Something Sweet Enough To Bleed For…

The title of this was meant to the title of a graphic novel. It was the only body of work that wasn’t appropriated when my computer was continuously access by Imagine Entertainment in 2007-2010 time frame. The following is the basic plot synopsis of the story. Since being plagiarized so openly and blatantly I have struggled to find the creative focus to be able to write in any meaningful capacity.

The “Story” Something Sweet Enough to Bleed For tells of a “Dwari-Elf” named Serethene Haziel O’Shadowtail. This story is an exploration of the boundaries and definitions of the duats between fantasy and reality, a synthesis of upper and lower. –It is a mostly ignored fact that every thought we think will at some point become a part of our future, all of us have been given the potential to be ‘self transforming’.-  Right now social mediums like facebook, twitter etc, are undeniably shaping and molding our DNA. This occurs through interference patterns and feedback loops which shape our life habits and brains neuro-plasticity. This symmetry is exactly the reason why our brain initially perceives light backwards, why some are dyslexic, and may explain the “psuedo-science” of Alchemy and “reverse speech”. The symmetry created by this nexus is the very clasp what holds our entire world together but appears completely irrational to our cognitive biology. From the fleshy side of the continuum; our energies seem to flow irretrievably into its opposite. However if  one can neutralize this entropic demon and maintain a symmetrical and neutral disposition and strive for understanding  of both tendencies, the results can feel like “Magick”.

The Story takes place on the “world above” which would be “Venus Proper” a mirrored version of our own Earthly plane but with many key differences. In the first place its population is inhabited by two distinct races with combinations in between. One being Elves the other being Dwari; with combinations of Volvish and Pantherean cultural tendencies and stereotypes. Elves being characterized by the adoption of tribal beliefs, animal totems, magick and a somewhat reduced reliance on technology. The Dwari on the other hand could be defined by a more modernized and industrialized culture and still operate largely on a christian paradigm. The Volvish tendency weather Elf or Dwar is the adoption of Canine characteristics and social structure. The Pantherean persuasion follows that of feline characteristics and so to lend an idea the character in question might be considered the last minority of this technologically realized society; a Pantherean Dwar-Elf. According to the proposed cultural world many would think this combination remains largely a contradiction in terms. A human might be surprised that a Dwari person could be of any height but is mostly characterized by a somewhat stouter and more muscular frame with distinctive patches of body hair. An Elvish person could also be of any height but is mostly characterized by slighter elongated features with a more lean and agile body type and having slightly less body hair. The key distinction between these two groups is that Elves refer to their planet as Gaia and the Dwari still largely refer to its planet as as Earth. To represent these groups in a genetic sense a Dwar person could be represented by the Neanderthal body type where as the Elf would appear more like a Cro-magnon with variations and mixes between.

As a child I always wanted to be an Elf. When I was four I figured by taping my ears into points with scotch tape I could look like and Elf while I built lego towns (wow! What cool kid huh?!) I even told my mom that I was no longer Native I was an Elf. Since this was an unrealistic aspiration, and I being extremely stubborn decided that this ‘impossibility’ was unacceptable. So I spent  a number of years roaming the galaxy and eventually settled one planet over where I met an Elvish dame named Nike Cherri Ciastrofiss. The story is about their trip across their world. My character who is of admittedly was an extension of myself, is that of an Irish-Pantherean (Alaskan Elvish). Serethene was the only son of his single mother Xochiqueztal-Anne O’Shadowtail.  Xochia was a care free spirit, who for a time danced professionally and was a practicing witch. She traveled frequently and raised Serethene for the first six years of his life to believe he was a “Titan prince who would one day conquer the galaxy with magic”, a “totem” which the child perhaps took a bit too seriously. This “fantasy” however was dashed and at the age of seven he was made to realize by his school teachers that he was A) not a “Titan”, B) was not a prince and C) the most upsetting of all that magic was not regarded as real! Furious that he had been deliberately lied to he opted to enter a boarding school in Crownland (Canada) with his Dwari’ relatives. A decision supported by nearly all of Serethene’s teachers everyone but Xochia. Years later after he lost interest in academia’s rigid determinism he returned to the tribal beliefs and forgave his mother. Xochia had since bought a spacious but very ‘old fashioned’ cabin in Juneau, Alaska and was running  a business there. Serethene loved Xochia very much but found her difficult to live with. She planned frequent road trips and was a bit of a social butterfly. She was high maintenance and made frequent and irritating requests. As per Avalonian custom he was made to tend most of the cooking and cleaning. After 3 years Serethene began to seek a vocational apprenticeship to gain some independence. Having afforded himself more freedom he began to associate with a couple of his cousins. His cousins were more progressive and believed the matriarchal regime was not in the best interest of young Elves and perhaps more importantly “Irish males”.

