#Idol no more… (The central “spell” of the Nicolaitons.)

Here is a Revelation and a sad truth; Jonbenet Ramsey was sacrificed to allow subliminal control over collective guilt. What initially sounds like a conspiracy theory  is actually a very obvious mechanism to anyone with a number vocabulary. Our cognitive view is based on light and is split up into two parts; particle and wave tendencies  and this duality is universal characteristic of polarity. Language is not different

Our galaxy is arranged like a labyrinth and in Kemetic shamanism this called the “black-road”. The Bible is largely a description of the opposite of this road. It doesn’t matter if you are a non-believer because the milky way is arranged that way. It’s not really negotiable because the cultural influence of the Bible is inescapable. Its not some hand-of-G-d or ‘out of Left-field’ miracle. The Bible is a literal written reflection of human DNA and it plays upon human nature. At the risk of understating its complexity it is comparable with one of those choose your own adventure books.

Its obvious from reading the Revelation that the ‘son of man’ is a combination of seven different stars. Each of these stars is necessary to neutralize a gravitational ring in our galaxy. To put that another way each of these 7 stars are necessary to define a boundary in 3-D space. In fact it is quite logical to assume that everyone’s spirit could be divided according to this proportion; the Eastern Chakra system having seven basic Chakras with others that can apparently be activated through study and meditation. Things like Chakras  of course a subjective science but this does not necessarily invalidate from being a ‘form-constant’ of human perception.

From a Shamanic point of view; that is any perspective which aligns the Heaven and Earth planes into one view, any time a person dies a vortex replaces their presence. That is; a void. When a loved one passes we often ‘miss’ or reminisce about the potentials of their spirit. When an elderly person passes it is of course a sad thing but one that is expected to some degree; this changes however when a younger person dies. It is easy to see that the younger a person is when they pass; the more potentia is lost; and there for the more intensely this void or dearth of spirit is affect the hearts of those around them. When Jonbenet was or murdered/sacrificed an extremely powerful black hole was “created”; a void which I can only assume was intended to be the 8th singularity in that sequence. This is actually independent of any conspiracy theory as to whether she was real or not. The emotional reaction of the public is a done thing and that energy lost must go some here.

The Murder investigation may have been handled poorly. There may have been numerous factors which compromised the crimes scene. All sorts of what ifs have been made apparent and some may have even been fabricated. However certain things about the case are impossible to alter; those being the gematria and numbers which are anchored in language. It is clear from the signature of the ransom note “S.B.T.C.” that the perpetrator was attempting to utilize “word spells” from the periodic table. On anyone who who has even a rudimentary interest in Alchemy both Sb and Tc are elements Antimony 51 and Technetium 43. (In the case of Antimony the letters Sb are used as the elemental symbol which was at one pointed named Stibium) Adding these number together obviously sums to 94. The significance of 94 is that it happens to be the simple gematria of #Pineapple. What intially may appear to be a non-sequitur or random pattern of nonsense; is actually the textbook definition of a “word-spell!” If this construct in confusing to you than you have only proved how effective spells can be at holding secrets. Spells are for channeling thought energies to very specific persons or groups of people (Cults). These constructs are designed to be both exclusive and confusing to the unlearned.

To second this we need only examine the numbering of the name Jonbenet. In the first place the name is rather unique; likely intended to be a portmanteau of two different names. The numbering also matches that of “#Golgotha” in Simple (Although one may find that an accented é counts for zero if you are using a online gematria calculator). Further the corresponding Element 85 is Astatine which means Unstable in Greek. So we can already see that there is a mechanism created in the associations of this name. One which operates on a subliminal level not necessarily a scientific one. All of this can be verified with just a little research on the internet so don’t take my word for it… Again this would seem like some sort of a entanglement trap meant to create a series of mental blockages associated with taboos. There are many possibilities as to what the purpose of this was and none of them are good.  It would seem the idea was that if the ‘son of man’ was a homosexual it would been ‘legitimized’ and no longer be a “sin”. But before we go on who you are is never a big deal… its only a path. I would feign to engage in the age old genetic vs. choice debate but anyone has the power to transform but there are steps and rituals one must take to make change last and be meaningful.

From my own perspective I had already dealt with the pain of losing a kid sister. So I suppose over time I saw some patterns in regard to the Jonbenet case that haunted me. In a sense I was already carrying a weight on my own “crown” and so the “spell” affected me in a much different way.

