The Mermaid and the River Demon…

When I first moved to Vancouver in 2006 I took on a painting job where I painted the interior of a house in North Vancouver. One of the other painters was a woman named Bronwyn. She was a curious woman whom you might not immediately notice. The painting job was little more than a week but I noticed that the more time I spent with her the more alluring she became to me. She was one of those vegan people with dreadlocks and a bike worth more than a car. She had dark hair and curves to die for; only you would never see them because of her choice of clothing. She had a habit of taking her shoes off when ever possible. I had all but forgotten about her until a dream I had last night.

The setting of the dream was set in Japan and for some reason my entire family had moved there. According to the dream I was feeling a bit isolated because I was learning Japanese and found it frustrating. According to the dream I was experiencing some sort of culture shock and was a little depressed. My family stayed in a small but luxurious apartment with several small rooms for each of my family members. Its walls were a dark wooden paneling and there were only a couple windows at the far side of the apartment. It was very classy but also a touch dark. Where there wasn’t wood over the walls there was mirrors reflecting the wood. I quite liked it but again it seemed “layer like”… Which for one reason or other didn’t better my mood. I suppose that maybe have an avoidant personality… I was especially nervous in approaching Japaneses women. I am aware than I have a barbarian tongue and am always worried that my choice of conversation is too forward or brash… At the heart of it I suppose my interests are too direct. I feel ashamed of this. In the dream; I want to learn the language better.

I was drawn to a particular river which I take walks in and around its banks. The river was of course surrounded by the city in which I lived. I do not know what its name was. But I spent much of my time down time there just looking at it or else walking by its banks.

Then according to the dream a year had passed. I was living on my own in a small apartment and teach some kind of course. I make jewelry. Everywhere I go stand out. I ignore this. My cat though is practically a celebrity! I take walks with him on a leash and he has many friends. I meet many people through him.

So according to the dream this Bronwyn woman just shows up in Japan and we start dating. Our choice of clothing for some reason already seems to match each other’s and is really different that the typical Japanese persons. We live in our own little world. Isolated but happy; I feel very content in this part of the dream. Things are going well. I am productive and creative… I am some sort of expert in my chosen field.

Then one day she puts me in front of a mirrored glass… There should be a reflection of me but there isn’t. She askes; “You can’t see your reflection can you?”“No… I cant.” I admit; I feel ashamed of this because of the Vampire associations. I put my finger up to glass and show her that I do indeed have a very small reflection; (the reflection of my finger looks like a little flesh colored ball; with nothing behind it as if my light stream is somehow hidden behind a boundary.) I look at where her reflection should be and I can only see a vague distorted shape as if the glass is twisted in such a way that her face is hidden. None of her features are visible only the dark colors of her clothes can be seen with any certainty. She laughs and seems over joyed by this and cackles; “Ha! I knew it was you!” … I smile and tell her I don’t know what she means. She kisses me in a very passionate way. I feel blessed to be having such a good dream. Then a wave of memories over takes me. I am some sort of “River Demon”; a guardian over a system of rivers that runs all over the planet. It’s part of a pattern. Bronwyn is some sort of water sprite, or a mermaid maybe. I woke up before I knew exactly what she was talking about but the system of rivers seemed very clear to me. I knew that if I walked in to the river I could magically walk out the other side to any number of rivers of my choosing. It suddenly made sense why I was living in Japan.

When I woke up I numbered the name #Bronwyn. I thought this was fair since she stepped into my territory, normally I don’t haphazardly number people’s names because such things can be reversible and I don’t want anyone following me home; -so to speak. Anyhow #Bronwyn is (111/666/1512) this to me is a very strange combination of numbers and not just because of the 666 associations… I cant explain it but to me it seems very unique. I suppose the name is very unique as well. Anyhow when the Jewish gematria of #Starless is divided by the Jewish of #Bronwyn you get 476÷1512=0.31481485… which is of course reminiscent of Pi. Maybe that’s how she found me.

Upon waking I feel a bit strange having a dream about a woman whom I hardly knew at all. But at the same time I couldn’t help but write about it. I got to kiss her and be her boyfriend! I know it was just for a dream… I am not delusional or anything but it was pretty awesome. It sort of made me wonder where she is…

*I told you Bronwyn; to mask that line on the orange wall and you didn’t and at long last we’re here… now. If I had any mind at all I would have stuffed that carrot you brought for lunch up your butt. LOL! Where ever you are Miss Bronwyn Anchor pendant girl, me and my all avenging animal mother’ will find you! And she and I will gobble you up!