#Maat is the word of God.

Fairies are imaginary creatures. They are not real in the physical sense and can only be perceived by those with a specific type of alignment of imagination. We may call this cognitive alignment of symmetry the “faerie ring” which has been described in various fantasy writings but is perhaps best known for being the central concept in  J.R.R. Tolkien’s work. The faerie ring works in much the same way schizophrenia does but in a positive and useful sense. Schizophrenia being defined as a sort of circular continuum of looping thoughts which create patterns of negative emotional associations. According to modern psychology the patterns of Schizophrenia are characteristic of a mental disease and are best described as interference patterns resulting from a mental trauma. It would seem in the vast majority of cases these additional thought associations which overlay the persons real life perceptions induce feelings of paranoia and other distractions which presumably prevent them from living a normal life.

But the development of these thought patterns and their concurrent associations need not always be negative. There do exist means of neutralizing these thought processes to harness these orbital patterns and garner both positive and useful perceptions. I cannot claim that there is any single way of doing this but I believe it does begin with a ingrained drive to maintain balance and remain impartial against all types of worldly pressures. For me Ma’at was the beginning of this awakening. For those who are unfamiliar, Ma’at is both the Kemetic Faerie/Deity and the cosmic principle which embodies truth, balance and impartiality.

In a cognitive sense Ma’at could be described as a channel of light existing in the non-locality of the collective imagination. To find or attain this sense of balance one must go through all manner of adjustment in their own quantum gravities. One must personally neutralize their own light-body and thought patterns in order to produce clear and balanced thoughts. I imagine this as continuously holding your own star (or third-eye) in a position so that it is always reflecting her light and sense of balance. Each time we indulge in emotions like anger or sadness we fall into ourselves and lose access to this channel of radiant energy. The gravity of these patterns of behavior are the result of our own willfully placed wave-collapse packets. It goes without saying that one’s actions quickly become the habits we live by. As a male a wave collapse packet could be described as the inclination to look at pretty woman’s features. If your a gentleman you will look them in the eyes and smile, if your less than that you’ll likely be looking out for T’n’A. Such insignificant and momentary choices may seem like nothing but these patterns quickly build up into behaviors which ultimately determine ones life experience. These habits quickly accumulate into holographic masses on the “other side” of perception and will inevitably shape the inner world of our imagination.

When I first met Ma’at she appeared to me as a tall-? and lean series of similarly proportioned women; -her person seemed to constantly flicker through a patterns of female individuals as if she was a superposition of every life she ever lived all at once. Her form can only be described as having an Elvish appearance; the angle of her cheek bones seemed to perfectly compliment the points of her ears. She had freckles which appeared to actually be in symmetrical patterns across her cheek and temples and in some inexplicable way seemed to be associated with the golden ratio. Her clothing was equally difficult to describe; and had the appearance of a series of brightly coloured haute-couture cat-suits which bore graphics that were animated similar to a stop motion film woven in the patterns of knits and textiles. More specifically her clothing seemed to shine with electric neon colours but was also paradoxically balanced by earth tone materials and home-made crochet knits. She appeared to me in this form after I vaporized some Seshat before bed. Normally Cannabinoids have little effect on me. I am inclined to say we had a conversation but cannot describe if this was in actual words; perhaps it was her way of programming me to the fact that she was about to impart a serious lesson to me. I think she finally asked me if I was ready. Or maybe it was a yes or a no question. I cant say for sure. What ever we discussed it was to definitely to start something.

