The Undoing of Roman Polanksi…

The following is article is an audit of Roman Polanski’s gematria and #pathwork as well how it relates to the Tate-Labianca murders. I am well aware that Charles Manson and his followers committed the actual murders however upon examining Roman’s personal numbers we can see that he has undoubtedly orchestrated the crime and whats more is that this theory is also supported by his 1968 movie Rosemary’s Baby. To verify the Gematria try comparing with a site like Gematrix

If we number Roman Polanski’s full name (#RajmundRomanThierryPolanski) we get 342 in simple. If we take the simple number of #RomanPolanski we get 158. The point of this is; 342/158=2.164556962… Note how the first three digits are 216 -which is a very special number because 6 x 6 x 6 = 216; but 216 is also the number we get by adding up three very interesting Elements on the Periodic Table; W-Ho-Re… or 74+67+75=216.  That is Tungsten-W 74, Holmium-Ho 67 and Rhenium-Re 75. The relevance of the Biblical term; ‘Whore of Babylon’ (See below). The word “WHoRe” in this case functions as the “magic word” in a very sinister #spell.

Numerologist work in reverse so finding ‘power numbers’ like this in ones personal gematria is very auspicious and allows one to create a very accessible and organized knowledge base. The numbers behind the names can have a significant effect on how one learns and how its owner processes information. The #Pathwork resulting from these numbers allows one to effectively organize and channel thought-energy to fuel ones creative and mental faculties. The number 666 has a vast array of practical applications. These numbers behind the names form the basis of “spells” with in the ‘collective unconscious’ and because these murders were such public events Roman has been charging his own ego through these channels. In a similar manner a painter would take pride in seeing his own work publicly displayed Roman has effectively built his career of of the murder of his wife and child. I realize this is a very serious accusation but the #pathwork is undeniable for anyone who takes the time to look.

In the first place #Sharon numbers to 75 in simple See Rhenium 75 in the above “WHoRe” sequence. Secondly her full name #SharonMarieTate numbers to 167 in simple which is also partially included in the “WHoRe” sequence as well. Looking at the Periodic Table we can see that in this ‘WHoRe’ word-spell the number 67 repeats in relevant associations. Rows 6 and 7 are Tungsten-W and Rhenium-Re respectively; and Holmium-Ho is also element 67… etc

Roman Polanski (158/948/481) is equally as well know for sodomizing a 13 y/o girl as he is for his movies. In this case the simple number of Roman Polanksi divided by 13 gives us a clue about his intentions: 158/13=12.15384615Note how the quotient contains both 121 as well as 215 -a number which of course stands in front of the aforementioned 216. The likeness of numbers should become a bit more obvious when seen as a kind of mask which subliminally hides a crime much, much worse. This makes complete sense if you are a soulless piece of shit like Roman Polanski; obviously he would rather wear the disguise of a child rapist than be ousted for organizing a conspiracy to murder his own wife and unborn child… Samantha Geimer may have forgiven you Roman… but I haven’t.


Roman Polanski used the murder of Sharon Tate and her unborn child as part of a “spell” to add weight and clout to his film career by linking the murders to his own name using numerology. One will recall that the other victims were a couple whose names were Leno and Rosemary Labianca. Again the Tate-Labianca murder of 1969 was planned using numerology according to Roman’s 1968 film; ‘Rosemary’s Baby’. The effect is subliminal and was designed to cement the film into the collective unconscious as an “artificial masterpiece”. Again; it’s a means of adding “weight” to his intellectual work; and a heinous way of “legitimizing” and inflating his artistic expertise as a director. This is obvious because the movie Rosemary’s Baby shows that he premeditated the murder as part of a concept based on Biblical mythology; his own wife standing in as the so called “Whore of Babylon” and he standing in for a representation of “Satan”. The story line of the movie mirrors and foreshadows the murders. One will recall that in the movie a young woman is unknowingly impregnated by “Satan”. In the case of the Tate-Labianca murders the opposite happens; a mother and her unborn child are murdered and since this murder is attached to his own name by way of a very obvious “WHoRe” word-spell we know that the murder was planned by Roman Polanski –even if it was carried out by the Manson FamilyGiven the subject of the movie it also seems clear that that Roman Polanski fancies himself to be “Satan”. The premeditated value isn’t initially apparent because unless you are comparing the dates of when the movie was made (Rosemary’s Baby 1968) verses when Sharon Tate was murdered (1969) the over all gravity of the murders far outweighs the movie. The unsuspecting mind naturally has these two occurrences separated as fact and fiction. But again; if you happen to notice that the movie Rosemary’s Baby came first and was then reversibly “brought to life” through the murder of his wife and child… then it’s hard to tell which is more disturbing. For more check out a previous entry:

Even if the entire murder trial and conviction of Charles Manson and his family are merely an elaborate hoax… it would only mean that Roman’s artistic integrity is nil… But such proof would also render the American justice system a joke as well. Either way I am quite happy to ride this nightmare to her natural end.

In any case Roman; you killed my Unicorn and now I am going to destroy you…