On the Name…

I recently had a youtube user call me by Christian name in a comment; apparently in an attempt to annoy me. The persons literary voice sounded a bit personal even if the read my blog. So I did a little number crunching on the numbers/names attached to the usernames and noted they were “christian”… So I did a search on the name attached and its just some random girl on twitter… Right. As if I am so stupid to go hounding some unsuspecting girl who clearly knows nothing about numbers or gematria. They did get on thing right… I am really dumb.

Whatever the case something that may not be initially obvious about all my names is that they all form a single ring. Calling me “Richard” only legitimizes me as the Sharon Tate murder baby. “Richard” also falls on row 8 on the periodic table as Element 61 (Promethium); which forms the proverbial “Iron rod”… Beyond all of this; my brother has me covered. Further the name Richard bears connotations with Richard I of England, aka Richard the Lionheart”. A title which clearly falls in sync with the “Lion of Judah” epithet. The name was a bit of an ego trip for me and not something I am totally comfortable with. But it does work and fits perfectly with my other titles.

There is no escape. Both my chosen name as well as my Christian name form a single continuum and both only corroborate my spiritual authority in either case. My “undergarment” is all one piece! No one can use it but me. When I begin speaking with Christians they will be given a choice: call me by my chosen name or I will never acknowledge them. Once they see how Imagine Entertainment tried to make a dick-joke of the “crucifixion” they will be happy to oblige. #RonHoward wanted #RichardHorn to be his little #Dick…

John 19:23

“When the soldiers crucified Jesus, they took his clothes, dividing them into four shares, one for each of them, with the undergarment remaining. This garment was seamless, woven in one piece from top to bottom.”

The crucifixion in the Bible was not a historical account but a prophetic description of future events… events, which have only just occurred. The part about my ‘outer garments’ being divided into four shares is written in regard to my being plagiarized. The “crucifixion” is all allegorical. Further; an astute reader will note that I am still alive… indeed the “crucifixion” is symmetrical with the “resurrection”. That’s what’s called a shitty ending to an even shittier book.