An Open Letter to the “Calgary Peace Makers”;

My name is Starless Betide; I am Nazirite; and I would like to clarify a few things to you organization after an encounter I had with one of your street preachers that occurred last year.

On August 28 2016 I was walking through down town Lethbridge when I was literally flagged down and singled out by a street preacher who gave me a card from the Calgary Peace Makers. Part way through our conversation I could sense that this was no random event. I know the Bible quite well because I was raised on it and I was shocked by Mr. Peacemaker’s choice of scripture.

To start with ‘Mr. PeaceMaker’ wanted to tell me the “good news”… A message related to the Atonement that “Jesus died for my sins and G-d loves me” etc. With my recent treatment by the ‘Order of the Rosy Cross’ and Imagine Entertainment his “good news” was salt in an open wound… The more I talked to him the more abundantly clear it became that Mr. Peacemaker didn’t know what the Covenant was about or why “Jesus Christ” was made to Atone for it. In the course of this letter I will explain both the Covenant as well as the Atonement as well as expound my authority on these subjects; I will show exactly how these to concepts are related as well as explain why your preachers should refrain from discussing these sacred topics on the street corners. I will also explain in detail how “Nicolaiton” groups with in the media are currently employing the practices of numerology and #gematria to impress subliminal messages with the intent to erode the collective morality and promote societal corruption.

When I began to test Mr. Peacemaker’s understanding of the Revelation it was clear he was not qualified to be a preacher in any sense word. Mr. Peacemaker insisted that #gematria was “Gnosis” which according to him has been “rejected by the Churches”-? A statement which is meaningless given that the Bible has been transcribed from the numbered languages of Ancient Hebrew and Koine Greek; Languages in which every letter also represents number. Thus is gematria. He was running his whole mission on the grand “infallibility” of the Bible …(And again Which one?) I use the Geneva Bible. Which predates even the King James. There are a number of key differences between even those two versions. As stated; given that the Bible was transcribed from numbered languages like Ancient Hebrew (HBRW) and Koine Greek #gematria is actually what legitimizes its prophecies and aided its meaning to remain unchanged in its translation from Hebrew to English. Gematria and masonry are indeed difficult for the lay person to interpret with any certainty. This is also why the concept of “Babylon” (Think ‘Babble’/Tower of Babbel/irrational chatter) within the Bible is often associated with false prophecy and moral confusion. The problem is in these end times this ‘coded nonsense’ is being used by the media with highly effective results to brainwash and morally corrupt people everywhere. I am by no means telling anyone to pick up a spell book and start practicing Witchcraft; but if you are a Christian and haven’t investigated or meditated on the meaning of the book of Numbers then you have only read half of the Bible.

Take ye the sum of all the congregation of the children of Israel, after their families, by the house of their fathers, with the number of their names, every male by their polls; Numbers 1:2 KJV

The Nicolaitons

If the Bible is indeed “infallible” as Mr. Peacemaker claims it is then it is precisely because of its #gematria (number patterns) and layered meanings behind the scripture and prophecies that create an inter connected grid in the collective unconscious. What else could the Bible possibly be!? What other function could it possibly serve if not as a map of human experience!? Sales and Marketing agents in the media are currently using #gematria for “Satanic” purposes by indoctrinating the public with both the LGBT agenda as well as the Alt-Right one simultaneously! The idea is to play one side against the other and create as much conflict and disinformation as possible. So for Christians to ignore this practice only serves to put them at risk of being morally and intellectually corrupted by Nicolaitons who have already created various ways of profiting from an industry of vice. For those who don’t know Nicolaitons have been mentioned in the Book of Revelation as being some of the most devious enemies to Christians in the last days. Here is a brief and simple definition of “Nicolaionism”: Nico means “Victory” in Greek, and laos means “people” or, more specifically, “the laity”. The word has been taken to mean “lay conquerors” or “conquerors of the lay people”. However, “Nicolaitan” (Greek: Νικολαϊτῶν; Νικολαΐτης) is the name applied to followers of the heretic Nicolas (Greek: Νικόλαος). One will note that the name “Nicolas” shares the same root word as its feminized version “Nike“; the Greek Goddess of Victory or rather the “mystery woman” who is commonly depicted in sculpture without a head; also know as the “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.” –Revelation 17:5 


