#The Less is More Crew…

I am accepting applications for the Apocalyptic ‘Less is more Crew’… The Less is more crew is bound by a common belief that the world as it is needs to end. The benefits are endless and each name would be leader of an accompanying tribe of twelve thousand as per the Apocalypse. This is essentially an opportunity to take over the world. The following positions are available:

Nightless, Ruthless, Skyless, Hopeless, Faithless, Graceless, Nameless, Lifeless, Heartless, Loveless, Fateless, Careless…

Starless and Moonless are obviously taken…  No other names will be considered. Ever.

‘The less is more crew’ will be founded on the Biblical Covenant and practiced by way of “Fair-Sikhism”. The goal will be to create a world based on fairness and equality. Plain simple… and very difficult to argue against.

Entry Requirements would include but not limited to proof of identity, as well as photo video documentation of a series of dares. The application process would include trolling specific targets and raise public awareness about specific topics. Current targets would include: The Nithyananda Cult, Imagine Entertainment, RP Productions, Roman Polanski, Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, Swami Nithyananda etc… These targets are only part of the application process.

Upon acceptance the person must get a hand tattoo. This is a binding commitment for life. This is not some frivolous internet hate squad but an opportunity to reshape the world. I cannot understate the magnitude of this opportunity. I have left out a lot of details for the sake of brevity but think of it as moving to another planet.


Starless Betide.