One more kvetch about the ‘Arresting of my development’…

My brother Per Yngve “Dead” Ohlin has recently guided me in my local library to the writing of Michael Wex ‘Born to Kvetch’ seemed like a worthwhile study. Indeed it was highly engaging but I found myself haunted by a particular paragraph regarding ‘the drink’. It brought about a stir of thoughts which I have written out here. The writing seemed to contextualize the effect my brothers suicide-joke has had on the shiners in pop culture. As a rule; I never drink hard liquor but it was like the author was speaking directly to me:

-“Although most European cultures characterize whisky as aqua vitae, “the water of life,” Yiddish –which loves a drink but hates a drinker— prefers bitterer trophn  to the equally ironic but far less frequent mayim khayim,  “living water” (and, by analogy with aqua vitae, “water of life”). We’re back in the land of khukos ha-goyim, “the laws of the gentiles,” and days that start at night: if they call it life, we’ll call it death but drink it all the same.

Drinking and staring aside, though, the malekh ha-moves himself is a little too scary, a little too serious, to figure directly in many idioms. On the rare occasions when he does appear, it’s usually in curses that link love with death in no uncertain terms: der malekh ha moves zo lakh in di farlibn, “the Angel of Death should fall in love with you.” He shouldn’t only admire you from a distance; he shouldn’t confine himself to sending you chocolates and never taking any of his thousand eyes of of you. He should overcome any and all obstacles to get you, then sweep you up in his loving arms and carry you off to his palace, where you’ll live with him forever— which in this case really means “forever”. And he’ll never ever look at anybody else, so that your death will mean eternal life for the rest of us, which is the least that an SOB like you owes to the world.

There is an even subtler zolst mir khasene hobn mitn malkh ha moves tokhter, “you should marry the daughter of the Angel of Death”; not only wont the fruit fall far from the tree, but she’ll be sure to want her aged father to come live with you.”

Michael Wex; Born To Kvetch -pg 266

Compare with a song from the lovely Nike Winehouse…

“And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.” 

-Revelation 17:6

I found that paragraph both hilarious and spooky because the initials of my legal chosen name are in fact S.O.B. (Try to guess who I am before the end of this letter.) I also thought the explanation of “making tsimmes with Pineapple on pg 192 was “funny” too ; albeit in poor taste. Its interesting how the practice of prophecy can even be achieved without a completely religious intention. And given the aforementioned subject I can only assume that everyone privy to Per Yngve Ohlin’s suicide actually believes he did so over being homosexual.

For anyone unfamiliar; my brother Per Yngve Ohlin (16 January 1969 – 8 April 1991) was a Swedish Black Metal musician and went by a few names in his short life. Indeed I have used a few too. “Pelle Ohlin” is the name he was buried under and “Dead” being his mythical moniker. To offer some semblance of an explanation his suicide was inspired by a three part joke to satisfy a “paradox” inherent in Judaic thought and one best illustrated within the Book of Revelation (The difference bewteen Positive/Negative/Neutral). Perhaps paradox isn’t the best way to describe this condition but for convenience we shall call it as such. His suicide was meant to work as a conduit for allowing divine inspiration to be transferred to the mortal mind. This would be in regard to concept of the “Holy Ghost”. One of the most central questions to the faithful and atheist alike is something like: ‘If divine inspiration is taken to be a real phenomenon; how exactly does it manifest in the mortal mind?’ Or; ‘How can we as flawed and troubled mortals begin to conceive of this apparent divinity?’ Even if one frequently converses with Angels or Spirits authenticating their suggestions never gets any easier. Although I am not sure if that is quite right either. Symmetry is of course a good place to start.

