Nerdy women are the hottest…

Since I don’t care for my own life anymore I am going to keep disposing of my demons in this diary. I was doing this on facebook in protest of the Season four thing and it felt right but apparently the other maggots didn’t like it. Most people unfollowed me and or just ignored me. I had a few friends on there but I know what it’s all about anyhow and I am better off without Facetoilet. I am also a little proud that I was finally kicked off.

I am going to be coming out of the “Jesus closet ” soon. My life is already ruined anyhow. Nothing else could go wrong now. I have been fantasizing about dying a lot lately. This is why even now I am glad I said all the whack shit on facebook because at least no one will expect anything from me. Everyone knows all about the drugs I took and those who don’t should have expected it. I have never really lied about anything so there won’t really be any big surprises. I have also been more open about how much of a horny bastard I am. I admit I am sort of shy about that one.

But; I even sent the excommunicated Mormon lady Miss 102 (187); a few dirty messages. I offered her some “pony play” and some filthy cunnilingus and told her I wanted to stick fruit up her ass. I think she’s really cute and I fantasize about fucking her all the time. I think about tearing off her frumpy dress and sucking her little boobs into my mouth. I asked her for help but she never responded so I thought I would just tell her what I really think of her. I’ve seen her in other lives before and she acts all stuck up at first, but once I’ve tamed her she does nothing but giggle nervously and agree using dumb bits of obscure vocabulary. Her spirit animal is a vulture. She even looks like one too. But she’s still pretty sexy. She is probably a lesbian though… and I don’t like lesbians. Lesbian Ork; half-hearts and Elves are natural enemies.

This is exactly what I found so insulting about being called out as gay for being two-spirited is because I know how homosexuality happens. The title of “Pride” is patently laughable! Homo’s only exist in Hell anyhow; because that’s what happens when you murder someone in passion. You are forced to “wear” them and their preferences in the next life until the half-life of their spirit ‘wears’ off…  the thing is that the more you pollute yourself with sexual partners the deeper you sink… until you are just a prop-extra on the movie set of a porno filmed in Hell. A medium for a program.

I don’t spend my time sitting around at home hating gays but “Pride”!? Are humans really so spiritually unaware? “The son shall not be held for the sins of the father” or whatever… But this is why evolution happens so slowly. Disorder begets more disorder… Only here in lower earth where everything is so backward could something like “Pride” in activities like sodomy be made into a “legitimate movement” and source of “inspiration”. I am certainly not proud that I offered miss 102 to stick something up my ass… its filthy and I am a pig for saying it. But I thought she might appreciate being told how she is sexy; and I thought she might get off on having a dirty letter sent her way. If only she was so generous with her soiled panties 😦

I suppose I should have expected some static about being homo with the subliminal female name change. Whatever; I only exist…