Sharon doesn’t want to be “#Babalon”

The ritual sacrifice of Sharon Marie Tate and her unborn child was based on numerology. Anyone who takes the time to do a comparative search on her numerology (gematria) and their associations in Alchemy will see this. It doesn’t take any intuition at all to see how this awful ‘title’ was forced upon her in the most brutal and sadistic way imaginable. Regardless of whether my connection to Sharon are to be believed or not one can easily see that no one would want to go down in history being labeled as the #Whore of Babalon/Babylon. I am certainly not the first person to notice this pattern and many “Illuminati” or “Lit” folk have come to associate this with her. There is only one way to spell “W-Ho-Re” on the Periodic Table; (Tungsten (W; Element 74) carrying the obvious associative bundling of #Jesus, #Mohammad, #Lucifer, #Messiah, #Cross, #Gematria, #Jewish #Aragorn #Melkor. ) the next two elements in the sequence 67 Ho (Holmium) and 75 Re (Rhenium) carrying like numbers of Sharon’s gematria (You do the math…)

Element 74 acting as a vacant idol/vortex to which the murder victims were sacrificed. Again; this ritualized human sacrificed was carried out because Sharon’s numerology only happened to fit into a pattern in Alchemy, and is there for not a genuine part of Biblical prophecy. Any motivation in the murder derived from her movies can immediately be discounted as pure idiocy even if it played a role.

This is a picture of a Unicorn… NOT the “W-Ho-Re of Babalon”…

For anyone who is actually religious this leads to the obvious dilemma of distinguishing between authentic occurrences of prophecy and the willfully manufactured prophecy and self-fulfilling kind. The Bible being so well known that anyone who wishes to realize Bible prophecy need only look for patterns around them and take whatever actions which might be involved in bringing the prophecy to “life”. Remember prophecy coming true isn’t necessarily a ‘good sign’. Thus is the practice of “Malcraft” or Satanism. It’s widely known that Charles Manson harbored an obsession with the Bible and particularly the Book of Revelation. So it’s no big stretch of the imagination to see that the deliberation of the ‘Tate-Lebianca’ murders were likely the attempt of a twisted mind at playing G-d. I believe it’s even been recorded that it was indeed Charles Manson’s intention was to initiate an “apocalyptic race war”. The thing is; The Book of Revelation in particular is not really the most positive or straight forward book in the Bible. In fact I am sure many Christians would agree that its prophecies are an unfortunate reflection of human iniquities and if only humanity would do the right thing than it might not have to come true. So it’s reasonable to ask the question; of whether it would be preferable if did not come true? Even if it is part of the “all-infallible” Bible. It certainly might be more fun if it did but sadly the practicality of a “zombie apocalypse” is still quite beyond our reach at the moment; even as an accident of current biological technology. The carnage will just have to wait until we as a race are better prepared and equipped to accommodate an actual Hell on Earth.

It would seem that Charles Manson and his “Family” of Hippy-skid lunatics were working from the idea that these end time events needed to be realized and took appropriate action to engineer these prophecies in murderous recourse. Most people who read the Bible do so to seek moral support in making difficult decisions. But there do exist the rare type of person who “goes the other way”; the person who perhaps imagines themselves as the “Beast”; so to speak. In the case of the murders committed the most appropriate scripture in the Bible that appears to fit the motivation of this ritual sacrifice can be found in Revelation Chapter 12; ‘The Woman and the Dragon’. Assuming that Manson and his followers were reacting to events and people around them and therefor following the scriptures like a Witch would follow a spell; (which naturally implies a reversal of conventional morality) we can see that the killers very likely imagined themselves as “saving” Sharon’s unborn from a life of “sin” in the spot-light. I am certainly not the first to point out that the medium of film carries the obvious association of a “serpent” or in this case a “dragon” ready to “devour her child as soon as it was born”. Further adding to this interpretation is the fact that film is a negative reversal of light, thus being the medium of the “Synagogue of Satan.” This however is not the only relevant scenario to this scripture. Having been subject to harassment because of my own numerology matching that of #PaulRichardPolanski; I know that there is indeed another “Serpent” operating in our present time who also works in film. One will note that the gematria of #RonaldWilliamHoward matches that of #TheRainbowSerpent both being 212/1272. “Coincidentally” this gematria of 212/1272 (Simple and English respectively in both all cases) also matches that of #CharlesMillesManson as well as #TheSonofPerdition in the same two ciphers. It may be true that these symmetries are not outright evidence in themselves but it does give us a clue as to the types of inspiration that these men may be channeling from. I have already written at great length about the insults directed at me through Season Four of Arrested Development but suffice to say that “Imagine Entertainment” made me a pitiful and insulting offer by way of their show and I told them to go to hell. “Imagine Entertainment” not only plagiarized me, but also invaded my privacy as well as insulted me and my loved ones in various ways through gematria. Even in my desperate position I would never have anything to do with a company who makes criminal activities part of their standard business practices. It may be true that none of this would hold in court, but beyond this drama there is indeed an astrological event to back up this prophecy, one which cannot easily be discounted.


The associations of my names in numerology and gematria would seem to explain why I had been targeted by “Imagine Entertainment” in the first place. But this only makes sense from my own personal experiences. The jokes were made through gematria to allow for plausible deniability. Indeed Ron Howard has likely been watching me for years if only because of the numerology associated with my names point to several flaws in his program. Being a big time television producer; Ron Howard is certainly a very powerful man and likely has many resources at his disposal, so his ability to target a single individual is certainly possible even if deemed unlikely. However to anyone who takes the time to look at the facts will see that these groups of people were merely following the Bible like clockwork as if it were a pathway rooted in their DNA. The Bible is of course based on the #Tetragrammaton and does abide by a predictable pattern; it is therefore logical to assume that anyone under its spell would abide by these patterns even if they don’t value the Bible in a religious sense.


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