Last night I dreamed of Sharon…

This was such a fun dream. The setting seemed to be a combination of Anchorage and East-Van landmarks. I tried to find some pictures that matched the context of how she appeared to me in the different parts of the dream. She wasn’t wearing any make up like in the first pic. The second one is comparable to the urban setting that was in the East Hastings area of Vancouver. The fourth pic (third of Sharon) is how she looked while we were flying. I sort of wish there were more pictures of her with no make up, since she is just so naturally pretty.

This is her ‘just-about-to-smile’ face…

The point which I can remember reliably was us walking home through Kincaid Park. She insisted we skip together. At one point she did to do some spastic aerobics on the grass… and did some sort of cheer about “Tate-Betide.” She was imitating someone in a commercial and doing sort of a go-go dance. I cannot recall the context of her silliness. We continued to a 70’s style apartment which I had apparently just moved into, there were boxes that were placed here and there and Sharon began organizing my closet. She opened a book I never knew I had and pointed to a black and white photograph of a vagina. The picture didn’t seem to be in the context of porn but rather in a more artistic one. The style of the photograph looked remarkably like something that Helmut Newton might produce. She curiously put the book on the floor and placed her toes onto the photograph. I was surprised to see that the skin appeared to squish as though she was really standing on it! Then she and the book began to levitate about a foot off the ground; which didn’t seem completely out of the ordinary because Sharon is very a witchy-lady. “Its like a mirror!” I assumed this reference was because she was standing above it. I laughed and asked her if she could please ask next time she went through my stuff. I felt a little embarrassed even though I didn’t recall owning the book. She laughed and we sat on the couch; but continued to keep her toes on the photograph whose picture still appeared to be very much alive on the floor underneath her toes. She tried to explain to me that the photo was like a “mirror”. “See I’m like a mirror!” she giggled as her feet made its lips move and “talk”. I am sure that doesn’t need anymore explanation. I was kind of glad no one else was around. Her lunacy seemed to be in full swing on this occasion. She also made it sing a little song but I can’t remember what the words were. Its tune was definitely the same as Phoebe’s “barn song” on that one episode of Friends. I didn’t have a clue what she was talking about but that’s pretty normal for Sharon because she is prone to tangents.

I of course have never met Sharon in the flesh; but when ever I dream of her its usually characterized by chaotic nonsensical fun. She has a funny way of explaining things. She is also inclined to use sock puppets and make shift visual aids to explain things whenever possible. You may find yourself wondering; “how the fuck did we get to talking about this!? To which her natural response would almost certainly be something like; Why have we never had this novel conversation before!? Which would surely be accompanied by one of her silly hand gestures.

Sort of like our trip to East Van (Stratchcona)


We had only dropped by the apartment because I needed to pick something up. But I wasn’t able to find what I was looking for. So we left the apartment and walked to a very interesting run down area of town which resembled the East-Van/Strathcona area. She brought me to some type of awesome “alley arcade” that was very dilapidated with various odd but friendly people. The venue looked similar to the Vancouver flea market, very old and with a wooded rafter ceiling with various merch tables, and furniture around. I don’t remember all of it but there was a lot of nick-knacks and weird antique signage. The arcade seemed to be a series of loading bays with a dirty concrete floor. Its was such a cool place. Now that I am awake it reminded me of the ‘Redgate’. We may have played some games in the arcade; maybe a shooting one. But the high light for me was they were serving free Buffalo wings at a make shift kiosk. They looked pretty sketchy but I enjoyed them anyhow. Then she wanted to leave because one of the greasy old men made her feel uncomfortable, so I threw a fake, yelling fit as we left and said I was coming back later to burn the place down. The owner didn’t seem to take me seriously at all and said in a deflated voice; “Yep! See ya’ next time…”  She was wearing really short white booty shorts and some sort of white top which had changed a few times throughout the dream. I pinched her butt and told she was bound to turn some heads wearing that. It was a fact; and was the point no doubt.

This flea market is comparable to the ‘Alley Arcade’.

When we got outside we were holding hands and skipping. Generally being all sorts of rowdy. She skipped ahead and would trot while wiggling her butt then slow to a stop, and wait for me to spank her, which would make her trot ahead a bit more shaking her butt and slowing to a stop again; and I would spank her again; repeat. We did this a stupid amount of times. It was super fun! It was like we were drunk only we didn’t drink anything. It was awesome being so stupid with such a cool date. We decided to fly home. I can fly in a lot of my dreams so again this did seem that out of the ordinary. She jumped on me and we flew into the air straight upward, she was in such a silly mood she began to scream pretending she was terrified. She was all like screaming and giggling for me not to drop her even though she was squirming around and not really trying to hold on! It was so much fun. I remember she sort of slithered around on me and squeezing me with her legs; then she whispered something extremely dirty in my ear exactly the way my ex-lady; Nefertiti would have said it. She even briefly looked like her! I was shocked! It sort of neutralized the mood. I complained that that wasn’t very romantic at all. It was like I knew she was reading my mind, or going through my “closet”. Exactly like she did earlier in the dream. It was sort of funny. She apologized in a coy and insincere way. I wanted to dream on but the comment had jarred my waking self and I slowly woke up.