#I paid one hundred and eighteen dollars for your soul Nike.

*Authors Note*

*This wordy and detailed writing outlines my experience with the Travel Club called “Infinity Incentive Group(Travel) or “Travel iig“, See their webpage here. If the name seems vague that’s probably the point. They have a few variations so I really just included the keywords and the reader will note that even from a typographical standpoint the first i in “iig” can deceptively be made to appear as “Iig” or “Lig”; such minuscule details are most ceratainly deliberate. Companies like these are the classic fly by night business’ that always have you wondering what “service” they are actually providing. I would like to make clear that I did willingly pay their fee but I have no intention of letting this go. They will never live this down. Below is my recount of the transaction and in it I explain how this call went. These people are vampires and their ability to collect personal information goes far and wide. It should also be noted that any hashtags denote #Gematria and can be referenced by a site like: Gematrix. Any gematria values are written in #Simple/#English/#Jewish respectively*

Travel iig” (Infinity Incentives Travel) is one of those elusive business schemes which operate on the idea that numbers are more important than people. I was contacted by this business sometime in early 2014 while I was on a Bell Mobility pay-as-you-go plan. (Belle Mobility no doubt has some vested interest in these unauthorized sales calls.) Normally I just hang up on cold calls but this one was different, this call immediately peaked my interest because the robot lady on the recording said her name was “Amy“… and I distinctly remember that I had only two days prior typed up a facebook tribute to Amy Winehouse so the call roused my suspicion for a number of reasons. Anyone who has read my other entries probably knows that I have been targeted and singled out by the film production company “Imagine Entertainment” for more on that see this entry . So given my experience with such highly organized deceptions I was already on high alert for potential “leads” to incriminate my enemies. I know how silly that sounds now but at the time I foolishly thought that by paying the 118.00$ for these “Travel iig” coupons I was somehow collecting “evidence” or “documentation”; which of course is ridiculous… What ever the case may be I absolutely did pay out to “Travel iig” voluntarily but I am still entitled to tell my story and spread the truth about a bad company who collects and uses personal information in very unexpected ways.

As stated I immediately became suspicious of the automated call because the robot speaker was named Amy. On an intuitive level the name “Amy” tied in with a back log of deception and games going back more than 10 years; wherein my computer was illegally accessed and my writing and stories ended up being referenced on the show Arrested Development (Season Four). So in order for this to make sense I have to give a bit of history. In the first place the gematria of #Amy matches that of #Nike in both “Simple” and “English“; the significance of this is that I had written previously written about a character named “Nike Cherri Ciastrofiss” on the computer I owned between 2005-2009. This was evidently a huge mistake because the Nike mythology has apparently been deliberately avoided by writers for many reasons but being an unpublished, amateur writer, I saw this as an opening for me to write about a mythology which has been curiously absent from the movies and media. Again writing about Nike was obviously a rookie mistake. For one thing; its plain to see that Nike is a perfect ‘stand-in’ for the biblical “Whore of Babylon“; I say this because the branding of the shoe company far outshines the actual mythology of this faceless ancient Greek “Diety”. The Nike corporation is just as well known for its sweatshops as it is its branding and athletic wear so its easy to see how its relentless commercialism is an extension of the Babylonian decadence (-1) condemned in the Bible. Little did I know that writing about Nike was akin to ‘walking around with a florescent target on my back’ to anyone who might illegally access my computer. I had already noted a long list of ‘tells’ which made it perfectly clear that Imagine Entertainment collected personal information from my computer by the jokes and subject matter of the show.


To anyone who does not write this probably is more information that you would care to know; but in the eyes of a prospective writer these associations make the character very ‘heavy’ and extremely difficult to get right.  In any case speaking as someone interested in literature I have learned to take note of the little #number similarities the names #Amy and #Nike share. I feel a bit silly in saying this especially now but when #Amy Winehouse died I took it a bit hard. There were a number of similarities between the character that I imagined and the singer who died. I am also somewhat of a visual artist and so the pictures that I drew even resembled Amy Winehouse and my character even had a missing eye tooth! At the time these simple coincidences had me under a spell. It also didn’t help that her album “Back to Black” somewhat matched my Nazirite name ‘Starless’ or that its lyrics  seemed to be filled with personal references. Again I was under a spell and these coincidences got to my head and marked me as the perfect target for a unscrupulous bunch of vampires like the ones working for “Travel iig”. 

