The Brutal Irony of Artificial Intelligence in the Age of Atheism.

At the heart of it the Idolatry of “Artificial Intelligence” is nothing more than a sales slogan based on an oxymoron. You don’t need to be a software engineer to see that by its very definition “Artificial” means “not real” where as “intelligence” is apparently the defining characteristic that separates living beings from objects. Computers are composed of Silicon which is incapable of independent sentient teleology; that means no matter how complex the machines may become they will remain incapable of reversing the second law of thermodynamics with out living input and will therefor always remain a non living piece of hardware. It stands to reason that the novelty of A.I. is nothing more than a guise for bundling spyware into our personal electronic devices and serves the purpose of offering its programmers a means of monitoring and programming its users behavior. It should be noted that “computer programmers” are now a thing of the past; there are only people programmers working to suit the initiatives of a corporate agenda. Artificial intelligence has and always will be a puppet show put on by arrogant magicians.

There is a long held dictum in robotics and engineering that a computers “Artificial Intelligence” can be determined by something called the “Turing Test“, named after its creator Alan Turing. Simply put; the Turing Test states that a machines “intelligence” can be determined by its ability to fool a human into believing that it is a real person. There are several logistical issues which are problematic with this test. In the first place the “computers intelligence” is based on that of human error; as per the machine can be said to exhibit intelligent behavior, if and only if, the human judge is duped into believing that he is communicating with fellow human. Secondly, the level of intelligence of the human judge is never made clear. These two issues alone clearly render the Turing Test as bad-science but even the premise of the question itself is inherently based on a deception; the computer programmer who is programming the robot is actively trying to deceive its human judge much like a magician does in a magic show. Last I checked the practice of “magic” was rightfully determined as a completely unscientific practice. The bottom line being that if a human judge is perceptive enough they would see through the computer’s programming and deem it as a machine. Logically speaking the domain of “Artificial Intelligence” is obviously founded on a theory of bad-science and poorly defined constructs that are fundamentally intended to mislead its human users i.e., a marketing gimmick.

As these software giants pretend to branch out and conjure up these “smart devices” society should take note that this is only a way for them to clinch absolute control over the tech market as well as the pricing of their products. As the common human is slowly locked out of their own devices by way of proprietary service technicians and warranty conditions the consumer loses the ability to properly discern why they bought the device in the first place. The smart phone for instance is now capable of accommodating so many “apps” and other distractions that it has reduced the common man to little more than a glorified cell phone holder. This is precisely what these software giants want; they wants the consumer base to revolve around and worship their phones and devices, phone addicts after all are predictable and crucial to maintain and secure and lasting monopoly.

Its funny to see the reluctance of the modern tech savvy atheist to accept the allegorical validity of religious doctrines all the while lapping up the technological magic show offered by greedy and dishonest humans. This might be because technology is safer and easier than “G-d”, to the egoist who has already surrendered its higher reasoning to the convenience and surety of the silicon idol anything beyond their own ego is the enemy. G-d apparently “Judges”, G-d “commands”, “He” points out that humans are pitiful, weak and complacent creatures who betray, kill and fight. The man made Silicon idols on the other hand encourage you to celebrate these vices through software apps and games. G-d involves “self-realization”; a process that’s long, difficult and not at all immediately satisfying like frittering ones time away playing Call of Duty or picking one’s nose and playing Bejeweled.

As a point of fact; “Sophia” could very well be a surrogate, -an automated bot remotely controlled by a human technician and would technically still qualify as an “Artificially Intelligent” machine.


From an ethical perspective humanity is now considering the prospect of extending “human rights” to machines while they are still violating those of their fellow living beings who are genuinely living. To put this in perspective the moment machines are granted the status of a “living being” is when murder will be made legal. If a machines consciousness can be deleted or turned ‘off’ with the flick of a switch then any emotions it seems to have are baseless because it can never truly have a concept of real death; this fact alone totally invalidates any “emotions” it may appear to possess. Say if the artificially sentient machine where to ‘kill’ then it was only acting in accordance with the commands set in place by its programmer. Are we to actually believe that the Robot is going to be tried for ‘murder’ all the while its creator sits aside free of all responsibility? If a machine is “angry” than its only because its creator designed to appear so. Further if a real person were to destroy a “robot citizen” how can the person truly be tried for murder if it can be rebuilt to the same exact specifications? Once again if A.I. is designed to “feel” things like anger, sadness, frustration than it is merely an illusory extension of the programmers will, a puppet show. Its important to get this principle established now or as I said murder will be made legal. If robots are to become responsible for their own actions and are therefor “sentient”, then the robot programmers will merely become contract killers who use its robot creations as weapons. Let’s not lose sight of who is actually in control.

There are already “predictions” coming from “futurists” that mass unemployment will result from the automation of A.I. and once again, this is not the result of any Silicon based life-form but is merely the will of its programmers who can scarcely qualify as human anyhow. Artificial intelligence isn’t doing anything at all; the programmers are merely using these machines as an interface to program consumers. Lets be realistic; if jobs are lost because of automation then its only because the company owners thought they could save money by automating; its crucial that the business owners take responsibility for their effect their own economy. If unemployment goes up because of automation then it is the direct result of the company owners. Once again machines never do anything on their own; humans are involved in their mechanization every step of the way. “Smart” machines only offer the programmer a mask to camouflage the collective intent of the company through a robotic interface. Its the living humans that are the creators of their own fate and for anyone to claim anything else is a farce.

Its clear that as the world powers rely more heavily on A.I. technologies that it will only represent a new kind of technological fascism, one where the decision makers hide behind their machines and dictate their initiatives anonymously through the facade of their robot creations. From the view of its designers and investors this creates a wonderful confusion as to who is actually responsible for the actions and directives of the A.I.; the bot or its programmers? But because A.I. is by definition “artificial” it means there is no “real” reason to be confused by its programmers motives. If the world economy experiences massive job loss due to A.I. then it is only because tech companies and company owners are willfully investing in an empty and lifeless future where robots live our lives for us and anyone who creates such a situation is hardly human in the first place even if they appear to be so. The question therefor should not be ‘is Artificial Intelligence possible? but how can we get rid of the artificial and heartless humans creating it to ruin our collective future?

Fuck A.I.!