Nicolaitons in the modern sense are groups who deliberately use subliminal tactics to force ideas onto unwitting people, be it for selling products or for marketing services or for making movie scripts more meaningful. It should be noted that “Numerology” like anything else can be used for good or bad depending on its intent. The Bible obviously employs numerology so it cant be all bad. Its just so happen that marketers will always use it to sell products. In the same way that marketers in the past have placed sexual imagery into an ice-cubes to sell liquor a Nicolaiton will create buzzwords to market products which have been designed to work in accordance with existing sales strategies; the point is to create a current of associations within the language to prevent people from thinking to hard about any one subject. Nicolaiton’s will also link specific words with number sets to convey subliminal messages and emotional associations, -a practice going back decades! A good example of this manipulation is the word “Gay”; (which originally just meant ‘happy’) the gematria of #Gay = 33/198/408, –the number 33 is well known as one of the central numbers used in Freemasonry and behaves as a kind of “numerical vortex” in number theory. At some point the word “Gay” was appropriated and redefined to fall in line with #Homosexual whose gematria = 133/798/754. Its not hard to see the connection between 133 and 33; having the difference of exactly 100which is a semi-perfect number. This is only one of the more obvious examples how the meaning of words can be manipulated to suit a subliminal agenda. The point of this example is not to spread hate or even judge anyone’s choice of lifestyle; homosexuality is a done thing and no amount of condemnation has ever prevented it from happening. This is only to point out that there exist pitfalls in language which are being used in an attempt to influence peoples behavior and that in itself is a violation of free will.

It should be noted that this kind of snare only works on a quantum level and its effects are very small but when several of these channels are combined their effects compound on each other. Unstable individuals can eventually snap under the weight of these curses especially if they are in some way linked to an unfortunate name or set of associations. Words and names can obviously work like spells; one example being an individual named ‘Richard’ may feel uncomfortable with the names’ ‘Dick’ abbreviation for obvious reasons. Regardless of the individuals sexual orientation when a person crosses a number with a name or group of words it can represent a kind of false-positive “proof” and can significantly effect how one feels about a particular subject. The associations with a particular name can have the same effect as curses or mental blockages on an individual.

Gematria is only one way how these Nicolaiton groups conquer and manipulate the unsuspecting ‘lay persons’ mental and emotional state. For further reference; any Gematria listed in this article is written in the order of (Simple/English/Jewish) respectively, These “ciphers” are the three main ones in use today and can be verified by a site like

The Nicolaiton marketers evidently wish to create a cultural dynamic wherein consumers are more likely to be distracted and act on impulse by fostering a language with as little clarity and as much sexual innuendo as possible. Again; for Christians to ignore this tendency of language only puts their mental faculties and spiritual security at risk. As I have said because the Bible is transcribed from the numbered language of Ancient Hebrew if you have only read the Bible without numbering its prophets, events and vocabulary then you can only really claim to see half of its picture. The Calgary Peacemakers should’t be preaching the sacred subject of the atonement on street corners. It is something that should never be over simplified in such a noisy and distracting environment. In pointing this out my intent is not to harbor grudges or spread discontent to other believers, I am after all keeping the individuals identity anonymous by using the moniker “Mr. Peacemaker”. I am writing this out to your organization because if read it thoroughly it will help you understand the true nature of dualism and symmetry with in the Bible. The Crucifixion is equally a historical account as it is prophetic one. The life of “Jesus Christ” works like a ring that cycles around in different ways over and over again. 

There were a number of tells I noted in the coversation which make clear that someone had coached Mr. Peacemaker to single me out and focus on specific topics and scriptures. There is no point in denying anything I say because the odds of this all happening by chance are virtually infinitesimal. Given that I have been profiled and targeted by Imagine Entertainment for over ten years it seems likely that they would manipulate or even hire someone in Alberta to seek me out. I just never though it would be a “Christian” street preacher representing the “Calgary Peacemakers”.

