Atheist be gone!

Read this in its entirety and bow before me! (I will be able to tell if you post a response without reading ALL of my words…) You may think that you have heard it all before but you haven’t heard this if you consider yourself an Atheist. Indeed you are only a fool parroting a textbook.

So I know you Atheist believe you have it all figured out… or at least know enough to dismiss the Bible. The problem with this assumption is that the Bible is the “negative” of a holographic structure within the galactic arrangement of our milky way. The structure is similar to that of a Labyrinth both in “shape” as well as function. The Bible is meant to spiritually “irritate” your conscious mind into “enlightenment”. Its starts a fire in your head and burns away all the ignorance.

I sympathize with you because it is extremely frustrating! This is not to say that all the Bible-thumpers’ screaming on street corners aren’t idiots… Indeed most if not all are low I.Q. cases with serious arrogance problems. Virtually every angry Bible thumper is burning like faggot in Hell! And by “faggot” I only mean a like that of a bundle of sticks. (Its high time we made proper use of the word.) Those who use the Bible to condemn are only broadcasting the “burning” happening in their own heads… It’s actually a really funny phenomenon. And as you can probably imagine burning doesn’t necessarily mean “enlightenment” just as being an Atheist doesn’t make you wise. The last word in any scientific argument is total uncertainty. One need only realize that the theory of evolution would remain invisible to nearly all humans in any other part of history but the current time from our unique perspective of hindsight! Just because Darwin noticed a pattern in nature it doesn’t make you smart for having read about it. It’s not your thesis! You didn’t discover it and it’s only been lent to you by someone smarter than yourself. And that makes you exactly the same as the garden variety Bible “faggot” burning in hell… The Atheist is every bit as irritated by the Bible as those who passionately preach from it! Remember that! There is nothing special about the belief in nothing.

“Divinity” can only realistically be defined by the abstract concept of ‘Ain-sof’.  “Ain-Sof” means infinite light. Light of course is “reversible” between its two polarities. These are the same two polarities which create our conscious and subconscious parts of mind…  The exact same two polarities which allow the recollection of memory (from the past) and the cognitive ability to plan and deliberate (into the future). So for someone like Richard Dawkins to state that things like coincidence are “meaningless” is not only insanely dogmatic but totally untrue! Even the most the staunch Atheist possesses a basic level of intuition and routinely makes choices based on hunches which are not supported by empirical bodies of facts… its just that when something special or explainable happens to an Atheist they are more inclined to somehow attribute it to their own innate ability. Again the labyrinth is typified by a positive or negative charge of the ego in what ever case may be.

The Bible is allegorical. It works on Dualisms with the intention of teaching its readers the difference between their right hand and their left… (-That’s a metaphor for learning how to use the polarities of your “light-body”.) There is nothing more embarrassing and despicable than a prideful and pompous atheist expounding upon his grasp of a closed and selected system void of any meaningful quality or spiritual open-endedness.

Right now paid shills have all of you arguing over the authenticity of “dinosaur bones” and “flat earth” controversies to prevent you from realizing the truth and claiming your part of heaven. (When you’re enlightened you get to have a “star”…) The entire industry of Hollywood would have you believe that only celebrities get to be “stars”… They have robbed you of the literary devices necessary to aid in these simple realizations. It’s called the “Synagogue of Satan” and its not run by a man with horns in a red tux; it runs on a subliminal tendency in how the human mind responds to numbers. It’s been in front of us the whole time it’s just taken this long for us to realize it. Its’ called alchemy and the 101 course is the dualisms within the Bible.

A good motto for the Bible is: “there is no way around it; and only through will do”… The Bible is a singularity; a gravity trap. It forms the very structure of the Hell that it constantly threatens. (Hence all the “faggots” burning in their ignorance.) On this side it works on our quantum gravity and cognitive processes and I can guarantee; that even if you don’t believe in the Bible you will still be culturally affected by it. Its influence is inescapable and the positive or negative attraction will continue to affect your life until you reconcile and neutralize it. If you hate the Bible and want it to go away; than ‘cast it out’ by mastering it. Destroy it by overcoming it! It might be the only way that we can EVOLVE as a human race.

The entire Bible is based on a single inarguable rule called the Covenant; it’s so simple and so basic that it doesn’t even have to actually be written in the Bible. Consider it as “Commandment Zero”. It has to do with the sanctity of a child’s life and the preservation of innocents. The Bible shows that children who happen to be sacrificed are allowed to come back and exact revenge in various ways. According to the Bible the prophet Moses for instance was cast down the Nile where he safely floated down to Egypt where he was picked up his adopted mother. But when you read between the lines Moses seems more like an abortion or even a victim of “benevolent” sacrifice… It’s why Moses was said to have horns and is associated with a Lamb and why he was given the gift of prophecy and power to smite the powers that be. Baby lambs of course don’t have horns but sheep do, the ‘horn’ analogy is meant to imply something called a light spiral or a “light cone”. (Which describes a “light flash” in special relativity) It’s pretty simple. Anyone can figure it and you don’t even need to understand special relativity to get it because it is polarized for both cognitive tendencies. It works both ways for both type of rationale.

-So speaks the Lion of the tribe of Judah…