the individual Christian; the whole point of the scriptures is to get the individual to think for himself. Its truth must be personally realized.


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