Pretty funny huh? Who says ‘Death’ has no humor! The relevance of his suicide was more like a grand stunt of spiritual acrobatics the likes of which a mortal human can scarcely even imagine. Seriously though; the employment of his stage name; Dead” means that he was the conqueror of Death; in regard to over coming its spiritual finality. Hence the illusive myth constraint. A title well earned in any case. He was also one the few so called ‘Gentiles’ capable of independently perceiving and articulating how the ‘Holy Ghost’ communicates with out the need of the traditional life long Jewish instruction. Lastly and perhaps least importantly he only appears as a rendering of a homosexual  ie; ‘the forbidden fruit’) if one happens to be male and find him physically attractive. He was in fact Nazirite; hence the unshorn hair, innate ability with Biblical numerology and complete disregard for the typical mortal fear of death. His faith is unprecedented and his intellect unparalleled.


However, if we consider some of these references within the media; its clear that even highly intelligent pseudo-religious thinkers lack a clear understanding of why he chose to commit suicide. Indicating a kind of spiritual dyslexia common in “Illuminati wanna-be’s” and Jack-Jew types. The Director and Producer; Ron Howard, who is most certainly associated with the Rosy Cross makes reference to this “Gothic Asshole” in Season four of his show Arrested Development. And seems to even refer to it as a “state secret” in the episode with the L.E.M. (Lunar excursion module), -whatever. The title being in reference to his method of suicide. What ever the case the concern on the part of media is certainly understandable. But again his suicide has nothing to do with condemning homosexuality!  Still as much though Pelle’s writings are clearly aligned with the Bible and are quite obviously prophetic even if being in the form of Black Metal lyrics. As blasphemous and abrasive as the musical and artistic themes of his original band Mayhem appear to be; he was clearly following Biblical alignments and inspired by G-d to do so.

This presents a a nearly insurmountable problem to anyone brave enough to drink from his cup! First of all; as I have already stated there is the obvious associations of blasphemy and Satanism associated with the Black Metal genre. Secondly; if one were to make a case that he was divinely inspired to write such abrasive and terrifying lyrics, how then are we reconcile his suicide as part of the divine will of G-d? How is it that someone who is so obviously educated in Biblical doctrine can be so careless with their own life and so willing to face eternal damnation in Hell? The mere thought is so unsettling it may well not even be considered. The problem is; his sacrifice is an integral and inescapable part of Biblical prophecy. #PerYngve Ohlin is indeed an incarnation of #Sir Isaac Newton and is absolutely the Lamb of the Revelation. Being part of the New Testament this likely means very little to anyone of the traditional Judaic persuasion; and it is true those with actual faith will have little to worry about. But all the same, these Biblical prophecies are still materializing regardless of what part of the Bible you choose to follow; and they will effect everyone.

Pelle’s sacrifice was intended to level the religious playing field and forms the basis of the Pentecost. Something which even if historically celebrated by Christians has evidently never actually been realized or properly understood by them. Which is probably why they still keep holes in their ceilings :p The mechanism by which the “Holy Ghost” operates is of course nearly identical to advanced study and interpretation of the Torah. It is a difficult thing to describe. But that said; Jews as a race have never been very fourth coming with their religious virtues choosing instead to mediate from the side lines and provide indirect and discreet instruction only when necessary. This has led to various kinds of resentment some justified other less so. Its an often over looked fact that the lofty position of the modern Jew is largely dependent upon the prophets of the Bible. Being largely a collectivist kind of race, this creed has never been a good producer of any meaningful leadership in a lasting sense aside from perhaps that of Christ. Which of course Judaism has chosen to ignore. In terms of an example; the life of Sidis comes to mind but even he is probably better described as pristine archetype of moral fortitude as opposed to a self-described leader. My point in saying this is that the true strength of the Jewish race is its spiritual aptitude and language. Any other pursuits especially those of commercial kind quickly degrade into self serving rackets. Non observant Jews are almost universally exclusive collectivists and history has continuously shown how their business practices inevitably lead to periodic audits of their activity. The numerology in marketing and advertising speaks for itself. Just a heads up that is what the Pentecost is about and how it will effect to Judaism.

