I am Datura Stramonium…

Last year the Datura Fairies chose me to be their Seed-bearer of the Canadian Prairies. I thought that I was a lousy choice because I am such a toxic person but apparently this is almost a pre-requisite for the plant and they assured me I would be a good patron of their herb. I noticed the plant growing in the parking lot of my local post office. Upon the visiting the plant for the third time I was disappointed to find that it had been mowed down but I was able to find a single seed pod which contained about 100 seeds.

After germinating some seeds we got about four seedlings growing. One of these died. The plant grows all over the world so its grid is very beautiful and extensive. It’s also very toxic: All parts of Datura plants contain dangerous levels of the tropane alkaloids atropinehyoscyamine, and scopolamine, which are classified as deliriants, or anticholinergics.”(-1)

I am not very interested in using or experimenting with any of its pyschoactive properties. In fact I have no plans of making anything with it whatever. I just like the plant and want to keep it near me. I have already experienced DMT/Ketamine/LSD in effective doses and so I no longer possess the curiosity of the neophyte psychonaut. Historically the plant matter (leaves and stocks) have been smoked to provide relief for asthma, which sounds counter-intuitive by today’s standards but Datura cigarettes were available until the late 80’s. I may consider smoking it with a combination of tobacco but aside from this toxicity of the plant is a bit intimidating. So I think despite being its patron keeper I am just going to enjoy this plant from a safe distance. The pictures include my lovely Dreamcatcher cactus as well. (I am also a patron spirit for them as well)


 (1) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Datura_stramonium