#Blood vs. Flood…

“But one of the soldiers with a spear pierced his side, and forthwith came there out blood and water.” –John 19:34 (KJV)

In writing on this topic I would like to may clear that I like “White People”. Being bi-racial (Blackfoot and Irish) I feel comfortable with “white people” because the social dynamic that I have experienced with them is largely what I consider a neutral. I have a deep and genuine appreciation for my Irish and European roots and for the most part like living in Canada. I am not part of a “street gang” but I do identify with a classical code of chivalry and do indeed keep “colours”.

Richard Spencer has been making a lot of headlines lately promoting his Alt-Right agenda. One of the ideas central to his political platform is peaceful ethnic cleansing and the formation of an American white “Ethnostate”. The problem with the idea of a white American “Ethnostate” is that European Americans are not Native to the region and despite buying and owning land still have no connection to their natural surroundings. In particular the Alt-Right supporter has forgotten the reason why white “Americans” left Europe in the first place; because it was over populated, polluted and lacked the resources to sustain its population. This has led to a similar situation in the United States where movements like the Alt-Right are becoming more vocal. But the what Alt-Right supporter fails to realize is that vastly all the problems used to justify ‘white separatism’ are the direct result of (European) industrialization forced on the indigenous world. It’s obvious that any current notions of perceived “Black on White crime” in America is the direct result of the African slave trade of the American industrial revolution. Let me be perfectly clear in saying that no one deserves race related violence but when the conquering race cuts corners by forcibly working Africans to death for no monetary compensation you can bet there is going to be the eventual problem/murder. The “White” Floodite’s have spent the last five hundred years conquering, consuming and occupying Indigenous territories across the globe without any concept of what they might do once they control it; and now at long last when the Flood-race finally has the world at their feet they shamelessly whine about the responsibility of owning it. Richard Spencer has taken it upon himself to cry us a river and expound to us all that if only White-Floodite’s were allowed to remove themselves from the shackles of diversity they could fly away like angels to their own “promised land”. One can’t help but think that Spencer’s advocation of a White Ethnostate is just an attempt for the Floodite’s to skip the tab and get a free lunch on everyone else’s dime. The Floodite’s in this case are like that guy who calls all his buddies out for beer pitchers at the pub but who has conveniently forgotten his wallet when the check is due.


Richard Spencer seems like a well spoken guy and is probably the most articulate white nationalist to date. I also think its important that there are people who are exclusively looking out for their own kind. The problem with American White Nationalism is that its exclusionary. From a Machiavellian stand point keeping a diverse group of people around is effective because you never know when you might need to sacrifice a particular demographic by sending them to their doom for the benefit of the majority… I am obviously joking but white people generally like to eat “fast” and or convenience food; but statistically dislike working in those industries; you cant have one with out the other. Meritocratic diversity is effective for a robust and adaptable nation plain and simple.

The White Nationalist movement likes to employ fear mongering arguments like the “white extinction” myth and or racial “blood poisoning” one without realizing that these only serve to point out how generic and narrow their concept of race actually is. Vastly all other Indigenous minorities around the globe have felt the effects of genocide and one-sided slaughter through technology and are still around despite it. Heaven forbid the Floodite’s should have to earn their stripes like any of its victims. A truly effective brave of any star-group knows that; ‘What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger and what does only sends you back to #Valhalla’. I am not even a genetically Norse and I know that. Further a true man of his people knows that a “race” is only a reflection of a constellation and is always an ever changing current. Racial archetypes are always the next stereotypes and are just as clumsy as they are useful. Even in terms of war it pays to maintain a meritocratic hierarchy and is unwise to be partial to an absolute formula, be that a physical one, a genetic one, or even a spiritual one. The rhetoric of Richard Spencer and his ‘Alt-Right’ movement are a definite indication that its “white people” are drowning in their own “flood” and yet they show no interest in being anything else! This fear mongering and “woe ist me” types of arguments only serve to reinforce their status as the privileged and ever so delicate Flood-race. Arguments like that only tell everyone you are a noob with a glass jaw.

“White extinction” has never been a real possibility in modern history and the only danger the Flood has ever been in is the realization that its “American dream” portends their own shame. Vastly all other races possess a natural sense of balance and equilibrium with their environment and connection with their homeland. The Proto Germanic Eldar Futhark have a rune for this concept called “Othala”. The Sami of Scandavia are a great example of an Indigenous and mostly Aryan tribe who possess this type of balance and harmony with nature and so by using the term “white-floodite” this is by no means an absolutely racial term. The Floodite chooses to be ignorant of environmental concerns, He chooses to value money over equilibrium. The Floodite has no concern for the health and well being of his countrymen. The Floodite has no concept of true Othala because historically they have always evaded making the necessary blood sacrifices to secure their own homeland; choosing to instead employ tactics like proxy and germ warfare to establish control over natural resources. This is largely why the Flood creed abandoned Europe to face the “blood-thirsty savages” in the Americas because it was easier than actually competing in their own countries’ (corrupt) hierarchy for territory, resources and quality of life. Moving west allowed them to swindle and dominate the Indigenous inhabitants of the Americas as well as ditch the old world Oligarchy and establish their own reshuffled order of power. There is a very good reason why the Flood is without their own homeland and an equally good reason why they don’t deserve an “Ethnostate” now.