Historically Jewish culture has acted as a neutral and non partisan enabler of spiritual activity for better of for worse. To a degree this neutrality is fair because the vast majority of these religious values and blessings are best left to the individual to discover. No argument there. The problem arises when pseudo-religious groups (like the Rosy Cross) acquire this transcendental knowledge and begin using Biblical algorithms in marketing ploys which are independent from their intended spiritual context. This equates to theft of the worst possible kind and a gross abuse of Jewish intellectualism. This effectively allows demons to run amok with highly effective spells… Spells are after all psychological weapons.

The employment of this Biblical numerology and its inherent number theory for the purpose of Marketing are clearly a form of subliminalism; which is by definition is a form of mind control. Any other time in history this would be called Witchcraft. Further this subliminalism amounts to total abuse of free will. It goes back to the the same old idea that Satanism in all its forms, are borne from a perversion of Biblical doctrine. Obviously. The problem is Jews have never taken any responsibility for these side projects. The practice of Nicolaitonism is now nearly universal in corporate branding and marketing; Mcdonalds and Chevron being two of the most blatant manifestations of this elusive blasphemy; remember #Jonbenet? But this deliberation is especially apparent in quasi-political cults such as the “Anonymous” movement. This is all arguably a inevitable feature of free market capitalism but then what is the use in calling oneself a “Jew” if one doesn’t bother upholding its most valuable spiritual ideals? What worth is “Jewish culture” if it weighs in as one of the most relentless driving forces behind non renewable industrialism and perpetual war? Just as Hebrew is the Mother tongue of our “Black Speech” we call English; the Abrahamic institution stands alone as the absentee patriarch of western philosophy and culture. The term “Jew” was once an expression of ‘oneness with G-d’ and now the word expresses nothing more than a money-grubbing, complacent caricature of arrogance and deceit. And yet for all the advanced spiritual knowledge inherent in Judaism there is a total lack of responsibility in regard to the recoil its business practices have had on our natural world. Israel as a nation is on the verge of shitting itself out of its last remaining latrine and has not shown the slightest concern for this certainty. Btw; Do you know how the ‘Holy land’ got so holy? All the Bombs of course!? Yet another joke… ¡ahahaha! I kill me!

I can see now that the insults made in Season Four of Arrested Development were written as a reaction to my Nazirite name and online presence of Starless O Betide…

Here is the primary reason for the Apocalypse: Imagine finding out that the latest season of your favorite sitcom was all joke made about your complexion!? Or having your ex-wife or your mother insulted and made fun of on the show? For those who happen to be born without heart or a soul; being publicly humiliated sucks. It really, really burns. I have been suicidal since I watched it three years ago… but I was already suicidal. Having being born into poverty I am not in a position to hire a lawyer; plus its jokes are encoded in gematrua so as to allow its producers “plausible deniability”. Seeing your private life broadcast into space without the incentive of a paycheck will give you a nervous breakdown. It gave me one. It was the Character #MarkyBark that pushed me over the edge; the name is comment about my face. I know so because its numbering is the same as a Blackfoot legend called #Starboy… according to legend; Starboy also has a scar put on his head by his father… Imagine that… And the show is just the tip of the iceberg. My computer computer was hacked, my writing stolen and plagiarized; I could write an encyclopedia about all the weird things that happened while Imagine Entertainment was gathering info on me… Not to mention all the online harassment I have endured; accusing me of being gay for being two spirited with my brother. I am a ‘nobody’ who I used to paint houses for a living… yet I got blackballed and singled out by the media… All for writing about Nike… Now I am broke, and bitter living at my moms house.

