Three days and three nights…

I sometimes have dreams in symmetry… and even continuity. In the dreams I’m usually an Orphan.  It’s been a happening for a number of years now but I have had two dreams in the last month. The most recent seemed almost story-like. It’s kind of neat I suppose… but I am often more tired upon waking. Its a bit taxing. Slain is always there and so is Jonbenet. We live on a vegetable farm in the country. We all go to the same school and everyone hates us. In school and around the “town-site” we are labeled as “the foster kids”. So we are kind of like the rejects that no one wanted. School time is a bit hellish but our home time is so much fun! We have a wonderful Matron who loves us and our chores are always fun so this writing isn’t a complaint. In the dreams I don’t really take much note of what I look like but I assume me and Slain sort of look-alike… him being blonde and me having dark hair. Our ages change about some.

Jonbenet is really hard to deal with at times; its like she has manic depression or something. She is either one way or the other. She is always pissing someone off or dramatizing some situation or just being loud and uncontrollable. She has a sort of histrionic personalty. But not in the ways you’d expect. She means well but its just not always a comfortable trek. Her appearance is a bit stout, She is blonde but she wears a white Dastar (Turban) with all her hair up in it; and her choice of clothing is totally unfashionable. Upon waking; I can’t tell if it’s just my own dreaming it or if she someone actually dresses like that. She usually wears a tattered cardigan with a home-made full length hutterite-style skirt she made out of a pair of Carhartts with sneakers.

Anyhow in the dream Jonbenet had a project for music class. And she got suspended from school for doing a Karaoke rendition of the misfits ‘Last Caress’. I remember her blabbing on about my project and its cause such a stirMy music project will be legendary!!!

So according to the dream me and Slain also get suspended for a day for being accomplice to her singing presentation. Even though neither of us even knew about her plans; we both thought she was going to do “Lime in the Coconut”. That was what we were ready for anyhow. But immediately after she had gotten hauled off to the office it became Our music project” You cant treat us like this! … Even though the whole song was a thinly veiled threat to an unknown female classmate who Jonbenet claimed was casting spells against one of her brothers. Us. She refused to say who it was. Slain says he isn’t afraid of any spells so I don’t care either. Since Jonbenet refused to cooperate any further we all got suspended. I think I know who it was though.

We spent our suspension at the creek and smoked all our weed that day… She totally piped up: “See aren’t you glad I got us all suspended! Didn’t we have fun today?…”

“Yes… I suppose we did… We also have yet another reason for everyone to shun and ostracize us…” Said either me or Slain. And yet I do not know; Maybe  I didn’t say anything I was more or less just a prop with in the dream… Which is probably due to my Asperger’s.

When we were in the office getting suspended I only remember looking at the floor being totally embarrassed listening to her go on about how she actually churched up the song by making it “not so offensive”…Her argument was that she changed “Baby” to “Hamster” and “mother” to “brother”. There was also an embarrassing moment where she flat out asked the principal if we could browse through the other kids school files; and didn’t seem to understand why he refused. I didn’t even realize I had also gotten suspended until we were walking off school grounds; going home. I had to ask; “Wait why are we going home?” Slain turned irritated but not with me; “Because; Jonny’ got us Suspended!” me and Slain both start laughing… I got to sit in the front seat on the way home. Jonbenet was actually mad. She thought we somehow got short changed and said we could have been more supportive. In the dream she did work hard at the project but only by keeping us out of the loop. We do karaoke and dance routines all the time. But she must have practiced that one her own.


I love having a star family but I am always relieved to wake up to know that I still have a real life Mom. Dreams like this make me glad I still live with her. I love my family.