Happy ‘apple-apple-Tuesday’…

This is the first “apple-apple-Tuesday” I have ever said yes too! This largely due to my being a “Wednesday’s child”… Any how this little string of non-sense is me admitting I believe in ghosts. I admit that I have had many ghosts who bother me but none so annoying and demanding as one… This is an extremely difficult topic for me to discuss. For many reasons.

For years now I have had a female spirit pester me about all sorts of stuff. She usually ruins everything and is mostly a liability, I have never really trusted her until now…You all know her former self as Jonbenet Ramsey. I know her as Frejya. She is my foster sister in the world above. My ‘Starsis’.

Yesterday I was out for a walk re-watching Naploeon Dynamite in my head and was laughing at the part when the Don character is all like; “Hey Napoleon did you wet the bed last night”? (During the kick ball game)  Me being a total idiot; I replayed this scene in my head like five times laughing just hard each time… my same stupid little laugh every time. After probably my seventh time re-watching I noticed my Starsis was beside me and seemed to be a little annoyed. She pointed out that she had a bedwetting problem when she was little and to knock it off. She made clear to me that it was only funny once and that if I kept looping movies like that I might end up with stupid hair and moon-boots. Suddenly I had this flood of memories. I totally remembered that she used to be terrified of these little monsters she called the “peepers”…

The ‘peepers’; she described as little goblins that would try and “peek-at-you” or else take a picture of you while you were on the toilet or changing clothes. Me or Slain would always have to check the bathroom for these stupid peepers every time for like a year after she started staying with us. If we went to a new Chinese food or truck stop restaurant she would make one of us check and make sure it was “safe”; we would have to visually inspect the cracks and corners verifying that something, we had never seen, was not there. If this wasn’t possible we have to stand a reasonable distance outside the door. She also talked about having bad dreams about not being able to find a ‘safe’ washroom. All of these “memories” were polarized to the past even though they never “happened” here…

I remember she started to give it up once she got settled in, But it was also sort of because Slain tormented her over it a couple times… He would wait for the most in opportune moment and then be like “Oh G-d! Oh G-d! It’s the PEEPERS!” which naturally had her shrieking and even destroying the washroom.

This of course never happened here on this planet… but 261 million kilometers away and in a different light stream… All the same there are parallels I can’t simply wont ignore. I had a foster sister in this life and I never really took her seriously until it was too late. I don’t want to make that mistake again even if a ‘Starsis’ is only half-real. For years now I have been telling myself that Jonbenet isn’t real and was a made up figment of a morally destitute society. This kept me balanced and grounded against her “antics”. (I am not even talking about any sort of “hallucinations” either; Beatrice Kiddo from Kill Bill is an exact representation of how angry this ghost is…) There are just too many weird things surrounding the murder case; Jonbenet is literally the ‘Ghost of Christmas past’, she also has connotations as the Easter Bunny, even the gematria of her earth name has spooky connotations (#tetragrammaton). It seemed she has been designed from birth to be a taboo. Frejya has been visiting me for years now and I never really asked any questions. When your talking with a ghost time happens differently and you cant really ask anything you want. At least I cant, and more than this I didn’t really want to know. But I wouldn’t be a very good big brother unless I said something, even if that something is just more of my nonsense.

It’s important to remember that Jonbenet never was and is still not a “celebrity”. The public and myself included really have no business reading the headlines. The media coverage we see is all after she was murdered. Yet why do so many tabloid pictures of her exist? The tabloids seem to have so many of these photographs! I believe this was all by design. Keep in mind that she was only six years old at the time of her death. Jonbenet is certain to have the most extravagant modeling career of any six year old! Moreover it is important to remember that her killer has never been found and the case has never been solved. It’s an obvious fact that her killer was certain to know the house she lived in very well. So it’s also certain that she was being watched and perhaps even photographed in the time leading up to her death. So far as I can see her fear of the “peepers” seems to have a real basis. This is exactly why I am writing about this extremely uncomfortable topic. My foster sister in real life had a tormentor and I would have definitely helped her get revenge! Like wise with my imaginary foster sister. I don’t even mind being labeled as a loon over this because people who hurt kids deserve Hell.

Like I said; I have had many ghosts befriend me or bother me but none have troubled me so persistently. But then again I don’t know any other ghost who died under such suspicious circumstances. It all points to one man. It’s really weird because I also hang out with Sharon Tate sometimes and she hates #RonaldWilliamHoward every bit as much as she hates #CharlesMillesManson. Sharon says they are the same shit just a different pile in a different time. Me and Sharon have a common enemy if only through numbers. I often imagine Sharon as a sort of unicorn super heroine… Indeed I have dedicated my blog to her.

I am sorry this took so long Frejya,

Slain-fates stick together!