#I see you Mark Ramos!

*This writing documents a very serious number crime. Skip to the end to part marked: *********#Rottweiler Mutilated On PCP = 314/1884/2031********* To see the seriousness of this article.

In the past few years I have made a habit of using gematria to number the details of senseless crimes which appear to lack an obvious motive. In doing so I have come to realize that things like monsters and vampires really do exist behind the facade of human form. It would seem that senseless crimes like these are most often ritual; and the numbers almost always lead back to the criminals name or moniker. Number criminals work in reverse; which means they spend perhaps hours calculating the gematria of their crimes before carrying them out. The numbers and details are usually pieced together to form a ring (or some other imaginary apparatus) which creates a circuit to channel memories back to their name or titles. #Spells like these work similar to a mnemonic or ‘bundling’ of abstract ideas. In this case we have a meticulous arrangement of numbers in relation to the ‘key words’ of the crime. My associates and I may not have been able to prevent this crime but we have almost certainly solved it… My suspect works with animals as a “cruelty investigator” and I have featured his profile in the conclusion of this article. The following calculations show how this individual connected the key words of this crime to his own name through gematria. With this method no physical investigation is necessary because the perpetrator has left a trail of numbers leading back to his own name. For reference check the Gematria calculator at: https://www.gematrix.org/

The link below is the actual news article which features the crime in question:


“Anyone with information is urged to call the MHS hotline at (313) 872-3401 and help find the person responsible.” -The article also mentions a 40,000$ reward.”

This crime is most certainly an experiment/ritual and was quite likely performed by a learned individual who has access to a lab or medical setting. I won’t pretend to be “intuitive” about anything because numbers speak for themselves. Below are the notable #gematria of the keywords from the news article as well as the divisions we found… (In that order)

All hashtags indicate #gematria in Simple/English/Jewish respectively:

#’Rottweiler ears and nose cut off’ (331/1986/2120)

#’Rottweiler disfigured’ (247/1482/1763)

#’Rottweiler Mutilated’ (250/1500/1818)

#’Rottweiler’ (145/870/1349)

#’Detroit’ (91/546/348)

#’Nose and Ears’ (115/690/406)

#’Cuts on tail’ (134/804/613) 134)

The Divisions:

The gematria of #Rottwelier divided by the phrase #NoseAndEars: 145/115=1.260869565 For reference #Swordofgod =126/756/1241… –126 has many obvious associations in “associative logistics”, (Elemental Iron, letters in the alphabet, etc.

#NoseAndEars divided by #Detroit: 115/91=1.263736264 -Once again 1.26 in this case is the simple gematria of the #SwordOfGod

#SwordOfGod divided by #Detroit: 126/91=1.384615385 the number 138 is the simple gematria of #Symmetry

#Rottweiler ears and nose cut off divided by #SwordOfGod: 331/126=2.626984127 -26 is obviously relating to the alphabet.

It should be noted that these numbers *CANNOT* possibly be random! Each of these words and the associated #gematria work like #spells in accordance with the ritual of the crime. Especially the last few calculations close to the bottom of the page. What initially appears as a “senseless” crime is in fact a ritual/experiment motivated by numbers. This crime was meticulously planned through calculations of its like terms; once again; numerology is one way that a criminal can attach his deeds to his name and/or objective all while hiding in plain sight.

Further one of the area codes of Detroit is 313 which is obviously a ‘shuffle’ of the aforementioned 331 (#’Rottweiler ears and nose cut off).

313/126=2.484126984… To a number obsessed person 248 is a power number for many reasons: in the first place it is the number of dimension in E8 Lie group Algebra: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E8_(mathematics) in addition to the “Lie Group Algebra” association; 2 is doubled to make 4 which can be doubled to make 8; it’s also right next to #‘Rottweiler disfigured’ (247/1482/1763).

In the article the “cruelty investigator” who works for the Michigan Humane Society is named Mark Ramos and after looking at some curious connections of the mutilated puppy he is my prime suspect in this crime. His names #gematria may also bear connection to his maimed pets listed on his MHS profile. Once again: because numerologists work in reverse he may have been the cause of those injuries. That is; he first calculated the #gematria of their injuries and then performed them as rituals; which sounds unbelievable but gematria is widely used in the film industry and he was on the show Animal Cops: Detroit. The gematria speaks for itself.