Serethene decided it was time he left home. He applied for citizenship in the ‘Avalon points’ a globalized territory situated in what and earthling would consider central Russia. His American certificates , (viewed as notoriously unreliable) afforded him a 5 year visa and strongly encouraged to receive any type of RF chipped or allow some type of digital augmentation. A practice considered essential for every Avalonians safety and well being. Upon Serethene’s relocation to the ‘points’ he was promptly labeled a “feral” by the more snotty urbanized folk. A loaded term that is particularly applied to tribal Elvish males. His ears were not only pointed but wrapped around his head than most other males were and his canine teeth were also rather “fierce” to look at. After a chance meeting with a bubbly extrovert name Nike Ciastrofis the two became ”unlikely’ friends as the “story” goes.

As stated, society in the ‘Avalonian Proper’ was dominated by an matriarchal regime. Where fair and equal ideals are mostly upheld but women maintained that men are naturally impulsive, quick to anger and should not be let out after dark or on a full moon, curiously enough most intellectual positions were still held by men. A thing which seemed to be actually encouraged by the ‘leave it to the men’ cultural attitude. The culture was one of equality but men could simply put rarely have the final say according to the dominant feminist rule. In general the men seem to enjoy this extra attention and appeared to take some manner of pride in these superfluous customs, most males thought it like a game and happily went on believing they were ‘too wild to ever be fully unchained’. So when Nike discovered a young and single male new to the ‘points’ she took it as her civic responsibility to set about taming the “feral” Serethene. Nike for instance had her already augmented her own features by having her ears rounded  and even her teeth ‘softened’. This however was the exception and most Elvish females strongly believed in naturality and procedures like this were probably only ever taken up by the more ‘fashionably decadent’ types.

Nike was caste as some type of royalty, she was a haughty, brash 25 year old who was rather judgmental and seemed to have and opinion about nearly everything. She was a champion fencer and ran a Kendo/yoga academy called the ‘Lady of Swords’. If she were on earth she would have driven a tacky luxury care with the horn customized as some annoying ring tone. Nike was like everything that is wrong with Gentile culture that some how made it up to Venus Proper and was given a royal French/Greek title. Elvish psychology is quite different than that of humankind’s, in the first place what a human might call Asperger’s and Elf would consider normal. They have a much longer attention span for things like bio-chemistry and mechanics. Subjects like this are considered public domain and not typically part of an education one would be made to pay for. More over, Elves generally have a longer life span and so psychological development is set to a different rate. Trends are slow to change and public places are eerily quite except of course around things like pubs where the Volves gather to drink themselves sober. Married couples for instance mostly prefer to communicate through body language and gesture or even dance than with verbal conversation many older couples are said to have there own words for things as do families with more than two children.

Nike and Serethene’s first real “conversation” was surreal, once she decided he was worthy courting material she proclaimed that she had in fact manifested and created him. Nike claimed that she was an ‘Angel’ and that Serethene was to eventually be her husband. Serethene’s found Nike incredibly attractive but her sense of entitlement irritating and her romantic advances embarrassing. Serethene preferred to play hard to get. Always responding to her romantic requests by saying: “maybe in the next life… may be never… ” Their friendship was best described as a psychic power struggle and perhaps as a rouse to become more engaged in his life Nike offered to become his fencing instructor although Serethene maintain she was only his partner. This tutelage and their duels form the bulk of their story and there adventure through the world.

Serethene was interested in becoming a cybernetic engineer. He was a Blacksmith by trade but was an aspiring inventor and programmer. However his aspirations were frustrated by what seemed to be repeated cases of plagiarism and other type of intellectual theft. A large number of his ideas were produced by Hamsa Cybernetics directly after he had submitted them for patent. (This plagiarism within the story ended up veritably prophetic and mirrors my own experience as a plagiarized and frustrated writer.) The Antagonist of the story being a kind of cybernetic wizard whom my Serethene referred to as Mr. Hamsa. Although he never officially had a name. Serethene believed he had been ripped off by someone in “Hamsa Cybernetic Developments”; which was a cybernetic development guild that Serethene claimed ran a monopoly of the industry.

The actual form of the Antagonist was the mascot and “personality” for the Hamsa Cybernetic monopoly. It was a curious case of reverse marketing in that this mascot lacked a single face. His shtick was to show up at community events and perform magic tricks and give everyone a fudge sundae (or something like this) as promotion for Hamsa Inc. He was rumored to keep some form of cybernetic mask which would allow him to walk around the metropolis as a different person everyday. The idea being, that he may have been someone whom you already met. This personality was widely viewed as a kind of altruistic corporate hero, or at least appeared as someone who despite their position of power always attempted to connect with the everyday person on a meaningful level. My character opposed this facade and sought to expose Hamsa’s practices of plagiarism and piracy through various forms of protest and demonstrations in an attempt to raise awareness of his plights. However he quickly became a pariah in the points and these activities strained his and Nike’s friendship.

Serethene’s main argument was a very plausible one; if everyone’s personal computer (ocular Implant) was constantly connected to a network it stands to reason that the connection is reversible and would therefor allow someone like Mr. Hamsa to cherry pick ideas and read peoples journals at will which would be the perfect sustenance for the Hamsa`s creative monopoly. The story therefor calls into question the ethics of real life concepts like “artificial intelligence”, online privacy, and corporate monopoly.

The story remains unfinished due to the interference of Imagine Entertainment.

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