I know you have been stalking me online for a while now and I am sick of it.

You obviously have no idea the pain, misery and humiliation that season four has caused me. I was suicidal before any of this began and now I believe I am beyond repair. I have been constantly on the verge of tears for the past two years. Constantly thinking about jumping off the nearest bridge… Wishing I had a gun to put against my head and splatter all my thoughts into cherry pie…

The references in season four are just what made it on screen. The bullshit started 2007 and continues now even to this day. I have been plagiarized 3 times over, harassed, my privacy has been invaded, my family and loved ones have been insulted. Ron Howard makes fun of my Setian complexion and even reference my being uncircumcised. Horrible binding spells were cast on me that nearly tore my head in half! (The Rosy Cross) They even said I was gay because I am two-spirited. Seeing comedic distortions written about my private life on a sitcom was akin to being raped! FUCKING RAPED! Think about the title ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT… Its not very fucking funny is it!?

And yet you; or someone who works for you, sit by and mocks me with content from the linkedin letter I was kind enough to write to you… on youtube comments saying things like “Phan is calling” and most likely that Astrona Patrick troll… on my facebook etc. There have been so many other weird situations that I cant even count… and can now scarcely keep track of.

The only reason why I contacted you on LinkedIn was to alert you that your privacy had likely been invaded just as mine had. As a gentlemen I believed it was paramount to look out for the feminine values of the equation. And now that my life is ruin I wonder if I had been better off saying nothing…

As strange as this will sound I had already been dealing with emotional issue from after the death of ***… In a selfish way I thought by contacting a “Psychologist” I might receive some help…  It crossed my mind anyhow… But instead all I got was more games, more bullshit… more weight added to my already sinking ship… I’m fucking drowning. I am in awe that I am still alive.

Its true I always thought you were the prettiest girl in school. And its obvious the only reason why Ron Howard was able to figure this out was because I wrote about Nike… like I said I have been plagiarized and digitally molested for years! Imagine the Psychology of a Hollywood producer who goes about numbering strangers in Lethbridge AB… He obviously numbered me… and profiled me and its clear he numbered you too… who knows what else. This situation is so awkward it makes my skin crawl and my stomach sick.

I have no idea why I am writing this because it seems likely a trap. Has it ever crossed your mind why my words are so erratic? Why my literary voice is always so agitated? Why I write so impulsively? Like what planet are you from? What sort of psychologist is this apathetic!? Who misses social cues this obvious!? I am in agony! I am a hollowed out shell of a person.

I know nothing of you or your family… but if my instincts count for anything; that season four reference about you being a “heiress” say’s plenty… Your a blue blooded coward who knows that Imagine Entertainment fucked up! Like REALLY fucked up! And likely your lawyers have advised you to do nothing; “maybe he’ll just give up… Kill himself… Then its’ like nothing ever happened…” Says your High hat Jewish lawyer…

Am I Right?

The folks at Imagine Entertainment all thought that I would never notice the ‘Rosy Cross’ my initials had been bound to. (My Christian name was illegally abbreviated while working in Vancouver… and guess what? My boss worked in Film… ANTHONY C. PAVLAKOVIC) Everyone thought that I was just a stupid Indian who would be so grateful for any attention at all, that I would bend down and lick boots for chump change and maybe even a date with his grade school crush…

But I’m not that stupid. When I skipped school; I went to the library and read most of the psychology section and the LPL. I read all of the Occult section… I could probably do your job better than you could… its just that I hate people.

My point is that I have been sharpening a sword this whole time. Ron likely underestimated the writing on my computer because it was written in shorter form for being transcribed from hand written notes. And when I say sword; I mean my Lord in heaven  gave me a fucking Sword! Not just any sword either; Thee Sword of Abel! In the Jewish cipher no less… If you think I am making this up number #Jedi in simple… Am is also the number of my number 1-13 its also a “repfigit” of “Amy-Jade=59”


I am sure you can see where Ron Howard fits into this… and why he wanted me to keep my Christian name so badly. #Ron Howard wanted #Richard Horn to be his little “dick”… Instead I am going to castrate him and turn his penis into wind-chime.

I could go on and on boasting about all the symmetries in my sword and other Chakric arsenal I could complain about how shitty this all was for me, but I would rather just tie you up and spank you. Are you gonna give me a call and sort this out? …

Or shall I level your entire race with a single swing of my sword?