The “small-handed” subliminalism of Donald Trump.

One of the more laughable aspects of Donald Stumps presidential campaign was the “small hands” jokes being made about him by various media sources. Countless jokes have been made about his hand-size all of which appeared to be at his expense. President Donald Trump is however more clever and sneaky than one might initially expect. Or at least his Nicolaiton publicists have done a good job of preemptively countering any would be attacks regarding his ham-handed and clumsy handle on politics… Not a single thing was left to chance; every last joke, even those made against him, were in fact a calculated effort designed by publicists to work in his favor. It’s important to realize that President Donald Trump is a “ringer”, he is able to swing any negative controversy into positive momentum using a complicated Lie group algebra scheme which inherently works with the gematria of his name plus his presidential title.

Early in Donald Trumps campaign much ado was made about nothing over his ‘hand size’. The media attention about his ‘hand size’ amounted to nothing more than a ‘controlled burn’ and work in three different but equally self-serving ways. The first and most obvious is that no one actually cares about his hand size and this allows him to appear as though he is being needlessly victimized and targeted by the media sources. The second benefit to this angle of the campaign is that it conveniently allows him to defensively brag about his own dick-size by way of the old hand-size associations. Lastly as I have already mentioned this controlled controversy allows him a means of offsetting his own clumsy way of handling his social affairs. The ‘small-hands’ joke has allowed him to apply the illusion of finesse in small matters where in fact there is demonstrably none whatever. Thus is the benefit of the Lie Group Algebraic constraint! This mechanism operates on such a vast scale that it is extremely difficult to communicate without the use of abstract mathematics and even if I did have the background in mathematics to properly articulate its workings many may lack the experience to understand it. Admittedly what may at first appear as a description of a ‘red-hearing’ will quickly become something of a prophecy as his lack of integrity will become more and more obvious as time goes on. Politics are in fact a kind of ‘hell on earth’ where only the most unworthy and despicable end up. Unfortunately this will all be at the expense of the American public. Read about some of the Hand Associations Here.



Again; what appeared to be a media storm over “absolutely nothing” was in fact a highly calculated waste of everyone’s time to conceal his own social inadequacies. Its seems likely that Mr. Trump has exhausted or strained all of his real world business prospects and connections and in a last ditch attempt to keep his head above water is attempting to intermingle his business credibility with American politics. But anyone can see that his kind is the worst aspect of American culture indeed it is exactly what is killing our planet. This is characteristic of a “ringer”. “Ringers” can be characterized by innate ability to make use of virtually any type of feedback with a closed system. In this case his ability works in tandem with the permutations of his names and “Presidential” title; #President Donald Trump. This ability can appear so coincidental that its happenstance can mimic the serendipitous appearance of “fate” or “predestination” when in fact it is only the workings of several generations of conniving and fortunate magicians all working the same old mechanisms inherent in to the English language. Thus is the so called Elite. It’s a fact that every English word falls on a grid of numbers and subliminal associations. Many well-to-do families and business organizations are well aware of these patterns which have thus given rise to the illusive “Illuminati” marketing mechanisms. In regard to “power words” like “Trump” the “unintended” double meaning works like a convenient and advantageous spell to the user’s interests and benefit. However; we know that in the case of “Trump” that this is at least partially intentional as the name was Americanized from a Germanic one. Again nothing is random especially where humans are involved.

Currently this “grid” construct is largely maintained or at least closely monitored by marketing and media firms working in western culture. Many of the randomized memes on the internet do in fact employ a subliminal edge in their numbering or intent. Patterns are everywhere and are nearly inescapable. But some are clearly more ‘canned’ than others. What ever the case there is always opportunity for the small but determined minority to undermine these prevailing tendencies and utilize this momentum to counter act the various established persuasions. It’s important to note that this system is ideally meant to be an every changing and open sourced as the “free market” description describes. Its only that these ‘old-world’ marketing mechanisms have been allowed to fester into ‘subliminal loops’ due to established business practices. The American ideal being that everyone has equal capacity to capitalize on market demands. In practice this is almost never the case which is largely due to the fact that the system was never founded on fair ideals in the first place. In the case of the American ideal; when you have built everything you have on stolen land and by means of black slavery ideals like “fairness” and “equality” will only ever be an illusive mirage.

Much like the highly intricate but thoroughly meaningless “controlled controversies” employed by President Donald Trump these media gurus and publicists are constantly working up ways to not only waste your time but also skim a buck off it. The business and commercial institution is the “negative”; that is, even if they had access to information that would be of benefit to their consumers they would charge double the going rate and only offer up a distorted and neutered version of the “truth” to suit their already privileged position. Thus is the problem with the Capitalist paradigm; it is one not aligned in favor of the ‘common good’ and has no interest in playing fair so long as it maintains the “home field advantage”. In regard to the working free market capitalism; deception is part and parcel of the subliminal sales advantage.

There is however no real reason why fair competition can’t be the rules of the game. Again trigger words like “communism” and “socialism” have slowly been given a negative charge through media conditioning; when in fact those conditions have never been employed in America. Its easy to see how various elements within the media would want to artifitiate a negative charge on other “trigger words” it deemed threatening’ terms like “Social Justice Warrior” or “Feminist” in whatever case may be. Indeed any political system whether left or right has the potential to become a racket where ever open source marketing and consumer education is not being properly and fairly employed. The term “buyer-beware” can only go so far if the system on which the Capitalist institution operates on is one based on subliminal numerology. It’s no big stretch of the imagination to see that Biblical algorithms are merely a written reflection of human DNA. Indeed this is exactly what Nicolaitonism play on! Nearly every Hollywood movie makes use of these plot devices to provide exciting and entertaining story. Its goes without saying that no part of the entertainment industry is random even if public reactions are shown to be unexpected. Likewise in the practice of free market advertising. Every bit of its workings are based on age old mathematical formulas many of which are completely unscientific and thus operate with in a subliminal constraint; one which allows for the cast iron alibi of “plausible deniability” on the part of its creators. Even if these devices function as “mind control” there is always an element of individual choice and preference to be exercised.

Whatever sized hands President Donald Trump has he is only a highly proficient liar slowly revealing his own dearth of integrity and lack of commitment to democracy. Its only a matter of time before he is delivered into my hand.