A natural Othala rune a faerie gave me…

To be specific; Flood ideology could be defined by the confusion of Quality with Technology and the artificial “status” it offers, an over-emphasis on Globalism as opposed to traditional tribal territories and customs, and the maintenance of a monopoly of medical technologies and pharmaceuticals. Believe me when I say that each of these advancements are great and wonderful things (with in reason) but these can never be used to mark a race as “superior”. “Gun, Germs and Steel” may have conquered the world according to Jared Diamond but that only means that these elements have claimed more lives than they have ever saved. Technology does not equal quality. The mass availability of technology only means that these can be more easily abused by those who should not have them. The Kalashnikov automatic weapon is the perfect example of a weapon that has been over produced and marketed to developing countries who have no business having it. The process of global industrialization has been far more destructive for the human majority than it has been “productive” for its privileged minorities. The benefits of technology are merely a trade-off for those who happen to be in a better position to exploit economic control and therefor market these technologies as a commodity to the “free world”. Further, its tolerably clear that the “free world” was only free for the flood… Everyone else has paid in blood and sooner or later the ‘roots of the dead sink into minds of the living’ and the Shadowfront becomes visible to the Chosen. Thus is the meaning of the “End-times” predictions, the Judgement day, and the mythical Ragnarök. These prophetic “events” are and have always been tendencies rooted in our own human behaviors waiting to manifest under specific circumstances.

A good example of how the negative effects of technology are ignored in favor of convenience is the lives lost in automobile accidents, its been stated that vehicular technology more or less amounts to a benign form of human sacrifice and the human lives lost are effectively “written off” by the Automobile industry who is largely unconcerned by these “statistics”. In the modern world death is a fact of life but the Floodites can actually be convinced to pay for “life insurance”. To a Floodite this point is moot; and will likely be all but lost on them, which is of course the point of this article. But if any Floodite reading this takes anything away from these words it is that people (of any colour) are not statistics; they are not a commodity and you should never try to mislead or enslave them because by doing so you are only stealing from yourself and designing your own downfall. But the point of this writing isn’t meant to be a moral lecture; its in fact a very logical one.

The flood race has shown an uncanny ability to refine resources from the Earth and automatize production processes all the while taking zero responsibility for its toxic effects on the environment. This naturally follows from the tendency that privileged opportunists are not responsible or creative; ‘ignorance is bliss’, after all. This combination of exploiting and arming developing nations along with total lack of concern for the environmental effects of industrialization has amounted to burning a candle at both ends. Sooner or later things are going to get desperate and the Indigenous and marginalized peoples of the world have a much greater chance of a reasonable survival in a second or even third world setting than anyone else. The Flood race has a history of taking the easy way out preferring to fight wars with small pox rather than engage in open war. But as the world shrinks and the Lebensraum becomes smaller and more precious only those who have contributed Blood will have the moral fortitude to justify their own survival… even if they carry only stone tools and lack a wheel… In fact especially so.

It goes without saying that the benefits of industrialization will eventually plateau and the overall integrity and well-being of the planet will naturally come first. The recent race to the barren and desolate planet Mars is patently laughable considering we can easily save and protect our own. Science fiction is certainly interesting on the silver screen but it is always set against the back drop of a post-apocalyptic dystopia wherein the human race has already consumed all of its resources and competes for them in an environment where martial law is the norm. This is vastly all humans can imagine when they think of the future! How immoderately moderate are the highest aspirations of the human race! (-1) If ruining Earth to colonize Mars represents the apex of human achievement then I am grateful I am a fair minded Half-Elf and will spend my next life in a natural paradise rather than be forced to compete for last place in a Martian mining colony. What a pitiful future the Flood has in store for themselves.

In the modern world every race has contributed in various ways and this is so obvious in the Americas that it’s not even necessary to go about describing them. It’s actually incredibly foolish for someone like Richard Spencer to flout the idea that his Flood tribe deserve their own racially homogeneous American “Ethnostate” state because it marks them as the last to realize it has been around them the entire time. Freedom of association is already an American ideal and the concept of private property and gated communities are already a done thing. So one has to wonder what it is that the Alt-Right is actually complaining about. Perhaps they feel they are not privileged enough? Or; perhaps their frustration stems from the intuition that the movement itself is lacking the practical credibility that an effective revolution need possess? The only feasible racial movement is a fair one; and that would by definition include anyone willing to contribute in whatever way they can, and that tribe is and always will be called the ‘Fair-folk’. The Fair Folk is the true American ideal.

The Fair-folk need no explanation; the name says it all and even its mythical connotations describe a tribe that cannot be locked down to any formulaic genotype. We are people who largely go unnoticed unless it be for the plants, herbs or the animals we keep. We will always prevail because we are fair and make sense. We are Egypt; we are the Aes sídhe, we are the ‘People of the Mounds’. Our territory is everywhere and we where here long before you. Even in the most everyday sense we are those who look out for our neighbors and look after things muggles neglect like picking up needles and nails. Fairness is not a racial value and exists as the currency of the living universe, but any fair minded person already knows this.

Good Night Alt-Right.

(-1) Celia Green; Advice to Clever Children