Judaism certainly is the true religion…

If you’re Jewish. If you were born a Jew then it’s very important to remain Kosher. On account of the “Curse of Ham”. My Lord told me that He gave Jews their own special version of Hell called the slaughter house. In most cases Hell is just being put back in the Biblical singularity. But the slaughter house is reserved for those of G-ds chosen people who are especially greedy and evil. My Lord say’s that He turns evil Jews into pigs and then feeds them to Gentiles, Heathens and Nazirites as punishment for abusing their spiritual blessings. He says that nearly all of Jewish banksters’ and Film producers will live in a pig pen and die squealing in a slaughter house their next “go round”… and they will know and remember why too. He says it’s just like Uncle Ben says in Spiderman; “With great power comes great responsibility”… and further; “Calculated and deliberated sin brings incredible torment!” So if you’re a Jewish Atheist and think He isn’t watching; think again! Beware or you will wake up a pig and spend the entirety of your next life waiting to be systematically slaughtered and fed to your enemies. Thus is the “Curse of Ham”… Evil Jews like Ben Shapiro like to pretend that you are all one big and happy family so they can abuse the nepotism that comes with being Jewish. But soon everyone will see who the real pigs are… and everyone will know exactly who is headed for the slaughter house.

I tried being nice. I wanted to be a writer. I worked really hard at it… But instead of being published my computer was hacked and all my ideas were stolen and I was left with nothing but a single story about my last-life lover Nike and a “sword”… (The exact same sword that I am going to use to butcher all the pigs.) Then if that weren’t destitute enough; Ron Howard made season four of Arrested Development showcasing how pathetic my life is. He pinned me to his stupid “Rosy Cross”… I got “Marky-Barked”. Thanks guys. If that’s how it is; then I will cut your synagogue in half! You will rue the day that I was crossed! Once I get going I will make Adolf Hitler seem like a slap-happy circus clown!

I just gave thanks to my Lord for providing me with a most delicious ham sandwich… but I’m no foolish gentile… That is why Christ is your Messiah after all. The Lord’s halo outlasts and outshines all of your prophets. There would be no light without the Lord and without light there would be no prophecy. So here is a revelation for your tribe: the “pride” of being Jewish is quickly coming to an end… Soon it will get dark… and there is no telling what terror might be waiting in the Abyss.

-So says the “Lion of the tribe of Judah”