#A window into the mind of a lunatic…

First of all a confession; I totally stole the title of this entry from a Cracked.com article. It’s a great expression and is completely fitting for the topic of this post so please forgive my plagiary.

This post is yet another one of my boorish articles on numbers. However it does investigate the photos of my beautiful Unicorn assistant Sharon Marie Tate wearing a wet t-shirt, so it can’t possibly be that boring. The article assumes the reader is privy to the tedious practice of gematria and already has a “number vocabulary”. I will include a breakdown of the relevant calculations but not the gematria of the individual words. All gematria is in “simple”. To verify the ‘Masonry’ and its Gematria use https://www.gematriacalculator.com/

Just over a month ago Sharon told me she sent me a Valentine. Usually when ghost’s send a message it is often coded and may contain layers of meaning which slowly unravel over a period of time. Sometimes the actual meaning ends up having nothing to do with the original phrase and works like spell cast upon the living party. This time it was actually really straight forward. The Valentine was lovely… Unfortunately the topic of this article isn’t. I started thinking about her and ended up doing an image search and saved a couple of pictures of her I had never scene. The photos are from the December 1967 issue of Esquire magazine. A few days later I noticed some details within the picture and decided to number them to see if they contained any subliminal significance. Specifically the #RedStar.


So the most obvious thing about this picture is Sharon’s wonderful figure. Seeing this picture it makes me want to play-bite her lovely tits. Anyhow… the second most obvious thing being her #WetTshirt which is curiously synonymous with #CharlesManson. (Both number to 142) That’s weird. What’s even stranger is when you divide #SharonTate by #RedStar we are again left with #CharlesManson. That is 121/85=1.423529412… Which could of course just be a coincidence. However there is yet another curious math expression which seems far too “coincidental”; #RedStar divided by #Bow is equal to #CharlesMillesManson with a five at the end… That is 85/40=2.125 . The placement of the #bow in this picture is deliberate and is confirmed in the next picture.


So again we have the lovely Sharon this time eating a pear; some of which is on her lovely face. What a cutie! It should be noted that the numbering of #Pear is synonymous with #Bow. There is also yet another representation of the #RedStar. So the numerology of the photo is the same as the last even if its visual elements are different. One way we can verify that these numbers are intentional is by looking at the numbers of #BittenPear which equals exactly 100. Given these simple math expressions its rather obvious there is a subliminal motive at work. Numbers are of course everywhere and its rather easy to see patterns according to taste especially if you are a volatile nutcase looking for them. But that is exactly my point; subliminal messages work because the viewer see things according to their own experience. If someone who worked in the media wanted to single out a particularly unstable individual gematria would certainly be the perfect way to do that because it allows for “plausible deniability”. -The photographer or Magazine Editor need only say ‘its just a picture’; which of course it is… Where as the person attempting to explain the math behind it ends up looking like a kook. Believe me; I know all about this. The same thing happened to me in but in the form of a sitcom. (Season Four of Arrested Development). Normal people don’t see things in numbers and from personal experience people hate it when I talk about them. Nobody wants to hear about gematria.

So lets go back to the title of this article: A window into the mind of a lunatic”… Let us imagine ourselves in Charlie’s shoes… I’ll go in the right one and you go in the left one… are you ready? Let’s go! When you divide #CharlesManson by #SharonMarieTate we get #RedStar. 142/167=0.850299401. This obviously creates a circular construct between these names and phrases. To any normal person this wouldn’t mean much; but to someone like #CharlesManson this might have been all that was necessary to push him over the edge into some delusional fantasy which ended with the murder of nine people. Which of course is exactly what happened… this is just the aftermath.

Consider the following; #SharonTate divided by #EatingPear equals 1.260416667… (That is 121/96=1.260416667…) And by using both these individuals full names we get a very similar number: #CharlesMillesManson divided by #SharonMarieTate equals 1.269461078… (212/167=1.269461078) If one has a number vocabulary the number 126 is rather obvious as the #SwordofGod. It doesn’t take any insight at all to see that swords divide things, the number 26 also carries the rather obvious association of the number of letters in the alphabet.

