“Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily.” -Napoleon Bonaparte

Since Imagine Entertainment publicly humiliated me on with the release of Arrested Development (Season Four) in 2013 I have exhausted all legal means of protest; I have trolled Ron Howard’s facebook page as well as informed the Lethbridge City Police Department, My Alberta mental health Counselor; Gwen Reimer, My psychiatrist; Dr. Alberto Palma, as well as Mormon Missionaries, I have informed My ex-lady; Manithya Sudevi/Swarupapyriyananda (formerly Sarah Stephanie Landry) of the the Nithyananda Cult. (*I have since found out that Imagine Entertainment and Nithyananda are absolutely connected: Read about that here*) I have relentlessly posted on line through facebook and other social mediums about these masonic curses, incessant phone calls, graffiti and other forms of harassment going back more than 10 years; and not a single person has listened. I am not currently capable of taking legal action because I am poor and cannot afford a lawyer or even a consultation.  The “curses” contained with in Arrested Development show were also made by way of gematria and therefor allows its creators a certain ‘plausible deniability’ in regard to any legal charge of ‘defamation of character’ etc. (The name of the show #Arrested Development 221/1326/1384 is (arguably) a “number joke” about #Asperger’s Syndrome 221/1326/1117 -a developmental disability that I have struggled with my entire life.) For reference use a site like gematrix.org 

~*All #Gematria listed is in: (SIMPLE/ENGLISH/JEWISH)*~

The Jokes work on number (#gematria) symmetries and other associations. So unless you personally know the subliminal ques you will only see the shows content as nonsensical comedy. Below is one the ways the shows creators conveyed a message to me about my name by referencing a specific Blackfoot mythology. For more on the myth see here: http://www.firstpeople.us/FP-Html-Legends/TheStoryofPoia-Blackfoot.html

#StarBoy (100/600/723) equals #MarkyBark (100/600/614)

I myself am Blackfoot and so these Starboy/Markybark curses felt very personalized especially considering my legal (Nazirite) name is Starless. The Blackfoot Mythology ‘Starboy’ describes a young man who has been cursed with a scar on his face and must seek out his “Skyfather” to have the scar removed. Where as the character “MarkyBark” and his name (think about the roughness of tree bark) are used to draw to draw a parallel between acne scars and the “Starboy” mythology. I have always been self conscious about my skin condition and I have said since the very beginning; If Ron Howard had something to say about my skin condition why didn’t he just send me an email, or a link to a Biore video… (Why did they have to put it on their stupid show?) Just imagine watching one of your favorite show and finding out nearly all the jokes made were about you. Thus is my life.

The number “07734”/hELLo is intended to hint at the shows layered meanings in #gematria…

The name MarkyBark was surely conceived as a deterrent against online “trolling”; this is backed up by the fact that the character is shown in conjunction with the #Anonymous movement near the end of the season. The names concepts and imagery follow channels of association otherwise referred to as “Masonry” in the craft. To lend an idea how this subliminal tendency is employed one will note how the ‘Guy Fawkes’ mask used by the Anonymous Movement at first glance bears resemblance to that of the “Predator” hunter mask of the film franchise of the same name. In this case the idea is to channel feelings of guilt and shame by word associations; the word ‘Predator‘ obviously carries an alternative association of Pederasty which therefor adds and ominous undertone to the Anonymous namesake. It’s scarcely necessary to mention the television program “To Catch A Predator” etc. So on and so fourth.

The Guy Fawkes mask adopted by “Anonymous”
The Predator hunter mask used in the Predator film franchise.


T o put this in perspective; I have always been interested in older women and all of my ex-girl friends can vouch for this. I have never been guilty of any crimes, never exhibited any kind of deviant behaviors (in so far as pre-pubescent girls are concerned.) I have no criminal record and have never even been called out for any sort of abusive or even questionable behavior by a woman. Yet I have been “rail-roaded” into dealing with these mental weights, blockages and curses for no other reason than my choice of name.

The reason for this harassment stems from my interest in gematria as well as certain alignments between my Christian and (Chosen) Nazirite names. These names together bring to light a number of dark secrets with in the film industry surrounding the film Rosemary’s Baby (1968) and the Sharon Tate murder(s) (1969). For anyone who may read this; the gematria of my Christian name of #Richard Yellowhorn (208/1248/1758) matches that of #PaulRichardPolanski (208/1248/746). My legal Nazirite name #Starless (113/678/476) also stands next to #Rosemary (114/684/736). The relevance of these numbers is that they show that the Sharon Tate murder (1969) had been planned during the writing process of Rosemary’s Baby (1968) even if the actual murders were carried out by members of the Manson Family cult. Indeed the crime is at least partially what has lent the film so much staying power. I was never even fully aware of all of these alignments until a year ago. To most people (including myself) numbers can be a bit abstract, but anyone who thinks long enough about the meaning of the film in conjunction with the dates and numbers will see this information does corroborate my claims of harassment by people in the film Industry. This includes Ron Howard, Brian Grazer and Mitchell Hurwitz of Imagine Entertainment as well as The Rosy Cross and quite likely even Roman Polanski himself. One will also recall how Roman Polanski was convicted of sodomizing a 13 y/o girl Samantha Geimer (Then Samantha Gailey) in 1977. No matter what the reader may believe about the validity of #gematria, its obvious to see that certain parties have gone to great lengths to harness the emotional weight surrounding these murders through the subliminal use of numbers.

Having legally changed my name to Starless in 2010 it would seem that Arrested Development (Season Four) was one final attempt to persuade me to keep my Christian name. This is corroborated that my employer Anthony Pavlokovic (of GoodHomePainting Vancouver) illegally abbreviated my name to #RichardHorn on my T4’s during the years 2007-2010. I said nothing because I really liked the job and had an extremely difficult time finding work in Vancouver. This makes sense because not only did Anthony Pavlokovic previously work in the film industry but also because the #gematria of #RichardHorn (116/696/363) matches that of #RonHoward (116/696/1213). Theses symmetries in the #gematria of names apparently create a uniform channel  of influence between its persons through language. I realize there is little to no scientific evidence to back up this description of “channeling” but that is not the point, regardless of the readers personal beliefs its abundantly clear that the bigger picture shows measures were taken against me and these numbers reveal that. This isn’t even to mention the “Dick Joke” that the show was obviously setting me up for. “#Ron Howard wanted #RichardHorn to be his little dick…” This is not just imagined thing either Ron Howard is a comedian, and not only that he is also highly intelligent. So its clear that he was absolutely motivated by this. What’s more is the Bible is full of references about the “father and the son” and the central tenant in Alchemy is “As Above So Below” all of which lend themselves very well to joke like this. The name #Richard Horn also (obviously) carries the same initials as #RonHoward which would have centralized my name precisely the same manner as Ron Howard’s fits onto his “Rosy Cross”… All of this was hinted at in the show; albeit subtly.  (See Below)

The “Rosy Cross” is in blue with Element 45 Rhodium Rh on the left. The gematria of #Cain (left) is (27/162/53)-The gematria of #Able (Right) is (20/120/28) on the Periodic Table of Elements.

I am writing this because I have recently learned that the producers of Arrested Development (Ron Howard, Brian Grazer Mitchell Hurwitz) have decided on making a fifth Season to the show and because I am only a single isolated person with little or no social support; I have decided to take drastic action to prevent any further humiliation and abuse. I spent three years in a horrible depression and I wont go back there… 

This is your final warning Imagine Entertainment; cease and desist on season five or I will eat your soul.

Starless Golightly






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