Thank Christ I’m Sikh…

I think I have finally cooled down enough to speak plainly about what it is that angers me about religious influence on western culture. It has to do with the “mark”. Part of the reason why I have always hated organized religion is because I was raised Mormon, and according to Morman mythology the “Lamanite caste” (Native Americans) were cursed with dark skin by G-d for their disobedience. (It is an extension of the Biblical mark of Cain.)  As a child I thought about things a lot; and this was an extremely difficult philosophical stumbling block. The mark of Cain is an elusive concept which is hinted at several times through-out the bible in many different ways. Something which has been interpreted and reinterpreted throughout history, during the spread of Christianity nearly everyone (wrongly) decided this mark was to do with the African races. However this “mark” can equally be interpreted as being male-pattern baldness, acne scars, freckles/moles, and even tattoos etc… All of these are lies. Arguably these lies have a balancing effect; but they’re still lies! Think about that: How many lies are supporting your “reality”?

All things have their end. ‘Bible study’ is ‘Torah study’… All mythologies lead to sacrifice and all sacrifices end in the Bible thing. That was our ancestors. However pitiful… I am trying to move on. I am willing to move on. I am moving on.

For all the good things in the Bible it is also equally as divisive. I have a Guru; and my Guru would never require me to replace my earthly father; even as a metaphor. My father is father. My Guru is my Guru. I made the right choice because I had a good father. But I believe that the Judaic tradition has mistakenly attempted to apply a patriarchal paradigm to the divine… Its probably depends where your at.  But that’s just me and call me an asshole…

(The next part is only written to the online Orks that have been attempting to ring my posts.)

I have been getting a disproportionate amount of static from online trolls insisting I am gay. These comments have been write out of left field and clearly are part of some organized agenda. Its rather unbelievable. I have never had any quarrel with gay people and I have often protected them… I have also fought with them on friendly terms; a couple of times. So this is a balanced view.

All the same I defend my territory. Its just that I am chosen straight. Right now I am being fried for my internet history of liking Delores Goldberry… But if I have to burn for my “sins” than so be it. She is worth it.