In space no one can hear you scream.

Even though many of my posts may seem negative, futile and even paranoid I do sense the glow of an impending morning light… But I am definitely not thanking anyone for it. I do of course have friends but I have deliberately refrained from venting to them about my problems. So naturally I exclude them from this judgment. Most of my carping has been on line and through social media, but I have also plainly and explicitly explained my case to a number of officials in real life; The Lethbridge City Police, Christians/Church people, Mormon missionaries, Employers, Psychiatrist/Psychologist’s, and even my father. I have sent hundreds of emails. Almost no one responded and not a single person has done anything more than sit there and ignore me and wait for me to go away. I would never blame any of my bad habits on anyone but myself but I just don’t see how anyone could have the necessary life skills to deal with this kind of harassment, plagiary, nuisance phone calls, travel scams, internet trolling, or news headlines etc; without resorting to the odd drink or bag of Ketamine. Again such indulgences are my choice but the harassment I have faced is not. I am a work in progress. 90 percent of the time I am in top working order; but sometimes… Its hard not to see the parallels. Especially from Richards point of view:

Do you hear it? @ 2:24/3:28  “Richard!”

Don’t get me wrong; (I am not Necro-mancing) … I will never be “Richard” again. That was only an approximation of who I used to be and like a phantom pain that I still feel it. Indeed it can be hard to ignore. ~“Maybe I should cry for help? Maybe I should kill myself…” lol! One of the things I have struggled to explain to people is the curses that various “shadow groups” have put on me. The use of the word “curse” may sound a bit extreme and even archaic in our modern age of scientific reasoning. So to explain; a curse works in the same way that a person might make a back handed comment, the kind that keeps you wasting your time trying to figure out exactly what they meant. These groups use similar tactics to keep you on edge and therefor forcing paranoia on you by putting you in a perpetually shitty mood. Another form of a curse is how a chain letter is devised; “If you want to live to see next week you will make 20 copies of this letter and leave them scattered around town…” Such rudimentary Malcraft is easy to dismiss but others are more subtle and much more insidious.

One of the most clear cut curses I have experienced was in regard to the name Michael Hoffman. Throughout 2014 -16’ I was receiving calls from telemarketer and bill-collectors for the name #MichaelHoffman. In the first place this names (simple) #gematria is right next door to #Starless and like any well designed curse this name is loaded with avenues of significance to keep you guessing. For instance the initials are 13-8, to anyone in-the-know this might bring to mind #symmetry. If one were paranoid one might take this as an ominous ‘what goes around comes around’ sort message. Again, the idea is to keep you in speculation without any means of arriving at a concrete conclusion. The very nature of a curse is to burn the victim out with mental fatigue and get him to destroy himself all the while its designer sits at a comfortable distance and laughs. The old saying of ‘having someone wrapped around your little finger’ comes to mind. I probably received upwards of 30 calls in that time period for this individual and after enough repetition one naturally begins to study the minutia of the callers intent. What is notable about this example is that is ceased to be mere speculation when I noted the “Associative logistics” or “Masonry” behind it. ‘Masonry’ is a deliberated ‘bundling’ of associated characteristics of one or more like terms and/or numbers; most often it is based on wholly unscientific principles of numerology or association of alchemy.

To break it down: If you take the simple #gematria of the name #Michael, (51/76/306 -Simple/English/Jewish respectively) which is 51, and compare that with its Element on the Periodic Table, you will find that Element 51 is called Antimony with the Elemental symbol of ‘Sb’ (- taken from its archaic name ‘Stibium’). Sb is of course the initials of my Nazirite name; Starless Betide, which makes it abundantly clear that this was directed at me. I want to make it perfectly clear that I do not owe anyone any money.


This allows for a double-sided means of communication and there for allows the caller something called plausible deniability. The Bill Collector in this case Action Collections then has the ability to claim it was only a case of mistaken identity, which of course is bullshit. Bill collectors are already working in an industry of loss management and therefor must be extremely careful in how they spend their resources, my point is; a successful business does not engage in pointless activities and this goes doubly for anyone working in loss management. However, there is yet another reason that brings absolute certainty that this curse was not random and was personally directed at me. In the year previous I set about my own personal internet crusade to raise awareness about the “Masonry” and gematria in the Jonbenet Ramsey murder case. One will recall that the killer’s ransom note was signed as “Victory SBTC”.

The “crusade” was really only me sending a few emails (maybe a hundred or so) and trolling a number of sites and in hind sight it was rather insignificant and not very effective. But in my mind this was important to me because I am Native American and Canada in particular has been plagued with a murder epidemic of its Indigenous women (MMIW). Since white society obviously doesn’t care about Native women I took to exposing something that would shake the foundation of western society; the Sharon Tate murder being yet another example of a murder with some spine chilling masonry associated with it, (this blog is dedicated to her memory). Even though these tactics might appear insignificant I have been relentless in my campaign. So in a way its understandable… harassment like this apparently comes with the territory. But I know in my heart that I am doing the right thing. The Michael Hoffman issue is only one of hundreds of examples of meddling, spying, deception and interference with my life and well being that have taken place. Below is a bit graffiti which turned up in my neighborhood while I was being targeted as “Michael”.

This was painted on the over pass near my house.

It could be just a coincidence but given my experience it’s difficult not to connect the dots and recognize the parallel, especially when I was accused of being a homosexual by Imagine Entertainment in Season Four of Arrested Development. But that’s another issue altogether.  It hasn’t been all bad and I have received help along the way and surprisingly through main stream media sources. I will decline to drop any names but it would seem I do have some distant supporters to this cause.

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