#Two Corinthians…

There are bad things happening… That much is true. But the bottom line is that I don’t trust that Donald Trump has enough character and clarity of mind to have a lasting or even positive effect for anyone but the ultra-rich. The topics of my posts usually run about six months behind because I like to consider every possible angle. So forgive me if this is too little too late. I doubt anyone reads my nonsense but so long as a have posted it publicly at least I have tried.

One may recall how last year Donald Trump quoted “Two Corinthians 3:17” in a speech directed at a rally of Christians. His words were apparently was an innocent fumble of words. However the #gematria employed in “Two Corinthians” shows that this was a calculated attempt to cast a “spell” on the Christian persuasion which evidently worked like a charm for his campaign. For those unversed a “spell” is a  word mechanism which forces a specific directive on its target. In my opinion this was incredibly manipulative and I will not sit by idly and watch as someone like Trump uses the Bible as a tool for political gain. Quoting the Bible in a political speech is one thing but manipulating a scripture to ‘shoe-horn’ your way into the collective unconscious is basically satanic.

Below is a breakdown of the numbers behind the words. (All gematria is in simple/English/Jewish)

#Two Corinthians/#Donald John Trump = #Christian.

In math that is: (188/185=1.016216216…)

Below is a brief and simple break down of the gematria used in this spell.

#Two Corinthians = 188/1128/1480

#Donald John Trump = 185/1110/1287

#Christian = 101/606/340

#Trump = 88/528/470

The gematria of these terms are arranged in such a way that rings are created which direct the listeners thoughts around the spells intent. Its not absolute but it is incredibly manipulative.