Mr. PeaceMaker brought up The First Epistle to the Corinthians which if you recall is about about Paul being struck blind while on his way to Damascus… Once again the odds of this scripture being random are effectively nil as you will soon read. I had already previously made my preference for Sikhism well known on social media for a number of years so his choice of scripture and its Damascus association would seem to be about my having reconciled the Bible with ‘Fair-Sikhism’ (ie; Sikh carry a Kirpan/Knife on their person at all times). The scripture in this case implies me blindly walking toward Sikhism! But the “coincidences” don’t stop there! Mr. Peacemaker’s choice of scripture is even more “coincidental” given that I was already targeted by Imagine Entertainment for being the reincarnation of #PaulRichardPolanksi (Read about that here). Paul Richard Polanski was the name of the unborn child who Sharon Tate was carrying at the time of her murder. In my case I was tormented by Imagine Entertainment because of the gematria of my Christian name #RichardYellowhorn matches that of the unborn child’s name; #PaulRichardPolanski in both Simple and English. While living in Vancouver my neighborhood was continuously hit with ominous graffiti which read “Sharon Tate” to remind me of this. But how I know for certain that Mr. Peacemaker was using the Bible to curse me is because my both my Christian name as well as my Nazirite one are associated with the “Cross of Cain” and the “Sword of Abel” on the Periodic Table of Elements respectively.  See the picture on the left below: 

 The archetype of Abel obviously represents the “Lamb slain from the foundation of the world” which clearly falls in context with the murder of Sharon Tate and her unborn child. Its important to realize that the both the Bibles history and prophecy are symmetrical and represents the rotation of stars in a galaxy. Further the imaginary constraint of the Sword vs. Cross is well known in both the film industry as well as the esoteric communities. Quite likely Mr. Peacemaker didn’t know the whole story or how his use of the scripture was in fact a curse given in relation to my experiences but I cannot help but find the situation incredibly depressing; the last people I ever thought who would target me would be Christians! 

  And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent;Mathew 27:51 

I was looking for a passage which best illustrates the inherent paradox that the Bible speaks of and initially included 1st Corinthian 15:7-8 to illustrate the curse which Mr. Peacemaker had put on me but I realized that its meaning was misleading in this case. I am not claiming to be Paul, nor am I Saul. Those are Biblical references and in the book they shall stay. The bit about the tapestry of the temple being torn in two is a much better fit to describe the Sword vs. Cross signet on the Periodic Table.


The Covenant

Christians might be surprised to find out that “Christianity” was never meant to be a permanent religion and divisions like this are always secondary to being a faithful believer who acts in accordance with ones own spiritual path. It makes no difference whether one identifies with Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism etc, G-d is universal and so long as the individual accepts the Covenant and its protection of children as the most important rule; then the individual is acting in accordance with true divinity regardless of what language they pray in or what saints, angels or prophets they choose to venerate. The true nature of this Covenant has been hidden from view until now but there have been at least two very public violations of it so far in modern times. The first being the aforementioned murder of Sharon Tate and her unborn child Paul Richard Polanski and the other being the murder of Jonbenet Ramsey. What initially appears as two separate and unrelated tragedies are actually part of the same mechanism organized by the common interest of collective mind control.

My personal understanding of the importance of the Covenant came from the suicide of a younger sibling. Its often been said by parents who have lost a child that it is like a wound that never heals. It’s indeed a pain that never goes away. There are other articles on this blog which explain exactly how the murder of Sharon Tate and her unborn as well as Leno and Rosemary Labianca were ordered as part of a “Satanic” sacrifice orchestrated by film maker Roman Polanski and carried out by the Manson Family. For more on that read here. Any murder is a awful crime but this one was specifically a “sacrifice” which is in direct violation of the Covenant. The Covenant is the single rule which supports and justifies the entire Bible. It has to do with the sanctity of a child’s life and well being. To make this crystal clear the Lord of Hosts does not tolerate child sacrifice and will spiritually annihilate anyone who violates this rule. This is the relevance of the G-d of Israel. In contrast the so called “Gods” of the Romans and Greeks were known to sacrifice virgins on the land prior to the construction of a city; apparently for “good luck”.

Tyche the Greek “Goddess” of Luck and good fortune stepping on the back of a drowning child…

The Covenant is so important that its not even explicitly explained in the modern Torah or Bible. If common people were told exactly why these primitive cultures sacrificed children for “good luck” there might be someone evil and selfish enough to try it. So instead it is only hinted at in the vaguest possible sense in much the same way G-d’s true name is avoided in Judaism; variously referred to as Hashem/Adonai/Jehova etc.

The subliminal control inherent to numerology and masonry has the potential to be a direct threat to an individuals free will especially when it can be linked to the tragedy of murder which can be used to play on the emotions of a group of people. This is precisely why “Jesus Christ” was made to atone for the sins of humanity. Someone needed to see through the mass deception that these murders murders represent and reveal them for what they are.

