#The Flood race is over.

During the past year I have tried desperately to explain the (Masonry, Gematria and Numerology directed at me in Arrested Development Season Four) as well as real life harassment I have been faced with c/o Imagine Entertainment, Nithyananda etc. I have documented in detail the manner in which these subliminal tactics have been employed to almost anyone who would listen and to no avail. I have come to realize that the responses I have got, or rather lack of one, is characteristic of those part of the “Flood Race”. If we would consider the possibility that the “Biblical Flood” is a non-descript race and not a physical deluge of water then a long forgotten myth begins to take on a new meaning. ‘Blood is thicker than water’ after all… All things aside this is *not* a statement against all “white” people.

The Bible describes a cataclysmic flood which covers the world. In my view the media and fallen parts of the “White” race perfectly fits this description of a destructive force that lack any compassion for the victims of its addiction to industrialization. But again this is not an Anti-White diatribe. Speaking as an Israelite; “Jack-Jews” are the source of this curse. I am also tempted to blame the most decadent of the European Aristocracy but again the medium of humans is mostly innocent but also very gullible. What I can say is the primary goal of the “Floodite” is to accept as little responsibility as possible in its quest to consume anything and everything of value in its path. This “Flood race” could be anyone who acts as a blind and thoughtless agent of the modern collective. Robert M. Pirsig describes this kind of “Cultural death-force of modern production and modernization” (-paraphrased) in his book Zen and Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. It is the kind of ‘hands-off’ complacency that lies at the heart of our bureaucratic institutions. The idea is to never deal with core elements of the existing set of problems so as to preserve a system of economic continuity and market control. A similar criticism is widely known as the core flaw with the commercialization of the medical industry; we have all heard it before to the effect of; ‘the pharmaceutical industries have no incentive to provide lasting cures because this would rob them of future business’. But my concern is not strictly limited to pointing out the short comings of pharmaceutical firms. This epidemic of cultural complacency runs much deeper into our western culture then these common arguments would have you believe. It could be argued that this kind of free market capitalism is an American ideal, and a natural manifestation of the liberties we enjoy living in a free country. But who ever said it was “free”? The American civilization was afforded by the genocide of the Native population and subsequent theft of their land. It was in turn developed by African Slavery. Canada all but enslaved the Chinese for the building of the railroad and treated its Japanese citizen like dirt during the second world war. That doesn’t sound like it was ‘free’ for anyone but the white settlers who stole it. Forgive me for being picky but the flaws of this American paradigm are starting to show…

I take a very relaxed and allegorical view of these Biblical mythologies. Something of a spiritual agnostic you might say. So to me a literal “Flood and Ark” sort of story sounds a bit stupid; to put it bluntly. But an allegorical description of an endemic ‘Flood race’ sounds a bit closer to a true to life and viable prophecy if the Bible is to make any sense at all. In fact I think it would be difficult for anyone to find a more suitable possibility for this Biblical construct. This is of course why the Bible is largely ignored. The parables and mythologies are really only half of its meaning. Its prophecies are aligned with number patterns which have been transferred from ancient Hebrew to modern English, and its correct interpretation only makes sense at specific points (nodes) of human development. This is why the Bible remains, for better or worse, a mainstay of civilized mankind despite all of our scientific reasoning. Its description of the “serpent” for instance is concurrent with the medium of film, –film being the negative of light which quite obviously slithers through the reels to create movies, it therefor stands to reason that the “Synagogue of Satan” is the film industry. This is not to say that there aren’t other possibilities, it only serves to point out that the entire Bible is based on symbolism and numerical avenues of significance. The Bible is designed to force its readers to think and it does add up.