The robot named “Amy“, told me to stay on the line and I was then put on with another “Amy” but not the one in the recording. The woman sounded like she was Jewish and had a New York sort of accent. (-I don’t know what that accent is called but she sounded like a teen-aged “Fran Drescher” or “Janice” from Friends). Her accent was adorable and this alone was well worth the money. “Amy” told me about this cruise which had all sorts of food, glass bottom boat ride etc. In hearing this all that was going through my mind was how much this seemed to be connected to the content in Arrested Development. What may not be clear to the reader was how livid I was about the  personal information and jokes that were covered in Arrested Development! I sat around for months “stewing” about how Ron Howard insulted my ex-girlfriend, my mom, the topics of my writings, even my complexion! etc. (The name of the show #Arrested Development 221/1326/1384 is arguably a “number joke” about #Aspergers Syndrome 221/1326/1117 -a developmental disability that I have struggled with my entire life.) So here I was on the phone speaking with someone who was quite obviously hustler or at least connected with those who had been reading my social media posts. I definitely saw through this scam from the beginning but at the time I saw it as a kind of opportunity to acquire some sort of documentation linking these events together and so I opted to keep them on the hook. Once “Amy” had confirmed I was interested I was told that an agent would be calling me back to finalize the billing and travel details.

The next person who called me back was a guy named #KandelMayor (119/714/641). Kendal was a very dedicated salesman. I had already decided to go along with this scam for as long as I could but three times I did a 180 on him and said that I wasn’t interested and each time had and lines to keep the negotiations going. I could only imagine how many little old ladies Kendal has conned out of money in his illustrious career as a phone pig. I honestly don’t remember too much of the call because I was far less enamored with “Kendal” then I was “Amy“. Kendal was pushy, irritated and I could almost here him sweating through the phone as he rifled through stacks of papers in his desolate, jizz encrusted cubicle. Listening to a voluptuous Jewish woman discuss the menu at the cruise buffet was far more interesting than this nervous and twitchy sales-maggot. So after much indecision I payed the 118.00$ and was set up with an online account at the site listed above. I have since closed that specific email address and so I doubt I could redeem the travel vouchers even if I wanted to.

This is yet another entry detailing how these various groups of snoops have sought to interfere with my life by collecting information that is none of their business. I know how silly it is to get depressed about the passing of a celebrity but I really felt connected to her music and thought she seemed like a really neat person. I just never thought that telemarketer’s or film companies might be paying attention to such a ridiculous level of detail in order to con a guy out of 118.00$ with high pressure sales tactics. Which was probably just the primer, I would imagine such a scam would have a woman waiting for you somewhere along the way ready to take you for yet another ride for even more money. In closing I would like to include a few more details that I thought might be of interest:

The gematria of #Travel Infinity Incentive Group = (362/2172/2827)

Further when we divide its Jewish gematria by its Simple gematria: 2827 ÷ 362 = 7.8093922652. Then take that number and: 7.8093922652 ÷ π = 2.48580886828… 248 is an incredible number! Its the central number used in whats called “Lie Group Algebra”… this is actually the number inherently used by the matrix and NOT its #gematria; -I have to make that distinction to avoid any confusion. What may not be immediately obvious is when a company chooses a name every aspect of it is deliberate. Things like alliteration, puns, dualism, initials, typography and gematria all play a subliminal role in how the companies image is perceived. In this case we see a company using a subliminal scheme to anchor its name to its vocation; Lieing, deception and dishonesty. A minor detail like this is not just some random coincidence by any stretch of the imagination! Telemarketers and market analysts are literally incapable of making any decision with out much forethought and exhaustive assessment of all angles and figures involved. Again; I did willingly pay the money but I knew there was a game being played. These people cannot help but be dishonest so to them its important to calculate every possible angle because their livelihood depends on it and when your profession borders on the criminal its important to be extra careful. The 248 Lie Group algebra connection has recently been used by another person of interest; #PresidentDonaldTrump 248/1488/982 and even if you are still unclear on the sort of effects that these numbers can have on a persons’ titles, abilities or even character, its clear that Donald Trump can talk in circles with the best of them. The gematria offered to him by way of the title “#President” literally puts him in the perfect position to bend the truth any way he sees fit. In much the same way that its allows a shitty company like “Travel iig” to do the same.

I hope you found this wordy article useful and thank you for reading.


(-1) One will also note how Nike and Nicolaiton (as per Nicolaitonism  in the Book of Revelation) share the same root so its meaning is the same. Nicolaitonism Nico- means “victory” in Greek, and laos means “people” or, more specifically, “the laity”. Hence they take the word to mean “lay conquerors” or “conquerors of the lay people”.http://www.triumphpro.com/nicolaitans.htm