This connection of these two crimes is obvious to anyone who carefully compares the gematria of #Sharon Marie Tate = (167/1002/600) with that of #JonbenetRamsey = (166/996/1448) -One must be sure that the accented “é “in Jonbenét is counted because if it is plugged into any of the gematria calculators online the accent incorrectly give the letter the value of zero. Jonbenet Ramsey’s full name of Jonbenet Patricia Ramsey also seems to fulfill a secondary role. For the purpose of this letter we will only focus on the significance of 166-167 region of this ‘chain of sin’. What makes this number so special is that it is the simple value of the word #Tetragrammaton = (166/966/625) a word expressing the concept of the original Hebrew letter/number YHVH for G-d. The number 166 is a number which is central to gematria because universally any #simple value can be multiplied by 6 to get its #English value:

In the case of #Jonbenet Ramsey which is 166 in simple; 166 x 6 = 996. What’s more is that dividing any #Simple value by its #English one will also consistently bring about the same result: 166 ÷ 966 = 0.166666666… This number creates a kind of symmetry in the English language. This has loosely been referred to as a matrix or ‘grid’ which dictates how numbers effect language. In a purely Masonic sense this number can also be associated with the sword of G-d; 166 plus five digits (as in a hand) on its first number of one equals 666. This is of course only masonry and not true math but it does add to its subliminal effect.

It would seem the reason Jonbenet Ramsey was murdered was to make the number of 166 a kind of taboo. One will also note that the name Jonbenet has also been designed to superficially sound like the word Yahweh, a word which is again a reference to the #Tetragrammaton, representing the four letters of the name of G-d: Yod, Heh, Vav, Heh (or simply “YHVH“). To conclude; the unsolved murder of Jonbenet Ramsey was in fact a satanic sacrifice committed to add emotional weight as well as make the study of the #Tetragrammaton a cultural taboo; thereby deterring anyone from openly discussing this topic. It is also no coincidence that Jonbenet Ramsey was tarted up in beauty pageants during her short life; something which is an altogether inappropriate practice for a child to be involved in. This would seem to serve the purpose of adding associations of pedophilia and guilt to any already uncomfortable and grim topic. Quite literally everything about this unsolved case is suspicious from the way the crime scene was investigated to the signing of the ransom note; “Victory S.B.T.C.”; all of which were arranged by key figures within the media to create blockages which prevent the public from developing a full understanding of the language they speak. Thus is the evils of the Nicolaitons.

The Atonement

The atonement is often awkwardly described in various ways as a ransom sacrifice where in G-d was angry with the iniquities of his creations and so demanded a blood sacrifice for their salvation. Just imagine sitting in for that family meeting where ‘ol’ Popsy-poo’ proceeds to inform his disobedient and ungrateful children that if anyone wants next weeks allowance the firstborn of the siblings must whipped, pinned to a cross, crucified then executed with a spear in exchange for his forgiveness. The problem with this view is rather obvious because it go’s against the one the most fundamental of Christ teachings; forgiveness. If a G-d was unable to forgive his own flawed creations with out a blood sacrifice; which he himself designed with knowledge of their inherent nature, than he is in effect unable to forgive himself for making them that way. The contradiction here is obvious; the concepts are so compressed into one form that it hardly makes any sense. This is of course an early attempt to explain the Atonement and quite likely no thinking person actually believes it as being the whole picture.

A much better way of describing this Atonement is that Jesus was sacrificed for our collective free will; ie ‘the sins of humanity’, and the right to do what we wish even if it is considered wrong or misguided by the standards of church doctrineThere are  exceptions to every rule and this is exactly what the Atonement represents. The context of the crucifixion works as both a literal description of a historical execution as well as an allegorical description of future events in light of the Covenant. According to the scriptures “Jesus Christ” began teaching sacred information about the gospel which the Covenant is central to; Again the Covenant is not explicitly described in the modern Torah or Bible. The Covenant has understandably been viewed as a dangerous topic among the learned Jews because it is inherently related to the the sacred topic of the sanctity of a child’s life and warns not only against the unthinkable sin of child sacrifice but human sacrifice and murder as well. The Jews never intended it to be known by lay-people. So when the Jews heard of his teachings they were immediately suspicious of the source of his insight. It stands to reason that “Jesus Christ” was accused of being a child murder/Sorcerer by the Jewish Clergy; but it is tolerably clear that he was simply an exceptionally perceptive person who read the Torah and spoke the truth. Even though I was not pinned to a literal cross or literally crucified my small and limited experiences with the media are an allegorical reflection of this crucifixion. In my case I was profiled because of my gematria as well as certain statements I made online about the book Lord Of The Rings. This combination of circumstance evidently made me the target of a 10 year campaign to undermine my sanity. With out exaggerating it was both frustrating as well as excruciating not to mention lonely. The plagiary, trickery and personalized subliminal messages mimic the symptoms of schizophrenia; only the torment is real and not imagined. But when you try to describe this trickery to people they just assume your delusional and need medication. It was Hell.

