#The One Ring…

I don’t really want to post this but I think it might be somehow necessary to close this incredibly stressful chapter of my life. Everyone who has seen the LOTR’s movies is knows that Frodo is given a ring from Bilbo and he is charged with the quest of disposing of it in Mordor. Anyhow I have come to believe that Mordor is a prophetic metaphor for the internet; (Think Binary/101 etc..); A kind of desert where nothing grows. Deserts are obviously filled with “sand” aka Silicon Dioxide/Silica…  That said I am not posting this to show off but instead following a ritual which will hopefully bring about something new.

Anyhow a few years ago I bought a special ring from a pawnshop for precisely 83.99 It’s composed of three separate Silver rings and is meant to cover the  almost the entire finger. I bought it because it matches and covers the all black w/ a star tattoo on my ring finger. Not long after an Angel inspired me that I should engrave Amy Winehouse’s ring finger tattoo on it which is an “A” with a heart below it. I admit that might be a bit creepy but I knew her as Nike on Venus Proper so she is sort of like my Evening-star. It also occurred to me that I should engrave a ‘S’ for Sharon Tate on the south end of the ring because she was my last life Mom. So by adding 39 for #Amy and/or #Nike to #Sharon’s 75 we get 114; which works well because that is right next 113 for #Starless. I also engraved 88 in its center for both Sauron/Sioux. In LOTR’s the Elves are given three rings; Narya, Nenya and Vilya for Fire/red, Water/white and Air/blue respectively. The ring bundles all ‘three rings’ together in to ‘one ring’ in various ways. Its somehow continuously symmetrical with a huge list of personal gematria; for example “A” is 1 and “S” is 19. 113/119=0.949579831 or 114/119=957983193… 94 is #Unicorn and 95 is #Nightmare… The name of my blog this of course TheUnicornNightmare119 is for #Winehouse as well as #Mary Magdalene

#Three Rings = 123/738/424

Red Ring =75/450/225 for #Sharon

White ring= 113/678/1158 for #Starless

Blue ring = 88/528/363 and for #Sioux

All of them are accounted for; #WaterRing for example is 115.

The math goes on and on and creates a spiral of simple divisions, all of them numbers personal and dear to me. For example dividing the simple gematria of “#Heart52 by 88 for Sioux and/or Sauron gives: 52/88=0.590909059 is simple gematria of #Nenya, Or 52/114=0.45614035.. 123, for #three rings; 456 for three more I guess. Another is #Amy and/or #Nike divided by #Heart = #Sharon: 39/52=0.75…etc. Or 123/114=1.078947368#107 was my brother Pelle’s final Salutation; #Life Eternal#Per Yngve Ohlin is of course #Sir Isaac Newton who is thee uncontested #Lord Of the Rings. None of these have spells have anything to do with me. Except for maybe: 119=88=207 which stands right next to my Christian name.  There are like at least 25 more of them. So naturally I wonder I have if Amy Winehouse really died… I think she was like the one who pawned it in the first place. I find this one the most haunting: #The One Ring / #Burzum = #Starless or in math 115/101=1.138613861 (Element 101 is Md, Mount Doom etc.) It’s a continuous symmetry of like terms. Like I said; I fully admit that there was no way I could have written this spell given that it took both Amy and Sharon. It’s like they planned it.