#Stephen Paddock is the Harvest Reaper.

*The following post explores the #gematria Stephen Paddock used in the development of a motive; for reference please refer to the site Gematrix. All gematria listed in is (Simple/English/Jewish) respectively*

The lone gunman Stephen Paddock of the 2017 Las Vegas Strip Shooting is yet another person who was seemingly motivated by numbers to murder. This is plain to see because he chose the Route 91 Harvest Music festival to make his mark as the so called “Harvest Reaper” by murdering as many people as he could during the concert. Dylann Storm Roof used a similar Number Scheme in his selection of  the number of his victims in the Charleston massacre but this has since been scrubbed from the internet as of writing this.

One way we can be reasonably sure that this was the shooters intent is by the #gematria of the relevant terms of the crime as well as the highly probable moniker of “Harvest Reaper”. By checking the #gematria of the term: “#Stephen Paddock is the Harvest Reaper” we get: 358/2148/1867 (Simple/English/Jewish) and with some simple math we can unequivocally see that this title was his calulated intention because of a few key numbers which come from some very obvious divisions:

1867÷358 = 5.215083798882682… and by dividing this dividend by Pi we get: 5.215083798882682÷ 3.14159= 1.66001413261523… The first three digits in the sequence are key in this case because they are synonymous with the simple gematria of the #Tetragrammaton (166/996/625); 166 is the most central number in #gematria! What may seem like meaningless list of simple calculations actually functions as a set of coordinates to an avid student of numerology.  It’s clear that Stephen Paddock was no stranger to mathematics, statistics and variables because it’s has been reported that he was an avid and accomplished gambler and so its highly likely that he was also well versed in the practice of #gematria as well.

I have written at great length about how “predatorial” types of people work numbers symmetries into the development of their motives and selection of victims of their crimes. This is obviously part of the profile of the analytical mind; #gematria is of course not an exclusive practice of criminals because Writers, Artists, Advertisers and especially Film-makers employ it as well. Someone like Stephen Paddock was likely drawn to or maybe even obsessed with the practice of #gematria because being a successful gambler requires an in depth and intuitive understanding of numbers. This can be determined by a few small details found in the hotel crime scene. In the picture below we have been told by news sources that Stephen Paddock left a note which contains calculations believed to be trajectories for his targets. It makes sense that a professional gambler like Stephen Paddock might harbor and obsession with numbers but if we take a look at the #gematria of the objects left on the table we find an incredible number. In numbering the objects on the table: #”Pen, Tape And Paper” = (152/912/522) And when we divide the Jewish number by its Simple number we get: 522÷152= 3.434210526315789… 343 is a special number for a number of reasons. 7 x 7 x 7 =343 Which is often associated with the repetitions of Sevens in the Book of Revelation, the makers of the video game series Halo is named 343 Industries, and “The number 343 as written shows the arrangement of the kabbalistic Tree of Life ie 3 Sephiroth in the left pillar, 4 in the central pillar and 3 in the right pillar. The number 343 as written shows the arrangement of the kabbalistic Tree of Life ie 3 Sephiroth in the left pillar, 4 in the central pillar and 3 in the right pillar.” (-1) Whatever the reader may believe its undeniable that the number 343 has many interesting associations and it is highly likely that these items where a deliberate arrangement left by the Shooter.


Even the phrase #”Calculations For Targeting Crowd” (333/1998/2059) show some notable numbers that are very easy to remember and by dividing the Jewish gematria by the Simple gematria we get: 2059÷333 = 6.183183183183183… The first three digits are notable because it is reminiscent of the Golden Ratio; 1.61803398875. Given that the note was alleged to contain calculations we can safely assume that this was a very detail oriented and obsessive individual. Further adding to the criminal profile of a number obsessed individual is yet another likely calculation which may shed some light on his motivation or where he was drawing his “inspiration” from. If we take the simple #gematria of the song title “#Don’t fear the Reaper(179/1074/630) and divide it by the simple #gematria of “#Stephen Paddock(141/846/440) Like this: 179÷141= 1.2695035446099291… Again the first three digits in that sequence are key because 126 is the simple #gematria of the #Swordofgod (126/756/1241). Aside from the very obvious fact that swords “divide” things much like we are doing now; 126 also has connotations with the number of letters in the Alphabet as well as Elemental Iron (26) on the Periodic table, further Iron is also the material that swords are made of.

Exploring the numerology and avenues of significance unfortunately won’t bring back any of the 58 people that were murdered but paying attention to details like this can aid in solving a long list of unsolved crimes. I have already written about the #gematria and masonry behind the #JonbenetRamsey murder, the cases associated with the #EastAreaRapist, the #SharonTate murder(s), as well as the mutilation of Baron the Rottweiler; which has only recently occurred this year. All of these cases have significant numbers arrangement which lead back to key individuals.

There is a paradoxical characteristic in the use of numbers which seems to defy even the learned understanding. On the one hand numbers are used constantly in the realm of science and analytics to graph and plot figures, scientist can measure materials down to the nanometer and weigh a substance down to the microgram but can never completely rely on predictive statistics because of something called the uncertainty principle. Numbers are both exacting as well as confusing and can be so simultaneously. The practice of #gematria represents a reversal of the typical human decision making process. For example a normal athlete may choose to enter a marathon to test his physical stamina and prowess, where as and athlete motivated by numbers may become preoccupied with the number they are assigned in the race and based on that number may choose to finish it at number other than first place simply to abide by their own personal ‘numerological directives’. Any person with a healthy and properly configured set of priorities would likely wish to try their best and finish the race according to their ability regardless of whether or not they even liked numbers at all. This sort of psychology isn’t necessarily harmful but it certainly isn’t in the realm of what’s considered normal. It goes without saying that the practice of numerology harbors the potential to propagate obsessive compulsions.

I am certainly not making this out to be a definite thing and it could of course never justify the act of mass murder but it does show a likely set of pathways the shooter used in formulating his motive. I have already read a variety of opinions about his motives, a conversion to Islam, as well some other less articulate theories which are bit more convoluted; a disgruntled leftist etc. The problem with these theories is that the Islam jihadist lacks hard evidence and leftists are almost universally pacifist or at least strongly believe in gun control and is therefore highly unlikely. Since no current theory seems to provide a viable motive or criminal profile it would seem that this was a rogue act of terror which was motivated by numerology and notoriety and not necessarily a politically driven act.

(-1) https://www.virtuescience.com/343.html