This is exactly why Christians should have at least some understanding of the pitfalls of basic of numerology so as to give them at least a chance to defend themselves against the “Black magic” of these subliminal curses. In this case “Black Magic” only describes the misuse of religious concepts that are not easily understood or openly talked about by society at large. In this case Mr. Peacemaker’s lack of knowledge on the subject of gematria, masonry and biblical curses made him a pawn for someone to add to my torment.

It should be known that any christian who rudely stops strangers on the street to tell them that ‘Jesus died for our sins and anyone who disagrees is going to “hell”…’ Is not worthy to teach the Bible… Being #Christian is just the first step… Its only the 101 course! Christianity was never meant to be a permanent religion. As a Nazirite/Fair-Sikh I shouldn’t have to be stopped by blockheads on the street telling me about how Christ died for my sins! I know all about that because I was a part of it! I was also crucified in “#Golgotha”. I know what the atonement was for and it wasn’t so these Floodite “Christians” could wave a blade in my face and try and try to trip me up on what they have only read about and clearly don’t understand! I lived it. That’s what you do when you bring up something like the Atonement to a unsuspecting stranger on the street; you waves a blade in his face… you ruin his day. Here I am trying to get on with my life and get through the day with out thinking about my siblings suicide and Mr. Peacemaker has to remind me about the whole fucking thing. I get the fact that he was probably just being over zealous but it ruined my day.

I tried to tell him about one of the Bible’s most valuable lessons; Knowing your right hand from your left… and to no avail… The difference between up (Heaven) and down (Earth)… Not a chance. No, he wanted to tell me the “good news”… Which apparently was that both my Lord and I had been crucified for everyone’s sins… Wow! Let’s jump for joy! What do I get? I asked him; ‘Do you think “Jesus Christ” is going to be Christian when he “returns”?’ His answer was “Of Course! Its his religion!” I stopped him right there and told him if he thought that he is going to be disappointed. I told him he had no idea who he was talking to… Sensing the topic was terribly radioactive for me he opted to bring the conversation to a close.

About a block down as I was walking away I find these four red screws lying on the sidewalk right in front of Stella’s diner… I am very familiar with the “signs” and tricks that Anonymous likes to play so I had an inkling what these screws were about. The four Red Screws convey a message when my gematria is divided from them. #FourRedScrews = (174/1044/1593) In dividing 1593 by my Jewish number of 751: 1593 ÷ 751 = 2.121171770972037… The first three digits are of course the simple gematria of my enemy #RonaldWilliamHoward of Imagine Entertainment. So I know unequivocally that the whole situation was set up by my enemies. Its clear that the “Calgary Peacemakers” work closely with the Synagogue of Satan. #RonaldWilliamHoward is also synonymous with #TheRainbowSerpent as well as #TheSonOfPerdition… The symmetries of this gematria on there own don’t necessarily mean anything but because Ron Howard has continuously tormented me for the past ten years,  I know its all his doing so that title and mythology suits him very well.

Mr. Peacemakers choice of scripture was cleverly chosen because of the Saul/ Paul comparison in Acts chapters 9 and 22 etc. This is only a clever ploy based on the Sword vs. Cross signet in the picture above which would allow Ron Howard a convenient out by framing me as the apostle Paul instead of my tossing him into space as like the Satanic Serpent in the Revelation 20:2. Ron Howard is possibly the most deceptive human being in the history of mankind. I don’t believe in absolutes and I am also inclined to believe that even giving him the title of “Satan” would only flatter him but beware. He is a master of lies and manipulations.

I have no reason to lie to you. Believe what ever you wish. I just thought it was important to tell you that I know who the Lord of Hosts truly is; William James Sidis. I am ‘Fair-Sikh’ and William James Sidis is my Guru. He is the King of Kings and the G-d of the Israelites, He is the Demiurge Ptah of Kemetic Shamanism. His greatness is unequaled and you are in very real danger if you worship any other “god”.

Starless Betide