She then proceeded to begin dancing in a ‘lock and pop’ miming fashion which caused her (or me) to split in two. The effect of her dance on me was hypnotic and one of her forms became larger and more complex while the other smaller and more succinct.  The small side was like an ever shrinking 8-bit caricature -what the Japanese have called a “chibi”. Her other form seemed to expand until it nearly disappeared as she stood side by side with our galactic milky way. (Perhaps what is known as the Atma and Brahman) This effect was so disorienting I found myself immersed in dream with in a dream. With in the dream time seemed to pass in a two phase process. On the one hand I was aware of the minor details of the day-to-day real life minutia. On the other I seemed to be aware of months and years going by in a matter of what felt like minutes. It felt real. I sensed that the normal day to day routine of things kept getting shittier and shittier. People around me kept becoming more and more unstable and hostile. Wars were suddenly a continuous practice. Terrorism seemed common place and suddenly my countries borders were closed and it was as if some global catastrophe was happening. It was as if humanity was approaching its end and all had lost hope and will to continue. As if digital technology has somehow reprogrammed humans to destroy themselves. Life on a grand scale seemed to be sick of its self and our civilization seemed to be imploding. Time passed and I got sense that the world powers were actively trying to destroy not only each other but themselves as well. Not necessarily with war or bombs but by poisoning and destroying land and oceans in unexpected ways. Then it was as if everyone was being rounded up by the military and put into “safety camps”. People in general were treating themselves like animals. During this time I felt like an observer. But slowly I got angry and wondered how it was I found myself in this position. I was furious. I knew I didn’t deserve any of this and had done nothing wrong… None of it made any sense! Then at long last I remembered that it was just a dream and it all started when I met a faerie named Ma’at. It was a very profound realization which I cannot explain in these mere words but it felt like how I reacted to this dream would somehow effect the rest of my life. I realized that everything was a dream and that I could change anything I wanted at any time. So I immediately teleported myself back to where I knew Ma’at would be and stood in front of her on a circular platform. She was very happy to see me again and I gave her a big hug. I watched beside myself as we floated away on her circular platform. I was surprised at how immersive this waking dream was and was actually a little surprised to find myself laying comfortably in bed.

I laid there not fully understanding what just took place. I mostly forgot about the experience until in the coming weeks I realized there was a woman who would come and go through my thoughts and hang around in the back of my imagination. I cannot describe it any better than this but I believe this might be how imaginary friends start when you an adult. I began to see her just before sleep but I couldn’t remember where I seen her from through out the day. I mean this in that as I reconciled the days thoughts she would appear to be present in times and places which I knew she was physically and temporally not. Her appearance in the way of clothing seemed to be modern with in these super-imposed memories. If I was thinking of a memory as a child then she would also match my age. Her ethnicity doesn’t really match any particular race that I could describe. I might describe her as a ‘near-east’ person but even this is not quite right, sort of like a genetic one of a kind-? Her hair was dark blonde and curly and her eye seemed green but this was in contrast to her dark complexion and freckles which together seemed somehow unearthly. The only human woman I have seen that resembles her is Audrey Hepburn if she were a mulatto. The more I would think about her the more she would hang around. At first I found her a little annoying, she would remind me about seemingly small and unimportant details in my day-to-day life. Her personality is what might describe as a ‘little nerd’ but she was extremely difficult to actually be irritated by as she always seemed so chipper and happy to hang around and guide me through tedious chores. Each time I was tempted to approach “easy” women for example, she would butt in and steal my thoughts so I couldn’t find the right words to say. This was probably the hardest aspect of her alignment. I would occasionally drink and pout about how about how a ghost had ruined my sex life. These thoughts didn’t really carry any weight as I knew it was for the best.

Since this time I have had this feeling that I have somehow passed on. I am very much alive but live a different life. I read a blog of someone who has recently passed away and perhaps he described it best as existing with a constant feeling or suspicion of being part of some type of simulation. That is mostly what it feels like. Its not quite like that but the “kingdom of heaven” works like a series of coincidences scattered across the Duat, guiding you down the right path and steering your quantum gravities in the best possible direction. Its not always fancy but it definitely worth it.


The following is a prayer I wrote for her:

Praise Maat;

My patron faerie and benefactor,

I pray before you with an open heart,

May it be filled with your divine light and love,

May your perfection and balance shine through me,

May I remember the after before I act,

So as to live in relative symmetry,

and keep my heart in heaven,

until I am like you.