Book of Amos Chapter 6

-Warnings to Zion and Samaria-

Woe to you who are at ease in Zion,
And trust in Mount Samaria,
Notable persons in the chief nation,
To whom the house of Israel comes!
Go over to Calneh and see;
And from there go to Hamath the great;
Then go down to Gath of the Philistines.
Are you better than these kingdoms?
Or is their territory greater than your territory?

Woe to you who put far off the day of doom,
Who cause the seat of violence to come near;
Who lie on beds of ivory,
Stretch out on your couches,
Eat lambs from the flock
And calves from the midst of the stall;
Who sing idly to the sound of stringed instruments,
And invent for yourselves musical instruments like David;
Who drink wine from bowls,
And anoint yourselves with the best ointments,
But are not grieved for the affliction of Joseph.
Therefore they shall now go captive as the first of the captives,
And those who recline at banquets shall be removed.

The Lord God has sworn by Himself,
The Lord God of hosts says:
“I abhor the pride of Jacob,
And hate his palaces;
Therefore I will deliver up the city
And all that is in it.”

Then it shall come to pass, that if ten men remain in one house, they shall die. 10 And when a relative of the dead, with one who will burn the bodies, picks up the bodies[a] to take them out of the house, he will say to one inside the house, “Are there any more with you?”

Then someone will say, “None.”

And he will say, “Hold your tongue! For we dare not mention the name of the Lord.”

11 For behold, the Lord gives a command:
He will break the great house into bits,
And the little house into pieces.

12 Do horses run on rocks?
Does one plow there with oxen?
Yet you have turned justice into gall,
And the fruit of righteousness into wormwood,
13 You who rejoice over Lo Debar,[b]
Who say, “Have we not taken Karnaim[c] for ourselves
By our own strength?”

14 “But, behold, I will raise up a nation against you,
O house of Israel,”

Says the Lord God of hosts;
“And they will afflict you from the entrance of Hamath
To the Valley of the Arabah.”

To see the contextualize this scripture see below…

Note that Rh Element 45 is Rhodium (“Rose” in Greek) aka The “Rosy Cross“…

To compare the gematria check out: http://www.gematrix.org/

In the above picture we see a Babylonian word spell made entirely of nonsense. The purpose of this is to channel and direct though energy to a set of initials, in this case Ron Howard has appropriated Rh Element 45. Again we can see that he has “crucified” himself in “Golgotha” that is the “place of the skull”. Again 94 being at the bottom and operating on #Pineapple as well as the word #Covenant. Some other curious associations being the city of #Boulder numbering to 77 in simple. Element Cobalt (Co 27) carrying the association of Colorado. Boulder Co. of course being where Jonbenet Ramsey lived and died. I can vouch that the torment of losing my kid sister created a burning fire in my head and I thought constantly. In my depression I sat (or laid) around thinking for years of how I might go back and change things. Thus is “Golgotha”. The periodic table is obviously a highly conceptual set of associations whose understanding require a high level of training to understand. So by posting these alignments I am by no means pretending to be the likes of a physicist; that takes years of training and instruction. Constructs such as the one in the above picture can be referred to as a “bundling” of multiple ideas. On its own it is just the Periodic Table of Elements but when one assigns various numbers or deeds to such a construct one creates whats called an idol. Idols are not merely a “golden calf” or some random object; a “genuine” idol is such because it works on multiple levels of “significance”. There is a reason why Idols are made and a method of how they are used. They are often designed to carry a “charge” and distribute or draw energy to various associations and sources.

Lastly I am not necessarily accusing Ron Howard as the Murder. I am not a Crminologiest nor a Law enforcement official. But if I were he would definitely be one of my prime suspects. My second on the list is a person named Edward D. Durston who has been linked to both the deaths of Diane Linkletter as well as Carol Wayne; though he was never charged in either case. But apparently he is dead as of 2007. Its a mystery, which for all of my resolve, I cannot seem figure out or even put to rest. This is likely by design. I doubt that anyone who is evil enough to sacrifice a child would do so without years of planning and careful preparations. Perhaps The Rosy Cross were simply the ones quick enough to capitalize on this and make something of the recoil of tragedy.

I give up. I have already lost one. But I have a Star-Tribe now and we stick together no matter what. That’s my story. Enjoy the cross Ron; because I am free now and I know that Jonbenet is safe and will be my sister in the next life.



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