Angelina Jolie is a Goddess.

The Slain Fates, Sioux, Slain and Jonbenet (-sometimes “Danbenet”) have been talking about writing a graphic novel about their “Hollywood Holocaust” fantasy for a number of years. –We know that name is already taken and use that only for descriptive value. Sharon totally hates this idea but is also understanding of our plights. The whole project was based on Jonbenet’s murder/revenge fantasies. The “story”, if you could even call it that, centers around the revenge of three spirits who have suffered the most from western media. Jonbenet was of course sacrificed to obscure any form of inquiry into the #Tetragrammaton. Slain, commit ritual suicide as Per Yngve Ohlin so that we could learn about the effects of Masonry, numerology and gematria. And Sioux was of course the sacrificial “Lamb” (#PaulRichardPolanski) of the Book of Revelation; and I Starless your humble writer, have been plagiarized, tormented and publicly humiliated by both ‘Imagine Entertainment’ and ‘Nithyananda’. Each of us are justified in deciding the fates of these so-called “stars” as well as the other filth. So far only one actor or actress worth their salt is Angelina Jolie.

By some magickal form of witchcraft Angelina remains “un-killable”.

The “story” is a bit “ramshackle” and might be described as a “murder comedy” which centers around a year long So-Cal murder spree. The Characters in this story are originally based on a children’s story that is much more serious and dear to me called; ‘The Shadowfront farms‘. The original story there for illustrates how the children of the Shadowfront farms grow up to be murderers. Hence the “Hollywood Holocaust”. Anyhow during one of our brainstorms detailing our murderous exploits the topic of Angelina Jolie came up. The following is more of less an unofficial excerpt of ‘the fates’ planning the spree.

According to this timeline Jonbenet is an Adult… being about 23 y/o… (She is actually an Angel) She has brought a note book full of ideas and is a very organized and professional Team Leader. Her personality is a bit like a Mother Hen… only more violent and driven. 

Jonbenet: “Say we crash a private Hollywood party on a Cruz ship! All sorts of Crip celebs are present, big name directors, socialites and other wide array of other scum. Say we cut off all lines of communication… We even have Cellular signal jammer’s so that no one can even call for help. Its just us armed to the teeth with everyone we hate, you can kill whom ever you want. Really shit’em up and make’em pay. Would you kill everyone or just a few?” We even do a moderate dose of Tina before hand… Just so we can really go the distance and do our jobs properly.

Slain: Objection! This is pure fantasy! Your never going to arrange or even live to see something like that in million years for the exact reasons you just mentioned!

Sioux: Overruled! Dialogue is good. It may be a pipe dream but it sounds like a fun tangent.

Jonbenet: Okay Sioux who would you kill and how? How many?

Sioux: I would only kill a few Ninja/Predator style… through out the night… Then I would just casually snipe out the escapees with a rifle on the life boats in the morning light. Just the ones who deserve it… You have to leave a few survivors otherwise what’s the point? There would be no one left to tell the story…”

Slain:  What!? Fuck you! They all deserve it!  Remember to them we’re just #Clockwork oranges and disposable blondes! Fucking remember that! Remember #MarkyBark from Arrested Development! That’s what they think of you Sioux! These Apes are scum! They have no concept of soul and their only rendering of thought is how to preserve their own precious fame!

Jonbenet: Okay who would you kill for sure?

Sioux: Obviously Ron Howard…

Jonbenet: Good Choice! But I get to kill him… I already called him.

Sioux: Okay well umm… #RatfacePolanski…

Slain: Dibbs! If he was there; he’s mine.

Sioux: Okay well; how about we start with who we wouldn’t kill? Then we can assume the best attack formation.

Slain: No-no! Everyone is fan of one movie or another; if we start playing favorites we’ll lose our nerve and suddenly everybody walks! In fact I say we start by killing our favorite actors and actresses first… Sacrificing if you will! That way everyone is committed to Mayhem! No gets out alive! And then if we do leave a few survivors they will be sooo-fucking-petrified, it will take them years of therapy before a coherent account of what happened can even be worked out! For an actress I will therefor sacrifice; Lily Taylor! She is my absolute favorite. As for and actor: Brad Pitt… He got to be Achilles and is therefore already a Heathen Demi-God… and is therefor my natural competition. There; now you now how committed I am. Now Sioux… Your favorite; who you would sacrifice? Go… Shoot buddy! Shoot… You have the floor.

Sioux: … Really? Lily Taylor!? That’s ice-fucking-cold homie! If you tried I would save her… because I know how much you loved her in “Dogfight“; you would regret that. So if that’s how it is I have to draw a line right now; I am not doing it if Angelina is there.