Here is the Haymaker:

#Mark Ramos = 109/654/372

#Nose and Ears = 115/690/406

When we take the Jewish gematria of #NoseAndEars = 406; and divide it by the Jewish gematria of #MarkRamos = 372 we get an incredible number: 406/372=*1.09*1397849… !!! Note how the first three digits are 109… the same number as Mark Ramos in simple! These simple division therefor form a circuit between the key words of the crime and the suspects name. The mutilated puppy story is either some sort of calculated publicity stunt put together by the Michigan Humane Society or Mark Ramos was the one behind the crime and linked his “trophy” to his own name using gematria. I fully admit that I am an outside observer who doesnt even live in the same country as Mark Ramos, however the numbers speak for themselves. Again; the film industry is chock full of numerologist’s that use gematria to “channel” subliminal messages, so this is not some far-fetched theory. This allows the criminal to link his trophy to his name and hide in plain sight.

Further adding #Detroit to #Rottweiler may be of interest as well: #DetroitRottweiler = (236/1416/1697)


236/109=2.165137615 -216 is an incredibly suspicious number in this case! 6 x 6 x 6 = 216… For more on that number see my post on the ‘undoing of Roman Polanski’.

I am strongly inclined to believe that this crime was perhaps some sort of sick combination of a ritual and experiment; one which likely tests the potency of Phencyclidine (PCP) on the puppy. This would make at least a small amount of sense because it’s extremely difficult for me to imagine anyone who could disfigure a puppy without some form of anesthetic. In the first place Mark Ramos in simple is 109. If we apply some “associative logistics” to this number we will find that Element 109 on the periodic table is #Meitnerium. The gematria of #Meitnerium just happens to match that of #Phencyclidine. I admit that “associative logistics” like these are definitely a long-shot but once again; numerologist work in reverse; that is; they first perform calculations and then act on the number symmetries they find. This is a total reversal of the normal human decision making process. Detroit is also known for its illicit production of PCP. The following all but physically proves Ramos connection to the crime. Please keep in mind that these symmetries represent the most efficient pathways between the ideas and actions and word groupings. “Spells” are as old as language itself and numerology does indeed allow for some predictive functions if only because of human preference. Numerology is also widely used in marketing and advertising in the branding and price setting of products. Television and film are no exception and there is a reason why marketers use it. Below are the potential connections between the numerical elements of the crime and the possible connection to #Phencyclidine.

(Remember #Mark Ramos = 109 in Simple.)

Element 109 is #Meitnerium = 127/762/508

The gematria of #Phencyclidine = 127/762/606

If this PCP connection seems like a stretch than allow me to put your doubts aside:

*********#Rottweiler Mutilated On PCP = 314/1884/2031*********

Note the simple number of the above phrase: 314 is obviously a representation of Pi. As in; a “ring”. That officially leaves zero chances of any of this being a coincidence! This crime was planned and calculated by someone involved in the production and testing of PCP on an innocent animal by way of mutilation. What’s more is 314 is obviously right next to the Detroit area code 313.

Further if we divide 314 by 127 we get a number which stand right next to 248:

314/127=2.472440945… We have already seen this number in the gematria of the phrase #Rottweiler Disfigured. It would appear they are using E8 lie group algebra as a ring to channel these deeds to his personal numbers. (The Vampire associations should be obvious, vampires being those who draw energy from others through iron/blood; element 26, the same number as letters in the Alphabet.)

Further; 248/3.14159=7.894085177… To a numerologist a number like 7.89 is very interesting and useful. I have at least 8 other divisions which I won’t bother to include because as far as I am concerned the case has been solved.

The following profile has been taken directly from the Michigan Humane Society (MHS) website. Keep in mind that Mark Ramos is one of the cruelty officers from the reality television show “Animal Cops; Detroit”.

Mark Ramosmarkramos
“Mark Ramos is a Senior Cruelty Investigator and Supervisor for the Michigan Humane Society’s Cruelty Investigation Department. Born and raised in southwest Detroit, Mark began serving as a cruelty investigator for MHS in 1997. Prior to that, he received four years of emergency rescue experience. In addition to his work within the Cruelty Investigation Department, Mark also serves as Supervisor for the Emergency Rescue team.


Mark is certified by the University of Missouri’s Law Enforcement Training Institute, and currently resides in the metro Detroit area. He has six pets – including a bearded dragon, a three-legged dog, and a cat who was found after being set on fire by neighborhood bullies – all adopted from MHS.

(The following are marks words on which cases bother him the most:)

“The cases that stick with me the most are those that involve kids. They’re often violent crimes, and the kids involved often seem immune to what they’ve done. It’s scary, because they become so desensitized that if someone doesn’t intervene, there’s often no hope for them.”

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