The entire relevance of the Bible is based on a little known and poorly understood concept called the “Covenant”. This Covenant to my knowledge is not outright explained in the modern Bible and could be thought of as “Commandment Zero”. The Covenant is the single indisputable rule which determines the worth of a nation. It has to do with the sanctity of a child’s life. In my own experience of having lost a younger sister to suicide I was saddled with a vague understanding of just how important this rule is. It has often been claimed by parents who live through the passing of one of their own children that a parent should ‘never have to outlive their child’. Indeed losing an Angel is likened to “wound that never heals”. The G-d of Israel does not tolerate child sacrifice. This is why he is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

The practice of child sacrifice is known the world over but has been most obviously documented in the culture of Ancient Greece and most specifically with a particular sculpture. It was apparently a means of commemorating the building of a city. In this time period a virgin would be sacrificed on the site of the future city to ‘bring good luck and prosperity to its peoples’. It goes without saying that to a G-d fearing people this is absurd… patently evil, and the worst possible sin imaginable! A sin like that could never go unpunished and any normal person would agree. I have written at great length about the masonry and gematria of the Jonbenet Ramsey murder but I will only state again that that was no random crime by some ‘lone and opportunistic sadist’. This was a highly calculated murder designed to control the psychology of an entire nation. The murders of Sharon Tate and her unborn child were an earlier example of this specific method of manipulation and if one compare the simple #gematria of the victims names one will see the first in a long list of parallels.

I am sure we can all no doubt agree that Child sacrifice is the worst possible sin and this Covenant when seen in this light does in fact justify Biblical dogma. But there are those; who because of control issues or lack of heart or morality would apparently see things differently… For proof of this one need look no further than the Greek Fortuna Statue; in which the “Goddess” Tyche (Roman Equivalent Fortuna) steps on the back of a drowning child.

Poor little tike…

This interpretation of the Tyche sculpture depicting this child sacrifice has since been scrubbed from the internet. But to anyone looking at it in light of this Covenant, its meaning should be obvious. This is precisely why these Greek “Gods” were altogether rejected by the Israelite’s. This is indeed why Israelite’s do not and will not worship any other deity but the one true Lord. But this justification of Monotheism is not completely limited to the Judaic traditions. Its ethos can also be found in some Norse traditions and even Sikhism; but again this is never made explicit. To a degree I have found it useful to research and categorize the various mythologies and folk lore of other cultures and tribal “gods” but I will only ever bow before the one true Lord because of this very logical and simple rule. To me there is nothing to ever worry about because I know in my heart that despite any argument an Atheist or Scientist may have or come up with it will never the override the overall importance of the “Covenant”.

To the ‘Floodite’ who lacks the knowledge and understanding of even this most basic spiritual concept; this very logical and simple line of reasoning has never been considered. Indeed, this interpretation could seem rather ‘novel’ as the Covenant functions as the lynch-pin that justifies the dogma of the Bible. Even an ardent atheist cannot argue with this one simple rule. So we find ourselves at this juncture of human history; where “money talks and bullshit walks” -as the old saying goes. The Sharon Tate murder and the Jonbenet Ramsey case are only two public examples where this rule has been blatantly and deliberately violated… And these shall also mark the fall of our modern society as we know it. This is the end of the Gentiles ‘flood’ of complacency and irresponsibility. The flood race is over.

Those who spy and work witchcraft against me will live to regret it! I am Chosen and work on behalf of the one true Lord! Those who have molested me will gnash and gnaw your tongue in torment and agony for crossing me! I will burn you with Hellfire! The day of the sword is close at hand! The cup has been filled with ‘the wine of the fierceness of His wrath’!


Oh Fortuna

(English translation)

O how Fortune, inopportune,
apes the moon’s inconstancy:
waxing, waning, losing, gaining,
life treats us detestably:
first oppressing then caressing
shifts us like pawns in its play:
destitution, restitution,
melting them like ice away.

Fate, as vicious as capricious,
you’re a wheel whirling around:
evil doings, worthless wooings,
crumble away to the ground:
darkly stealing, unrevealing,
working against me you go:
for your measure of foul pleasure
bare-backed I bow to your blow.

Noble actions, fair transactions,
no longer fall to my lot:
powers that make me only to break me
all play their parts in your plot:
now it’s your time – waste no more time,
pluck these poor strings and let go:
since the strongest fall the longest
may the world share in my woe!

-From David Parlett’s translation of Carmina Burana

Happy Apocalypse everyone!

Starless Golightly.