Slain: Who?

Sioux: Angelina Jolie… If she is there I will lose my nerve. I wont be able to kill anyone.

Jonbenet: Ooo… I forgot about her!

Slain: WHAT! Tha’ fuck you mean?! You fucking bleeding heart turn-coat… I cant believe I’m hearing this… You make me sick! Have you forgotten what they did to each of us?! If your not willing to sacrifice your favorites then the whole mission is a bust!

Jonbenet: Wait! Sioux has a good point! We have to be prepared for this kind of thing! Each of us has a heart and we need to accept that… So Slain; “Mr. Blond-fucking-psychopath” Can we count on you to look her in her eyes point Brynhildr (Slain’s shotgun) at her forehead and blow her brains out? … are you volunteering for this hit?

Slain: She was after my time… Besides who says she is going to even be there!? You didn’t specify the decade.

Jonbenet: Answer the question.

Slain: Objection! The original question wasn’t specific enough…

Sioux: Overruled! We the “Fates” are timeless… Beside this is a theoretical “Judgment day”.

Slain: I don’t even think I have an opinion. Because I think I only ever saw like one of her movies… Pass.

Jonbenet: There is no passing the question! We need to deal with this now… So no one loses their nerve at go-time! We aren’t going to be able to leisurely make these kinds of decisions while were shooting! Because you can bet; If Tom Cruise happens to be there he is gonna try and play the hero… How would you like to have our big day cut short by a fucking actor; like Top-fucking-Gun! A case like that would elevate him to a mythical level! Didn’t you watch JCVD… Some of these guys have been dreaming about situations exactly like this their whole fucking lives. Tom Cruise is one of them. If we show even an ounce of weakness or hesitation its all over!

Slain: Fine… I couldn’t. I don’t think so… It’s her eyes. Her eyes would haunt me.

Sioux: See! I also know I could never kill Tove Lo because she totally reminds me of you Danbenet…

Jonbenet: Awwww! Your sweet! LOL!

Slain: Shut up the both of you… You make me sick. I make me sick… We are Hell’s chosen children! How quickly we forget! The pain and suffering that these pigs have caused all of us! The outright lies! We’re slipping and we haven’t even begun.

Sioux: We’re already screwed then. We might as well call it off. I know because this happened to me on the last world I ended… When ever I went out to raise Hell; the News, the Military; everyone would band together… Since they couldn’t stop me they started sending this pretty Matron lady… She was psychic! They would drop her off in a helicopter and she would sing to me over a loud speaker… I would here hear words not only with my ears; but inside both my head and heart! It was ruthless…

Slain: LOL! What did you do?

Sioux: Nothing! -Fuck! Run away and hide! There was nothing I could do! I would go limp… –that’s a bad expression… All my anger would leave me and I would just stand there listening to her sing. The same thing happened to Starless but with Amy WinehouseEvery time that fucking song comes on he turns into a baby… If the sun is setting he might even cry and sway at the horizon. Its sickening!

Jonbenet: What song would she sing to you though?

Sioux: Forget about it! The song isn’t the point! What I’m saying here is “they” have tricks. I have an “Off switch”. I admit it. I would far rather be nice and creative than run around killing people anyhow… even if they deserve it.

Danbenet: Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Toilet-Shit-Fuck! You guys are fucking Pussies! How am I supposed to rely on you if your both apt to go ga-ga over some dumb broad! We need to pull together and fix everything that’s wrong with the world because if we don’t; then no one will!

Slain: Alright! Miss trigger-happy;  You can do it then… Do I have your word that you are the one to make history of Miss Angelina Jolie? No hesitation! Straight away-Boom! Out of sight out of mind… Do I have your word?

Jonbenet: Objection!

Sioux: Sustained!

Jonbenet: Okay so maybe everyone here needs to butch-up a little bit. We need to be Ruthless!

Slain: She could do it! We made up. I’ll call her right now…

Jonbenet: I meant the word Ruthless! The adverb! I am Team Leader of this here Posse… If we call Ruthie; she will only try and commandeer the program. She’ll have you all doing smurf jacks and wearing uniforms. Plus she is a two-spirited; double-female who PMS’s like twice a month. Nobody needs that! Are we all agreed then; Angelina Jolie is the only one exempt? Say Aye!

Slain: Aye.

Sioux: Aye.

Jonbenet: Okay then! We have gotten exactly no where… Sigh.

Sioux: So can I kill Tom Cruise?

Jonbenet: Yes! You can Sioux he’s all yours… But don’t fuck around he’s wily one…

Sioux: Yay!!… *Sioux Claps like a child while Danbenet gently scratches him behind the ear*

Slain: I really think we should call Ruthie…