The curious case of Steven L. Anderson…

(This post is more or less an open letter to “Pastor” Steven Anderson/sanderson1611 etc.)

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect about Pastor Steven’s internet presence is not the outright hate that he preaches against homosexuals or about more superior religious groups but rather is his silence on key issues within the media. Pastor Steven Anderson makes no effort to hide his proficiency with #Gematria or numerology. (Even using the number 1611 in many of his on line names; Blog/Youtube etc). So given his reputation as a fearless and controversial preacher who is clearly no stranger to the #Tetragrammaton and esoteric numerology, it seems strange that he is completely silent regarding the gematria surrounding the #JonbenetRamsey murder or the #SharonTate (Tate-Lebianca) murders. One would think the father of nine children would show some concern about the suspicious numerology surrounding the murder of an innocent child. Instead we see Pastor Stephen limit his capabilities to the hate-mongering of homosexuals in the same way a spoiled child would torture insects and other vermin in his sandbox. To anyone who has even the most rudimentary understanding of reversibility; the condemnation of homophobia is clearly a rookie mistake! Accusations like that are always reversible. Such rants are easily dismissed as nothing more than a description of his own personal corner of hell. Pastor Steve is obviously a straight man but he is clearly dealing with some inherent frustration or blockage. For someone so proficient in Biblical swordsmanship “Pastor” Stephen waves his sword as recklessly as a slap-happy circus clown might in a ‘how not to use a sword’ video.

Even if both of these “number-murders” were proven to be hoaxed it’s still beyond the point because the gravity of these murders would merely be shifted from a loss of innocent life to that of a breach of public trust and would only reaffirm the subliminal tendency of Biblical numerology. But if articulating such a charged and controversial topic like the murder of Jonbenet Ramsey is beyond his spiritual capabilities as a Pastor, than one would suspect a fair minded individual would be more humble and discreet with his use of key number sets. But that’s just it; Pastor Stephen despite dedicating his life to the Bible, is not a fair individual and has entirely missed its point. In watching Pastor Stephen’s sermons I have always gotten the sense that he was being encouraged to really “go off the deep end”. Indeed the first video I ever watched I even suspected the persona was some sort of comedy act. It just seemed so rife with hate and his timing and gestures just seemed almost Kramer-like that I thought someone had finally taken up preaching as a form of comedy. But the more I watched the more genuine and honestly psychotic he appeared to be.

Being somewhat of a trouble maker myself part of me wants to cheer him on… But the novelty of Pastor Stephen’s Bible psychosis quickly wears off leaving one wondering if people like that actually exist. People who clearly spend the entire day, dawn til’ dusk; sifting through the “Good Book” looking for passages to justify their hateful positions, -“someone” who no one should be listening to. Take for example the topic in the video below; where he makes it perfectly clear that he is his own worst enemy.

In browsing his website and seeing the picture of his family of 8+ children it was hard not to draw a parallel between the video wherein he quotes Mathew 7:18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.” I am sure his kids and family are great but once again; quoting the Bible in such a way can be used against you and in doing so you become your own worst enemy.

These kinds of arguments where in the Blockhead is obviously using the Bible to express a  personal vendetta; without fail; always point to their own inadequacies and only reveal themselves as having failed to grasp the double-sided nature of the sword. In case you still haven’t gotten it; The Bible is the sword; and like any weapon you need to be careful how you use it because the cuts you make on others only reveal the quality of your own character. In the case of Pastor Stephen we see a tin-man without heart who is pathologically obsessed with the actions of others. His words or rather his choice of words are only a reflection of his own lack of empathy and limited life experience. Pastor Stephen lives in the Bible and he expects that the physical world itself should reflect that. But what’s notable about the Bible is that it is sets itself apart as one of the only religious texts that has an “End”.

What I think Pastor Stephen will be most disappointed by with the impending Apocalypse is that it all it ends more or less ends with a dick-joke… The ‘Anti-Christ’; whose name was “Richard” (See my “What is this place” page) at first claims to be the “Son of G-d”, then elaborates that his claim to “divinity and self-realization” is actually only limited to being the incarnation of his of his own “dick”… “As above so below”, “The father the son and the holy-ghost”, “The second coming” etc… It’s true.  The entire Bible was just an enormous and elaborate set up for a dick joke. Do you think the ancient Jews didn’t have a sense of humor? Did you think they created the Bible strictly to enlighten you? Or do you think they just like any other Jew they had an ulterior motive? Mathew 7:18 is appropriate again and again. But don’t blame me; I legally changed my name to avoid this blasphemy… In fact it’s only after years of harassment that I can even talk about it… even now I still don’t think it’s very funny. It’s just unfortunate that my new Nazirite name is #synonymous with #Apocalypse. I just can’t win can I?

As much as I would enjoy permanently destroying the foundation of Pastor Stephen’s faith with the telling of a low brow joke; It would just be too easy… besides that I might die laughing before I was able to do any real damage. You can’t be much of a world destroyer if you’re Dead, right? Or can you? Haha!

Whatever the case may be, joke or no joke Pastor Stephen needs to realize that he is nothing more than a Nicolaiton thief who actually has nothing to preach about. A good way to counter quite literally any of his arguments is this: “Whatever Pastor Stephen says; The Bible already says that…” I could just as easily be a talking book too, I could even make it funny if I did. But even I hold some things sacred and believe that the Christian faith can be more than just a vehicle for profanity.

You’re welcome by the way;

-Starless the Shellcat