#No Quarter Given …

I have taken to the habit of randomly checking and comparing the gematria of various details in old crimes. Calculating people seem to use math a lot and so I have long thought that killers might use it in the selection of “trophies” or in planning a motive. I initially noticed some telling details in the Sharon Tate murder and began checking other crimes with this method. Most of the time I don’t find anything; but this is the exception. The “East Area Rapist” terrorized the Sacramento California area through-out the seventies and eighties and was never caught. (Also known as “The Original Nightstalker”, “The Golden State Killer” as well as “Ear Ons”.) This perpetrator may also be linked to the “Vasilia Ransacker” cases. Over Fifty rape crimes have been attributed to this individual including Ten murders! The vast majority of these crimes were women in their homes alone at night. My associates and I initially noticed some specific numbers in the poem #Excitements Crave that led me to believe the perpetrator is likely to be using numerology and Alchemy associations in the selection of his victims as well as locations etc. I am by no means an expert investigator but these simple calculations speak for themselves. Here is the Poem:

#Excitement’s Crave

“All those mortal’s surviving birth 
Upon facing maturity, 
Take inventory of their worth 
To prevailing society. 

Choosing values becomes a task; 
Oneself must seek satisfaction. 
The selected route will unmask 
Character when plans take action 

Accepting some work to perform 
At fixed pay, but promise for more, 
Is a recognized social norm, 
As is decorum, seeking lore. 

Achieving while others lifting 
Should be cause for deserving fame. 
Leisure tempts excitement seeking, 
What’s right and expected seems tame. 

“Jessie James” has been seen by all, 
And “Son of Sam” has an author. 
Others now feel temptations call. 
Sacramento should make an offer. 

To make a movie of my life 
That will pay for my planned exile. 
Just now I’d like to add the wife 
Of a Mafia lord to my file. 

Your East Area Rapist 
And deserving pest 
See you in the press or on T.V.”

Below is the gematria of the East Area Rapist’s Poem #”Excitement’s Crave” as well as the gematria of my prime suspect in the case; movie producer #Ron William Howard. Ron Howard would have been living in the area with in the time frame of the crimes and likely had time to plan and commit these crimes between filming. Upon dividing the gematria of #”Excitements Crave” with the names of my suspect I found several “rings” tying him to various details of these crimes. I know to most people numbers can seem a bit abstract but if the reader will see these calculations as ‘pathways’ between ‘sets of ideas’ and their associated numbers’ the “motivation” for the crimes becomes a bit clearer. These pathways in calculations all lead back to the suspects name and full names. There is a reversible element to these calculations as per the “ring” concept.  In this case these calculations show how a killer might directly attribute these crimes to their own name by way of math and gematria allowing him to hide in plain sight. And though these simple calculations are not hard evidence in the way of say forensics or a eye wittiness’s testimony they do show a correlation of symmetry between motive in the gematria of names and locations. The calculations are of course very simple but the mind that would take notice of these things in the first place is quite beyond my comprehension. This is by no means an exhaustive list; there exist a large amount of other numbers which may be of interest as well and these are merely what me and my associates were able to directly tie to our suspects name. Ronald William Howard. To verify this “Masonry” and its associated Gematria use this website for reference: https://www.gematrix.org/


Below is the reference key showing the suspects numbers. (All gematria in (Simple/English/Jewish) All hashtags denote the use of gematria. For reference the Gematria site Gematrix may be useful.

#Excitement’s Crave=186/1116/1476

186 is a significant number in both the studies of Science as well as Alchemy. In physics we know that the speed of light travels at 186 000 miles per second. (Sometimes called C or the ‘Light Barrier’) The number 86 also carriers the association of being elemental Radon which is situated in column 18 at the right most ‘end’ of the periodic table.

For Reference Ron Howard’s gematria:

#Ron Howard= 116/696/1213

#Ronald William Howard=212/1272/2227

Here we can see that the suspect Ron Howard seems to be motivated by the numerology of the Biblical 666 number in the writing and naming of the #Excitements Crave poem. Comparatively we can see that the like numbers each divide evenly into sixes. -This is a universal characteristic between the English and Simple ciphers but it is important to include so as illustrate how the 666 ring works.

1116/186=6 (#’Excitements Crave; in English divided by its own numbering in Simple equals six.)

696/116=6 (#’Ron Howard’ divided in English divided by its own numbering in Simple equals six.)

1272/212=6 (#’Ronald William Howard’ divided by its own numbering in Simple again equals six.)

666/212=3.141509434 (Finally when we divide 666 by #Ronald William Howard in simple we get an approximation of Pi; which could be thought of as a “ring”.)

Further; there are several aspects of symmetry between our suspect’s names and the #Excitement’s Crave Poem:

1476/696=2.120689655… #Excitements Crave Jewish divided by #Ron Howard English equals #Ronald William Howard Simple. This all but proves that these alignments are intentional!


1476/1272=1.160377358 (#Excitement’s Crave divided by #Ronald William Howard in Jewish and English respectively… bring us back to 116; which is #Ron Howard in simple)

696/1476=0.471544715 (#Ron Howard in English divided by #’Excitements Crave’ in Jewish leaves us with 47, the simple gematria of #Ron in simple. )

Here we have the phrase; “Merry Christmas it’s me again!” used in a taunting phone call to one of the victims in the December 9th 1977, the simple calculation show an undeniable expertise in gematria as well a correlation to the #”Excitements Crave” poem (Sent on December 11, 1977):

“#Merry Christmas; it’s me again!” (287/1722/1298)

1476/1298=1.137134052 (#”Excitement’s Crave” in Jewish divided by #”merry Christmas…” in Jewish gives us the numbering of #“Sacramento Ca” in simple)

1476/1272=1.160377358 (#”Excitements Crave” in Jewish divided by #Ronald William Howard in English gives us 116 which is #Ron Howard in simple.

1272/1476=0.861788617 (The above calculation the other way gives us 86, a number which could be relevant because of the simple #’excitements crave’ being 186.

1116/1722=0.648083623 (#”Excitements Crave” in English divided by #”Merry Christmas…” in English gives us 64, the number of #Ronald in simple)

186/287= 0.648083623 (#Excitements Crave in Simple divided by #”Merry Christmas…” in Simple again gives us 64 the number of #Ronald in simple)

1722/1476=1.1666666 (#”Merry Christmas…” in English divided by #Excitement’s Crave in Jewish gives us the number 116; which again is the number of #”Ron Howard” in simple)

Other miscellaneous details:

In regard to the attack which occurred on #Watt Avenue we can see there is also a correlation between the numbering of the street name as well as the Greek word for Gematria; “#Isopsephy”.

#’Watt Avenue’: (132/792/2052) > #Isopsephy (132/792/772)

This listing of simple calculations was all without numbering the victim’s names which is far too long for me wrestle with. I would encourage the reader to start with the murder of Brian and Katie Maggiore.