I had used the name Starless as part of my online identity for more than 14 years and even proceeded to have it made my legal name in accordance with my awakening. First of all my chosen first name makes pie when cut out of 355. As does “Ronald William Howard” (aka ‘#TheRainbowSerpent’) when cut from 666. Those numbers should speak volumes to any actual Jew. Secondly; the name is part and parcel in my brothers defense of free will and defiance of death. I have certainly never thought of my chosen name as being an approximation of “Hell” or “Outer darkness”; quite the contrary but apparently the Hollywood “Illuminati” have chosen to label me as such. (That’s a hint) My reasoning for choosing this name and path was because some of its key feature reflect that of the Kemetic Creator G-d Ptah; which according to my own non-scientific interpretation worked as a mnemonic for two abstract mathematical functions Pi and Theta: Pi-Theta or “Ptah”… This is obviously the inspiration for the mythology of Peter Pan. The myth is of course only a shadow; an imperfect rendering and not a proper description of Divinity. Still, the fact remains that highly developed spirits have many forms and names. I thought the name was an adequate mimicry reflecting the Universal Lord’s role in our existential criterion. Similar to a Halo.

Considering the blood associated with my Christian name (See the ‘what is this place’ link for info on that) I felt it was a means of surrendering to the will of my Creator and a way of taking refuge in concrete spiritual reasoning. Certainly a Torah observant Jew might take objection to its obvious dark connotation but I am Nazirite and more importantly an individual; not a collectivist Jew. I don’t acknowledge the Jewish monopoly on Prophecy. I don’t crave instruction and I can think for myself and stand on my own. Especially on behalf of my star-tribe. I am indeed ‘Israelite’ but that has nothing to do with the country. My spirit was forged in Hell and has emerged from the fires of the Bible into a form of Sikhism. I consider my self ‘Fair-Sikh’; (Judah’s remix.)

The Talmud, the Torah and especially their satellite; the Bible function like a vortex on the human mind. This comparison may at first appear rather abstract but these effects become more obvious when their reasoning is compared with the quantum gravity inherent to the mechanics of rational human thought. There has to be a quantifiable reason; a drive, an attraction in the function of religious writing and practices. It is after all, what holds the world together and prevents us (mostly) from devolving back into shit chucking apes and orgiastic savages. The vortex at work is even clearly illustrated in the sacred geometries of Judaism’s most recognizable symbols; the Star of David. Another serpent by the name of Nassim Haramein has recently show cased how these ancient symbols embody the fundamental structure of a black hole singularity. The symbol itself has often been associated with the alchemical adage “As above so Below”… If these words are to mean anything in this day and age; Heaven as a ideal has all but lost its meaning…

Finally I will leave the reader to ponder the thoughts of the late and great; William James Sidis:

“To Whom It May Concern:

At this point of evolution reached by humanity, we now have many super humans among us today.

Over time you have been called by many names such as Avatar, Brahman, Buddha, Christ, Krishna, Lama, Messiah, Savior and many other names less well known. You are a special manifestation who has received supra mental power to carry the overall responsibility for the advancement and well-being of this planet. You have always been among us in times of chaos and great need, wanting to be used as an instrument of peace.

Filled with doxa, you can spread ideas of hope and teachings of true compassion into many at once, even into humanity at large. In this way you can cover the earth with transformation through the truth from your superior knowledge of the various fields of science, arts and humanities.

According to current and dire statistics, many of those in spiritual and civil positions of power today have truly lost their feeling for the human family. Companies continue to strip mine the earth of gifted humans and material resources with total disregard and disdain for the well-being of the earth and humanity in general.

End the struggle within your magnificent mind. It is time for you to come out from behind the veil and begin to exercise your influence as an advocate of humanity. You need to complete your work by teaching that it is not enough to just stay a selfish individual but rather to teach by instruction and demonstration. This is the lesson that will be carried forward by all who are inspired by your much needed contribution. Communicate with the world now and live as a trusting example for us. You will be greeted with love and great concern for your welfare.

Yours truly,

William James Sidis


Julius Kaplan

Frank Folupa

Jacob Marmor

Parker Greene

Barry H. Mulligan

John W. Shattuck

Orflin G. Champion

Charles E. Beals, Jr.”


Did you make a guess?