Lets speculate here for a second; #PearIsTheForbiddenFruit numbers to 252. #ForbiddenFruit numbers to 151. (As does JesusChrist.) 252/151=1.668874172… The first three numbers in that sequence are the Key. Again anyone who has a “number vocabulary” the number 166 carries the obvious association of the #Tetragrammaton. In fact take the “Simple” gematria of any word and times it by six, in doing so you will always that words “English” gematria. Further if we ‘go the other way’ and divide that same words “Simple” gematria by its “English” we will always get the number 1.666666666… Always. Thus is the #Tetragrammaton. This was all subliminalism being employed in 1967. Whatever you happen to believe its obvious that there is some strangeness going on with numbers. Charles Manson will always be a lunatic in my view but given these calculations there is obviously more going on than what was presented in the murder trial or written about in any of the books that covered this case. To sum this up Charles Manson was “Illuminati”, which means he was well versed in the esoteric meaning of numbers and letters and probably thought he was an incarnation of Jesus Christ who was bringing about the Biblical Apocalypse. Which might well could be the case. Time will tell. Moving on.

Fast forward to Boulder, Colorado on the morning of December 26th 1996. Its Boxing day and #JonbenetRamsey has just been found dead by her parents. A massive investigation ensues but no one is ever charged for the crime. The case remains open and her killer at large to this day. Many of the key investigators claim that the crime scene was not secured properly and that many elements of the case were mishandled early on. Whatever that means. I am not a professional investigator and of course was never there. But I do have a “number vocabulary” and I know a little about gematria. Given what I have already pointed out about the number 166 and its correlation to the #Tetragrammaton it seems more than a bit strange that #JonbenetRamsey should die under such suspicious circumstances and also happens to shares this number. It is important to note that if your plug the name #Jonbenet into any gematria calculator you will get 80 in simple rather than its actual value of 85. This is because the name as its written by the media sources always carries and accented “é” which negates the letter “E” that normally counts for FIVE. Sneaky stuff huh? So we have the number 85 being disguised by an “accent aigu”. We have already seen the number 85 used as the #RedStar in Sharon’s photo. This could be just a coincidence but it should be noted that both of these were high profile crimes that made national headlines and further we also see the use of the numbers 166 (Jonbenet Ramsey) and 167 (Sharon Marie Tate). 166 is literally thee central number associated with gematria! It seems plainly obvious that there was an element of deliberation to the slaying of Jonbenet Ramsey that has never been publicly acknowledged. From the perspective of say a Media Baron who has his life invested in the industry, keeping a lid on the subliminal practice of gematria would likely be his top priority. Further associating a key number like 166 with the unsolved death of a child would be the perfect way to make a taboo of that particular number. On a subliminal level it is also very close to the number 666; the difference being only “FIVE” on its first digit. Could this be an alternate rendering of the “sword of god”? Just in a different way? It’s the perfect way to force feelings of guilt, shame and sadness on an entire nation. The subliminal association of the numbers 85 and 166 clearly work like a weight on the collective subconscious. I imagine this would be the perfect way of controlling a specific section of the male demographic; but certainly not all men. Not all men are into two and a half foot tall blonds or whatever.

As we have already seen in the Esquire magazine photos the numbers behind the imagery can have insidious effects on the mind. Charles Manson who was likely no stranger to numerology took notice of the gematria in the photos and believed it was somehow directed at him. (For more on Sharon’s gematria see the #Sharon doesn’t want to be Babalon entry.) It’s important to remember that even “psychopaths” do have reasons for their actions, however abstract and sinister those might be. On the other hand anyone investigating gematria who kept running into the number 166 might feel they are being haunted by Jonbenet Ramsey. Further, because of the air of taboo surrounding her murder case; they might be reluctant to voice their very natural concern. It’s the perfect way to apply a weight to one of the most esoteric numbers associated with the English language. This might be the ideal way to induce feelings of paranoia in anyone who might be going through these numbers and their associations. Given that the case was never solved a weak minded person might wonder about the possibility of being implicated in the crime. Which is of course ridiculous but it does make sense.

This is not the first time I have written about this topic and the feedback I have received has been incredibly negative. I have been called a “Fucking Autistic”, I have been rather rudely told that I have O.C.D. etc. It’s like I am the bad guy for pointing this out. Most people don’t have the head for numbers and I am certainly no mathematician but I suppose I can latch on to them well enough to make sense of why those in the media would want to use numbers for a subliminal purpose. But none of this is even that complicated! I am totally uneducated and have done a lot of drugs and I can make sense of it. There is no reason why a professional criminal investigator shouldn’t be able to do the same. Indeed why have they not?