A youtube message continued…

Hey Ben!

Continued from comment: “I actually have a very serious point to this msg…”

I thought it was great how I make one little mention about “pseudo living organisms” about you on my ‘backwater’ blog and now suddenly chapter XV of The Animate is unavailable on the Sidis site. Wow you guys are fucking dumb huh? I was bluffing! I honestly didn’t think it would work! … If you would have *actually* read the passage you wouldn’t have been so quick to censor the most prominent Jewish intellectual that has ever lived! There is a yin-yang effect at work but it’s definitely not a racially based distinction. Whatever the case may be this censorship only reaffirms that you and Jack Jews friends are probably guilty of meeting the “pseudo-living” criteria… So maybe it is true! Haha! Now you have me wondering if I actually missed something! The Lord is awesome how he reveals things huh!?

Before I get to my real point I just wanted to illustrate to you how that move has demonstrated your lack of fluid intelligence and reading comprehension… *I expected more from someone who was allowed to skip two grades!* Further; censoring the Lord will only exacerbate his wrath! In any case I have several copies of The Animate backed up as well as a hard copy in real life. (You have heard of the “Streisand effect” right?) I am working on behalf of the one true Lord and in the interests of universal fairness! That means whatever you try and hide he will reveal to me through the light patterns! That’s reversibility. You have never seen faith like mine!

But the point of this letter is not to gloat or add insult to whatever… I actually wanted to point something very real to you. Unfortunately I am not a mathematician and so my descriptive capabilities are totally lacking in this area but I am also inclined to believe that this topic has only rarely been spoken of if at all in English; So please bear with me… I wanted to point out the mechanism Donald Trump has employed in his campaign. He is a “ringer” and not a very good one… His simple is 138 and 185 as well as a permutation of 148 with the initial “J”… Those numbers are definitely power numbers!  (Which might be a good number set if he himself was a good person… But he is not.) But it’s his title of “#President Donald Trump” which I find most concerning. This title sums to precisely 248 in simple, The significance here is how this particular number operates on the Lie Group function:  “The exceptional Lie groups of types G2F4E6E7E8 have dimensions 14, 52, 78, 133, and 248. Along with the A-B-C-D series of simple Lie groups, the exceptional groups complete the list of simple Lie groups. There is also a Lie group named E of dimension 190, but it is not a simple Lie group.”

(Wikipedia is the worst place to quote from but I doubt this letter will even be read so I am sure you can understand my brevity…)


What initially may appear to be a misnomer based on a superficial similarity of wording (a “math Lie group” vs. deceptive Lie) is actually just one in the same; to offer an example my ring of “Starless O Shadowtail” sums to 240… From my experience it’s easier to “short hand infinity” by attaching raw potential to a name or number than it is to say memorize an encyclopedia. It works like a magick spell… or a magick words. Thus I don’t have to be overtly smart so long as I earn the right name. It’s a subliminal thing. The numbering of “#Starless O Shadowtail” is meant to work on the “E8 root system” called the “Exceptional simple Lie groups”… But as I stated “#President Donald Trump” is like the Minotaur of that area… He is caught “with in it”… I only work through its roots and in the realm of fiction. I can’t explain this any better because I am not educated enough. I stumbled upon it and only understand it as far as my own limited imagination allows. I am sure someone smarter than I could write volumes on this subject so I don’t feel too bad lacking the means and time to explain it in this letter. But this “ring” should allow him all sorts of truth bending capabilities… indeed his lack of spirituality means he doesn’t even know what truth is! If he were a mythologist like myself it would be totally acceptable; but since he is a politician his proficiency of this grid is highly alarming! It’s why his campaign seemed so unlikely and why it’s so difficult to pin him to anything. It’s a total violation of democracy because not a single voter currently understand his motives! It’s a Dictatorship! I made the mistake of discussing this topic on facebook a number of years ago in a discussion about “Evariste Galois” whom I based a character on. I got the feeling someone read it. His presidency is totally immoral, totally manufactured; and entirely based on mathematical deception. A deception likely orchestrated by those around him who have conveniently used the happenstance numbering of his name to their advantage. I thought you might be in a better position to do something about this than me. I also believe the term #”Psuedo-living organism” might be a better title for “#President Donald Trump” than it is you but I guess we’ll see about that… Consider this a chance to prove yourself…


Anyhow; I thought I would close this message by lecturing you on what a “Fair-Sikh” is. A “Fair-Sikh” *is* a true Israelite… It’s a bit like a “knighted Jew” but that distinction will certainly be lost on a little worm such as you… beyond this I am far more interested in “Amy Petzanov” than I am bashing pitiful Jack-Jews like yourself. I even dropped off a ‘Perutah’ (a marriage penny (-1)) at the Beit Tefillah Sameach’ (Lethbridge AB) for Her… So set me up with her and there is a good chance this will all go away. It’s funny because none of this was even my idea; *Ron Howard* was the one who painted “Maeby” up like her in Season Four so you can thank him for this bit of trouble… If you faggots are going to make sitcoms about my personal life and about my grade school crush; If you have chosen to mock my family and ex-girlfriend’s  -then I have a number of truths at my disposal which will break your core belief’s! As I have already demonstrated “Truth” maybe as hard as Iron to the likes of you but I can work it like silly putty! Simple as that… I can tear the whole world in half whenever I feel like it; just by quoting and contextualizing Bible prophecy… We can do this the easy way or the hard way… and I am real good at the hard way. The ball is in your court… I want to do good. I want the best out come. I am being truthful and acting on behalf of the Lord. So consider this letter a peace offering.

… Just thought you would like to know that.



(-1) http://www.jewfaq.org/marriage.htm