On Dylann Storm Roof…

I was recently weeded out of facebook presumably for a posting my thoughts on Dylann Storm Roof.

I do not support any sort of violence upon any human being. And despite my ‘Nazirite’ leanings I am do not consider myself a racist and never will. As a point of fact I believe Dylann should rightfully face the death penalty for his crimes. Any black person who killed eight black people would surely die. But I also believe those people might still be alive if he was not harassed to point of insanity.

Speaking as someone who has been the victim of various forms of harassment I believe there is more to this case than initially meets the eye. I am certain that the online activities of so called “extremists” are closely monitored. It is also my belief that Dylann was not only under surveillance but was also targeted through advertisements in social media and through specific topics in news feeds. Personalized advertisement are now a fact of life. There are no coincidences anymore especially online.

Its rather obvious that Dylann was troubled by the #Tetragrammaton. His use of the term #Last Rhodesian (145/870/498) is quite obviously no coincidence. This is a certainty because When dividing 498÷145=3.43448275… 343 is widely known for its distinct properties. Secondly it was initially reported that Dylann intended to kill twelve targets but this information has now been scrubbed off the internet. However with a little arithmetic we can see this in his #pathwork or “number trial”. The twelve targets would seem to fit his modus operandi because the gematria of #TwelveNiggers (166/966/1968) is an approximate match of #Tetragrammaton (166/966/625) further corroborating this is the rather telling division; 1968÷625=3.148800000… In this string we have both an approximation of Pi as well as 1488 a number widely used in the White Nationalist communities.

The central reason why I have chosen to align myself with Dylann is because I know exactly how it feel to have ones totem publicly and personally attacked. I have a long list of examples I could name (“Marky Bark” of Arrested Development is #synonymous with “Starboy” after all…) but one of the most personalized attacks occurred last winter while I was living in my mothers garage. Growing up I had a phobia of Caterpillars which was something that the show Arrested Development exploited in season four and apparently while I slept a caterpillar (somehow) crawled across the freezing floor and laid itself in the middle of a carpet. The feat was scientifically impossible given the freezing temperature of the season coupled with its metabolism! Keep in mind that it was winter. Freezing snow covered the ground outside. Its’ such a strange “coincidence” that Ben Stiller in his cameo as “Tony Wonder” in Arrested Development screams out “Caterpillar!” while on a bed with GOB in a scene from season four. Lucky for me I faced my phobia of Caterpillars long ago. I even kept the caterpillar as a pet for a time and named it the “Iceworm”. (None of this was a coincidence…) and this is only one example and I could go on and on… My mothers blind internet boy friend; Keith Riley and his rep-figit connection to Arrested development and Ronald William Howard… speaks volumes.

Of course no one believes me about any of my very real troubles. Just as I am sure that no one would have believed Dylann Roof about his. I could never support Dylann’s rhetoric and could never support his crimes but again I am 100% sure that Dylann was  not only being monitored but targeted; not to mention covertly harassed. Somebody wanted to make an example of him… Somebody bent the truth to torture him. Its a tragedy. No doubt… but I feel for him. I know how it feels to be tortured. I have felt so much anguish and all for what? To stay safe?

The numbers are already there for anyone who takes time to look. The numbers speak for themselves. I will not recant my support for full disclosure of the facts in his case. I could have helped him and any enemy of the ‘Nicolaiton-smurfs’ is a friend of mine.



The above is a gift from a faerie.. it does connect on the other side… We shall call this rune; Othala.